7 Weird Presentations at This Restaurant Make Guests Lazy to Eat


Aims to display food in a creative way, some restaurant instead serve strange dishes. Not a few that make guests think hard to lazy to eat.

Intending to be a different restaurant from the usual, there are several places that try to serve unique food. The serving container, the food served, and the decorations are intended to be uniquely displayed.

It turned out that this effort did not go smoothly for some restaurants. The concept of eating and eating strange dishes at this restaurant makes visitors think hard about enjoying them until they feel lazy to eat.

Sharing photos of his restaurant experience when he visited a strange restaurant, this netizen’s upload became viral and was widely discussed. Many claimed to have lost their appetite after seeing some of the uploaded photos.

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Here are 7 odd restaurant servings according to Brightside:

Not real sandals, these sandy sandals turned out to be dessert at a restaurant. Photo: Brightside

1. Sandy sandals

Carrying the ‘beach’ theme, there is sand on the sandals served at the restaurant table. The visitor who received the menu admitted that he was confused about how to eat the sandals served in front of him.

It turns out that the sandy sandals, which are also placed on a stone, are the dessert menu from the restaurant. It is not known for sure what the name of the dish is, but this menu is recognized as a special menu served only at this restaurant.

2. Serving using the sink

Ordering a package of quesadillas, these netizens get an unusual presentation of a Latin American dish. Instead of the normal plates or cutlery, he got a tortilla with the accompaniments served in the sink.

In his upload, this customer is actually afraid that his food will sink if he is nosy to open the faucet in the sink. “I feel like this quesadilla will sink soon,” wrote the netizen.

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