Accused of anorexia, this woman turns out to have a rare disease that can’t eat


This woman only weighs about 19 kg and is accused of anorexia. Even though he has a rare disease that makes his body sick after swallowing food.

Anorexia is an eating disorder, where people are obsessed with their weight and what they eat. Usually people with anorexia tend to limit their food intake, to excessive exercise.

Nicolette Baker, from Cornwall, England, initially thought that this condition was what many people thought. This 36-year-old woman is accused of being anorexic because her weight is only around 19 kg.

Reporting from DailyMailUK (08/02), it turns out that Nicolette has a fairly rare health problem. He turned out to be suffering from superior mesenteric aterial syndrome (SMAS).

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This syndrome is very rare, even affecting only one in 10 thousand people. Patients with SMAS will feel sick to nausea after eating any food. It is caused by a part of the small intestine being compressed by two arteries, thereby blocking digestion.

Because her weight is very below average for adult women her age. The doctors did not dare to operate on him. So far he has only received palliative care.

Throughout her life, Nicolette has always struggled against her fear of food. Because when he eats any food his body immediately becomes sick and nauseous, so he rarely eats.

Accused of Anorexia, This Woman Turns Out To Have A Rare Disease Can’t Eat Photo: DailyMailUK

His life was also in danger and his health continued to decline. According to him, in Germany there are health clinics that accept treatment to save his life. But it takes the cost of treatment around 80 thousand pounds (Rp 1.5 billion).

Even though he has received many donations from the donations he opened on the GoFundme site. But Nicolette was apparently too frail to go to Germany for treatment, though she finally steeled herself to go there.

“I used to be treated as a patient with an eating disorder. I was forced to gain weight by eating, even though my digestive tract couldn’t accommodate it. I felt abused during this treatment, because I couldn’t find a specialist that my stomach actually couldn’t digest. food,” Nicolette said.

Nicolette has been under the supervision of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). But he holds no grudge against the NHS for misdiagnosing him for years. Now he hopes this treatment can make him recover and live a normal life.

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