Accidentally breaking a kitchen utensil, these netizens were immediately afraid of being kicked out by their mother


Although it sounds trivial, breaking cooking utensils in the kitchen can be a scary experience for some people. Especially if their mother finds out her favorite cooking utensil is broken.

In addition to a place to eat and drink which has always been a favorite of mothers at home. There are also many other cooking utensils such as pots, pans to mortar and pestle to make chili sauce and spices.

Not surprisingly, these netizens immediately panicked after accidentally breaking their mother’s chili paste or mortar in their home kitchen. Not only damaged, the mortar was split into two.

“Allahuakbar please. I’m not ready to be kicked out yet,” vented the netizen, who shared a photo of the torn he broke through the Twitter sharing account @convomf (08/02).

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The identity of the sender of this torn photo is not known. But netizens sympathized, and gave suggestions to comments so that the suspect was not expelled by the mother for breaking the mortar in her kitchen.

“Njir, a prehistoric object is split open. Get ready for your mother to say the mantra: Stone split with a cupped stone, eat me, swallow me. I want to find a new child. QUICKLY RUN WITH THE BESTIEEE FAMILY CARD!” @dip** suggestion.

“Soon your head is split open. Quickly run away,” joked @ar **.

“Oops, sorry sender, I can’t help much. But I have boxes and tarpaulins at home, if necessary, just DM me. It’s a disaster. I’m sorry, I won’t be kicked out, at least I got hit a bit,” continued @_lc** which invited laughter from many people.

Accidentally breaking a kitchen utensil, these netizens are immediately afraid of being kicked out by their mother Photo: Twitter @convomf

There are also those who tell about their experiences when they accidentally destroy cooking utensils like their mother.

“I remember when I was grinding the spices for fried rice, the mash suddenly split in two. I don’t know why, even though I didn’t squeak like that. I was surprised, I was afraid of being scolded. duct tape underneath. When caught, I wasn’t scolded,” vented @yo**, who told of his luck.

This tweet about the fear of being kicked out while cracking the mortar has garnered more than 24.1 thousand likes from Twitter users. And get thousands of diverse and laughable replies.

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