7 Ways to Distinguish Beef Jerky vs Pork Jerky


Jerky beef can be a suitable alternative side dish. However, Muslims must be careful, because there is beef jerky mixed with pork jerky. This is the way to differentiate.

Jerky is a side dish made from thinly sliced ​​beef into lean flakes. Dendeng is popular as a favorite side dish at Padang restaurants.

There are two types, namely wet jerky and dry jerky. Dried beef jerky is usually what people prefer, because it is used as an alternative side dish to white rice, such as shredded beef.

Therefore, dried jerky is sold in packs. However, Muslims must be vigilant, because there is beef jerky that contains pork. The beef is dioplos with pork.

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Beef jerky containing pork was also widely traded in 2009. In this case, BPOM even gave research results and found several brands that contained pork at that time.

Here are 7 differences between beef jerky vs pork jerky:

1. Price

The difference between beef jerky vs pork jerky can be seen in the price. Photo: iStock

Usually 100% pure beef jerky is relatively more expensive. The price per 100 grams can reach IDR 20,000 or IDR 50,000 per 250 grams.

If there is beef jerky with a much cheaper price, it is suspect that the beef jerky is mixed with other meats, such as pork for example.

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2. Packaging

Also pay attention to the packaging the jerky. Make sure the BPOM registration number and expiration date are listed. In addition, attention is also the composition of the materials used.

3. Halal Label

Sometimes the presence of a halal logo on the packaging is not a guarantee that the product does not contain pork. In order not to be mistaken, you should check the product purchased on the LPPOM MUI website whether the product has been registered as a halal product or not.

4. Meat Texture

Difference between beef jerky vs pork jerkyThe difference between beef jerky vs pork jerky can be seen in the texture. Photo: iStock

Pork has a slightly finer grain texture than beef or almost the same. Pork tends to be more tender than beef.

5. Color

Pork jerky is slightly lighter than beef jerky. Pork jerky has a slightly reddish brown color.

6. Aroma

The smell of beef jerky containing pork usually has a sharper spice smell. That’s because I deliberately used more coriander to disguise the savory aroma of the pork.

7. Final Result

When fried beef jerky and pork jerky can be distinguished. Jerky mixed with pork the smell will sting sharply. In addition, the meat is more oily than beef jerky.

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