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A Simple Warung with Tempting Kalimantan Specials


Travelers can enjoy the culinary specialties of Kalimantan in Pontianak. There is one restaurant that is quite simple, but the dish is very tempting. Her name is Alila Resto.

Alila Resto is one of the places to eat in Pontianak that serves a variety of typical Kalimantan culinary, including those rarely tried by travelers.

One of them is taro vegetables. As the name implies, this vegetable is made from taro leaves and stems which are still classified as one family with taro.

At Alila Resto, a traveler can take the desired dish himself because the concept is indeed a buffet. In addition, there are also dishes that are on the menu list that can be ordered.

We chose to go around on our own and pick up the food that was available at the time. We chose the side dishes of black squid, fried fish and bakwan corn. As a complement, there are taro vegetables and chili sauce.

Alila Resto Pontianak Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

In terms of taste, the typical Kalimantan food here tends to be savory, sour and spicy, but not with coconut milk. Very suitable to eat for lunch. As a friend, a glass of sweet iced tea is the perfect thirst quencher.

But unfortunately, when we got here, lunch time had passed, so many of the mainstay side dishes and vegetables, such as rendang jengkol, prawn chili petai to spicy and sour snapper had already been bought up by buyers.

Alila Resto PontianakAlila Resto Pontianak Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Located near government offices, Alila Resto is indeed a favorite destination for workers to have lunch. No wonder if it is lunch time, this restaurant is filled with visitors.

For relative prices, the food here is still very affordable. With Rp 100 thousand, the three of us were able to eat satisfactorily, full and delicious.

Alila Resto PontianakAlila Resto Pontianak Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

According to Mak Sari, one of Alila’s employees, since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, Alila Resto has lost more than 50% of its customers. But slowly, the situation began to improve.

“Thank God no one has closed yet. Only the employees have been reduced, now there are only 27 employees,” said Mak Sari.

Alila Resto is open from 08.00 am. However, the menu is still not complete, only at 11.00 the dishes are all cooked and ready to be ordered by visitors. Alila Resto is open every Monday-Friday, and is closed on Sundays.

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