7 Shortest Rivers in the World, Only One in Indonesia


Several rivers in this world are interesting because their flow is only a few tens of meters. The following are the shortest rivers, one of which is in Indonesia.

The rivers that are in the category of the shortest in the world are spread across the continents of Europe, America and Asia.

1. Tamborasi, Indonesia

In first place is the Tamborasi River from Indonesia. The shortest river in the world is in Tamborasi, Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi.

The river is only 20 meters long, 15 meters wide, and flows into the Flores Sea in the Gulf of Bone. The Tamborasi River is a tourist attraction because it has rocky banks and a beautiful and cool forest atmosphere.

Aerial photo of the location of the Tamborasi River spring, in Tamborasi District, Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi, Friday (1/10/2021). The Tamborasi River is claimed to be the shortest in the world because the length of this river is only 20 meters. BETWEEN PHOTOS/Jojon/aww. Photo: ANTARA PHOTO/JOJON

2. Kovasselva, Norway

The shortest river in the world is Kovasselva which is located in Norway. The length of this river is only 22 meters. The head of the Kovasselva River originates from Lake Kovassvatnet, which is quite remote and far from the center of Norway. Although the location of the lake is not easy to reach, its water flow ends up in the open seas of Norway.

3. Republica, Georgia

In third place is the Reprua River in Georgia with a length of 27 meters. The tears of the Reprua River originate from the Krubera Cave which is located in the mountains.

Although it is the shortest river, the Reprua River has a very steep depth of more than 2,300 m with a water discharge of 2,000 liters per second. The mouth of the river Reprua ends in the Black Sea, which is in Georgia to the northeast, and north.

4. Ombla, Croatia

The Ombla River is about 30 meters long, with an area of ​​600 square kilometers. The Ombla River’s springs originate from karst, which is the largest porous limestone rock in Croatia and one of the largest in the Dinarides or Dinari Alps.

The Ombla River has a water discharge of 23.9 cubic meters per second and empties into the Rijeka Dubrovačka bay in the Adriatic sea.

5. Jezernica, Slovenia

The length of the Jezernica River is only 55 meters, originating from Wild Lake which is a lake and karst springs with underground water sources. The Jezernica is one of 59 rivers in Slovenia, as well as a tributary of the larger Idrija River and empties into the Adriatic Sea.

The Jezernica River is recorded as the second shortest river in Slovenia. Until now, the water flow rate is around 8.34 cubic meters per second.


6. Roe, United States of America

The head of the Roe River begins at Giant Springs, then irrigates into the Missouri River near Great Falls, in Montana, United States.

Roe is included in the category of the shortest river in the world because it is only 61 meters long and up to 2.4 meters deep. According to history, this river previously had no name.

In 1988, a group of school children petitioned Guinness to have the river, which they named ‘Roe’, on the list of the world’s shortest rivers.

7. Rio de Los Patos, Dominican Republic

This river, which is located in the Dominican Republic, is only 61 meters long. The Los Patos River flows into the Caribbean Sea, to be precise at Barahona Beach which is famous as a tourist destination.

Previously the shortest river in the world was a habitat for ducks, so it was called ‘Los Patos’ which in Spanish means duck. Although the duck herd had become extinct, now these ducks have begun to be relocated to Rio Los Patos as a feature.

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