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Accesstrade Summit 2022 Presents a Line of Digital Practitioners

To coincide with the 21st anniversary celebration, Accesstrade Summit 2022 or what is known as AT Summit 2022 will be held on Wednesday (16/3). The Accesstrade Summit is an annual global conference that becomes a venue for clients and partners to build mutual networking, share, learn, and discover new insights so as to drive the growth of a healthy performance marketing market throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Accesstrade is a CPA-based affiliate marketing platform which is the largest affiliate marketing network in Japan and Southeast Asia under the auspices of the Interspace Group. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event which started in 2017 was held for the fifth time virtually using the Airmeet virtual conference platform. “I hope that the AT Summit 2022 can be an opportunity to get new opportunities to build networking and get the latest insights from the performance marketing and digital marketing industry,” said Shohei Fujita, Managing Director of Global Business of the Interspace Group, in a written statement, Thursday (17/17). 3).

A number of presentations from international digital practitioners at the event such as Yuto Kono as Principal/Head of Vietnam Office of Genesia Ventures discussed the latest trends for the start-up industry and venture capital in the Southeast Asia region. There was also Tan Tmanraksat as Director of Partner Development SEAPAC from Appsflyer who discussed the future of marketing measurement.

In addition to raising various themes around the performance marketing industry such as e-commerce, finance, and travel, the discussion session also raised the theme of omnichannel marketing and the use of emotional content in influencer marketing strategies. In the e-commerce theme discussion session, a number of panelists from leading brands such as Steven Tjong as CEO of iStyle.id, Trias Puspita Hayati as Senior Business Operations Manager from SIRCLO, and Dhavinya Saba as Affiliate and Partnership Manager from Photobook Worldwide thoroughly discussed marketing strategies. e-commerce to face the era after the pandemic is over.

Several panel discussion sessions for other industry topics, besides being filled by panelists from various countries in Southeast Asia, there were also digital experts from Indonesia such as Mentari Rahman as Country Manager from Financer.com who was a panelist at the finance industry session, Budiono Darmawan as Chief Marketing Ruparupa .com who fills the topic of omnichannel marketing, and Windy Janet as Head of Marketing & Ecommerce from Gaudi who is a panelist on the topic of influencer marketing.

Furthermore, there were four panel discussions that were held simultaneously and raised issues in five Southeast Asian countries from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia-Singapore. In the Indonesian session, the theme raised this year is How to Create a Good Performance Marketing Strategy for the Indonesian market? This session was moderated by Prayudho Rahardjo as CEO of Interspace Indonesia and invited several prominent panelists such as Amitoj Singh as Director of MAAS by Affle and Usman Raezra as founder and CEO of Shopdiscount.

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The event closed with the Accesstrade Awards session led by Shinichiro Kawabata as the founder and CEO of Interspace Group. This event is held to give awards to Accesstrade partners, namely advertisers (advertisers) and publishers (advertisers) who have the best performance every year in their respective countries. (RO/OL-14)