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9 Legendary Culinary Semarang


Traveling to the city of Semarang, Central Java is even better if you taste a variety of legendary culinary delights. There is gudeg koyor to lunpia.

Citing site semarangkota.go.id, there are several recommendations for food stalls in Semarang.

List of legendary culinary in Semarang:

1. Gudeg Abhimanyu and Gudeg Koyor Yu Tum

Mbak Tum: Gudeg Koyor and Lontong Opor have been delicious in Semarang since 1991 Photo: detikfood

One of the famous culinary delights in Semarang is the Gudeg Yu Tum and Gudeg Abhimanyu stalls. Gudeg Yu Tum is open at night, while Gudeg Abhimanyu is open during the day.

Both of these gudeg stalls are always crowded with buyers. The menu that must be tried is gudeg koyor rice and lontong opor. Gudeg Semarang tastes more savory, in contrast to Jogja which tends to be sweet.

Gudeg Abhimanyu is located on Jl Abhimanyu VI Semarang. Opening time is 06.00-17.00 WIB.

Gudeg Koyor Yu Tum is located on Jl MT Haryono (Peterongan) Semarang. Opening time is 18.00-03.00 WIB.

2. Lunpia Mataram

Famous Lunpia Mataram Semarang Snacks Delicious Since 1984Famous Lunpia Mataram Semarang Snacks Delicious Since 1984 Photo: detikfood

One of the famous snacks in Semarang is lunpia. One of the hits, namely Lunpia Mataram, there are various types of lunpia that you can choose from wet spring rolls, to vacuum spring rolls that last about 10 days.

The location of Lunpia Mataram is on Jl MT Haryono (Mataram) Semarang. Opening time is 07.00-20.00 WIB.

3. Tofu Pong Gajah Mada

Creative ImageCreative Image Photo: iStock

Tofu pong or empty tofu is one of the typical culinary delights of the city of Semarang. This tofu pong is served with pickled cucumber and soy sauce mixed with petis. Tahu Pong has been around since the 1970s.

The location is on Jalan Gajah Mada, Semarang. Opening time is 10.00-20.00 WIB.

4. Oen Shop

Oen Semarang StoreToko Oen Semarang Photo: Nfadils/d’Traveler

One of the legendary restaurants in Semarang is Toko Oen. This shop was founded in 1936 on Jalan Pemuda Semarang. Here, brothers and sisters can order a variety of ice cream with a variety of flavors such as chocolate, mocha, vanilla, and kopyor.

One of the ice creams that characterizes this shop is Oen’s Symphony. This menu presents 5 scoops of ice cream with different flavors and served with slagroom and katetong. In addition to ice cream, brothers and sisters can also order Italian, European and Indonesian food menus.

Oen Store location on Jalan Pemuda Semarang. Opening time is 10.00-22.00 WIB.

5. Ice Puter Conglik

Was thought to have knocked the price, this woman apologized to the ice sellerWas thought to have knocked the price, this woman apologized to the ice puter seller Photo: TikTok @claramonica

Conglik ice puter is one of the must-try dishes when visiting Semarang. The taste is fresh, not bad, and soft. This ice puter is made manually using real fruit. Usually there are four flavors namely durian, chocolate, coconut, and avocado. This ice puter is served with coconut and durian toppings.

Es Puter Conglik is located on Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan, precisely in front of Telogorejo Hospital. Opening time is 17.30-23.30 WIB.

6. Mie Kopyok Pak Dhuwur

Mie kopyok is a typical food of Semarang which is called a snack because it does not make the stomach too full. The ingredients are rice cake, yellow noodles, bean sprouts, tofu pong, and gendar crackers doused in garlic-spiced sauce. As a complement sprinkled with sliced ​​​​fried onions and celery.

Mie Kopyok Pak Dhuwur is located on Jalan Tanjung, Semarang. Opening time is 08.00-16.00 WIB.

7. Pecel Mbok Sador

Pecel Mbok Sador SemarangPecel Mbok Sador Semarang Photo: Widi Arini/d’Traveler

Pecel Mbok Sador is one of the favorite street snacks for Semarang residents. Here there are various complementary side dishes such as offal, quail/chicken egg satay, anchovy crackers, and anchovy martabak. This Mbok Sador pecel dish is also equipped with anchovy crackers or gendar crackers.

The location is at Pujasera Simpang Lima Semarang. Opening time is 17.00-223.00 WIB.

8. Wedang Tofu

The combination of the softness of the beancurd and the warm ginger gravy makes wedang tofu suitable to be enjoyed during the rainy season. This wedang is served in a small bowl, the taste is refreshing to the throat and makes the body warm.

9. Sate and Gule 29

One of the legendary culinary delights in Semarang, namely Sate Kambing and Gule 29. It is located in the Kota Lama area and has been around since 1945. Various menus made from goats such as sate buntel, gulai, to pepes olor are available at this restaurant.

Sate Kambing and Gule 29 is located on Jalan Letjen Suprapto, Kota Lama Semarang. Opening time is 09.00-21.00 WIB.

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