Adil Siagian Appointed as Director of Sales and Operations Digiserve

PT Digital Application Solusi or better known as Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia officially announced the appointment of Bungaran Adil P Siagian as the company’s Director of Sales and Operations. Appointment Fair is expected to be a new source of energy for companies to run faster in pursuing the acceleration of Digiserve as a leading IT managed services company in Indonesia.

Adil has high integrity while bringing a long and varied experience. Not only in the field of planning, he is also experienced in the fields of human resources (HR), marketing, market & industry analysis as well as business solutions, both at Telkom and other Telkom subsidiaries.

Digiserve President Director Ahmad Hartono welcomed Adil’s presence on the company’s board of directors. Adil will lead the Sales and Operations Directorate which includes sales, marketing, partnership, product & solution, project & service management, as well as the operation center.

“We are very pleased that Adil can join Digiserve with a very strategic role. Through his leadership in the Sales and Operations Directorate, the strategy and Rise Up program that has been launched by the company to encourage the achievement of Digiserve targets are expected to be implemented immediately,” said Hartono.

Adil said he was happy to join Digiserve in the midst of their ambitious initiative to become a leading IT managed services company in Indonesia. “With a background as an analyst, this experience allows me to be more detailed in looking at data.”

Based on the report he obtained, Adil sees that Digiserve has a huge opportunity in the IT managed services market. Therefore, companies must synergize and strategize in order to win these opportunities. In addition, there needs to be a change in mindset from previously looking for opportunities to winning opportunities.

By maximizing all their efforts, especially when the company’s position is 100% under Telkom Metra, Digiserve will get full support from the Telkom Group. In addition, Digiserve has been officially appointed by the Telkom Group to be the single gate for Software Define Wide Area Network (SDWAN) services. This is a good position for Digiserve to win SDWAN projects.

Adil also reminded that companies should not be fixated on one product. Digiserve market is still very broad, including for its new product, namely IT service management (ITSM). With the large ITSM market in the future, this is a great opportunity for Digiserve to better utilize, develop, and introduce ITSM products to a wider audience.

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Currently, Digiserve has four superior products, namely SDWAN, NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), Cloud Contact Center, and ITSM. These four superior products will be massively penetrated into the market this year.

“Of course there are many things that become homework when I join Digiserve. I hope we can all work well together, so that it brings positive value to the company. With the spirit of RISE UP which is the main tagline of Digitroops, not only as a narrative, but also in reality implemented together,” concluded Adil. (OL-14)

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