A former employee disgracing the Salt Bae restaurant in London, this is what he said


Just resigned from the position of serving wine, this man revealed a bitter fact about the restaurant Salt Bae. According to him, the environment at the Salt Bae restaurant is not healthy enough for workers and customers.

Bitter facts about the Salt Bae restaurant are no longer a company secret. His outlet in Knightsbridge, London, is known for its bad image.

Starting from the price of food which they complained was too expensive, the service fee was too high, the service was not friendly, to the negative experiences that were revealed by former employees. The Salt Bae restaurant has also been widely discussed due to the bad experience of a former employee,

The restaurant management is not good enough, complained by employees because it has an impact on the working atmosphere in the restaurant. Many eventually gave up and resigned.

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A former waiter at a Salt Bae restaurant who recently stopped exposing the disgrace of the Salt Bae restaurant. Photo: iStock

Citing the Daily Mail (3/3), a former Salt Bae worker who recently quit his job revealed the uncomfortable things he experienced while working. This man named Guillermo Perez previously filled the position as a sommelier or wine presenter.

Perez says that Nusr-Et Steakhouse charges its customers inhumane prices. He also revealed that a bottle of wine for Rp. 19 million could be increased to Rp. 57 million.

Perez who is already working in the restaurant Salt Bae for eight years also said that the environment in the restaurant where he worked was not healthy enough for the workers. Please note that Perez serves at Nusr-Et Steakhouse Knightsbridge, London.

Perez, who is from Madrid, revealed that the menu at Nusr-Et Steakhouse is actually more suitable to be called McDonald’s for the rich. The reason is behind the kitchen, he witnessed the food processing directly and said the food served was not much different from fried potatoes with tomato sauce.

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A former employee disgracing the Salt Bae restaurant in London, this is what he saidThis man admitted that the Salt Bae restaurant environment is not healthy enough for workers and inhumane for customers. Photo: Daily Mail

As is well known, the food menu at Salt Bae’s restaurant is priced at Rp. 27 million for one menu. This restaurant is also very popular with famous socialites and celebrities such as David Beckham, Anne Marie, and various other famous artists and figures.

But behind all the luxury on offer, the secret that says that the restaurant Salt Bae no different from other restaurants has also spread widely. Openly, Perez also shared his kitchen secrets through his TikTok uploads.

“Bottles for Rp. 19 million can be sold for Rp. 57 million. Of course you can set the price according to your wish, but this is really inhumane when the quality of food and service is not worth the standard price given,” said Perez.

Perez also revealed that there is nothing special about the sauce and mayonnaise at the Salt Bae restaurant. Customers can easily find ingredients such as sauces and mayonnaise that are sold on store shelves and supermarkets.

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