9 Typical Malang Souvenirs that You Must Bring Home


A visit to Malang, East Java is incomplete if you don’t bring home the typical souvenirs as souvenirs. This is a typical Malang souvenir that you must bring.

In addition to being an attractive tourist destination to visit, this area known as the city of flowers also provides various kinds of souvenirs typical of Malang which are hunted by many tourists.

Starting from souvenirs in the form of food to handicrafts. The following are recommendations for typical Malang souvenirs that many tourists are looking for to take home.

1. Malang Batik

Although not as popular as other cities such as Yogya, Solo, and Pekalongan, Malang is also known as one of the batik-producing areas in Indonesia. Batik Malang has its own uniqueness regarding the motifs and color choices that represent the city.

You can easily get Malangan batik at the batik-making center of Malang City, namely Batik Tulis Celaket (BTC). Starting from stamped batik to hand-drawn batik with various motifs, they are suitable as souvenirs from Malang.

Karangploso District, Malang Regency has a unique batik in each village. This batik craft was developed through women farmer groups (KWT). Photo: Rengga Sencaya

2. Tempeh chips

Malang is famous as a producer of good quality tempe. It’s no wonder that tempeh is widely found in this city. One of them is tempeh chips which are identical as their flagship souvenirs.

To get tempe chips, you can directly come to Kampung Sanan or the Malang souvenir center. There are tempe chips with various flavors, such as original, balado, sweet corn, barbecue, pizza, to cheese.

3. Fruit chips

Besides tempe chips, fruit chips are a typical Malang snack that are often brought as souvenirs. The chips are sold using a variety of fruits, such as apples, jackfruit, salak, mango, rambutan, and many more.

The process of processing fruit chips from Malang is unique. Using the vacuum frying method, the resulting fruit chips are minimal in oil content. Fruit chips can be easily found at souvenir shops in Malang City.

4. Malang T-shirt

Similar to Yogya which has Dagadu T-shirts and Bali with its Joger T-shirts, Malang also produces special T-shirts known as Soak Ngalam.

This Malang t-shirt is identical to the screen printing that reads the Walikan language which was adopted as the ‘slang’ of the people of Malang. Not only in terms of the quirky design, the fabric material used is quite comfortable at a fairly affordable price.

5. Poor Mask

Malang masks, which are commonly used for local art performances, are also produced as souvenirs. The hallmark of the Malangan mask is the facial character on the mask that looks real with colors that tend to be bolder than masks from other regions.

Malangan mask souvenirs are suitable for families or relatives who like artistic art so that they can be displayed as home decorations.

6. Dinoyo Ceramics

While on vacation to Malang, take the time to visit the Dinoyo Ceramic Industry Center. This place is a center for ceramics in Malang City which has a collection of ceramics and their knick-knacks.

In this ceramics center, you can see a row of galleries displaying ceramic crafts made by artisans. Besides looking around, you can also buy ceramics as gifts or souvenirs, ranging from mugs, teapot sets, shelf decorations, flower vases, to jars.

7. Pecel chili seasoning

For lovers of this East Javanese dish, you can bring home the pecel seasoning as a souvenir. Instant pecel seasoning that has been packaged neatly is very practical to carry and has long-lasting storage power.

Instant pecel chili seasoning is easy to find at souvenir shops in Malang at affordable prices.

8. Apple cider drink

Malang is indeed famous for apples and all their preparations, from chips, jenang, vinegar, to apple cider drinks. Apple cider itself is liked by the people of Malang and is often served as a treat.

There are many local producers that produce apple cider drink products. Cheap Malang souvenirs can be found at the souvenir center or around the apple agro-tourism area.

9. Malang bowl pie

Pia Bowl is a legendary souvenir from Malang that has been around for a long time. Different from pia from other regions, Malang pia bowl has the characteristic of crispy skin with a soft filling.

The variants of the contents also vary, adjusting to contemporary tastes. In addition to the original flavors, namely green beans, there are also chocolate, cheese, green tea, durian, pineapple, coffee, and tang kwe.

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