Afraid of not being able to fit in a restaurant chair, this woman is encouraged to lose 44 kg!


Everyone has reasons when they want to lose weight. This woman, for example, was worried that she would not fit in a restaurant chair until she decided to go on a diet. As a result, she lost more than 44 kilograms (kg)!

Daniela Pacitto’s before and after Penampilan diet really annoying. How come? The woman who lives in England was able to lose 44.4 kg in 3 years.

Citing the Mirror (23/1/2022), Daniela did not undergo a strict or torturous diet. He focuses on controlling the portion of the food he consumes.

Daniela said she likes to cook healthy food, but her weakness is that she eats large amounts of it. This habit is what he then tried to slowly change in order to lose weight.

Daniela Pacitto has had a successful diet by reducing the portion she eats Photo: Mirror UK

“One thing that has really helped me is the use of small plates and bowls. I’m the type of person who always finishes whatever’s on my plate. Using small plates, when I finish eating, I have time to digest the food,” she says.

He also said he still eats chips because it is his favorite snack. Daniela says, “Cracks are a food I still have no control over. I always finish a bag of chips when I know there’s still some left in them. So I don’t keep them in my apartment very often.”

Afraid of not being able to fit in a restaurant chair, this woman is encouraged to lose 44 kg!Daniela was forced to go on a diet after worrying that she wouldn’t be able to fit in a life vest or sit on a restaurant chair Photo: Mirror UK

About the diet The success, Daniela admits, all started from her fear if one day the buoy wouldn’t fit in her body. This is because he and his friends had vacationed together while enjoying water rafting activities.

He also has great anxiety when he imagines his body can’t fit on a bar stool or restaurant. As a result of this, Daniela had withdrawn from the association. “I started isolating myself from gatherings with people that involved physical activities that I knew I couldn’t afford,” she says.

After diet, Daniela is now much more confident. His body appearance is much different and he can start doing normal activities. His weight was originally 106.5 kg to around 62.5 kg.