7 Recommended Halal Foods in Pantjoran PIK, Cakwe to Kwetiaw Beef!


Pantjoran PIK is one of the culinary hits on Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). For Muslims who want to eat and snack well, there are 7 halal food recommendations below.

Pantjoran PIK is a culinary area with Chinese nuances that is popular in PIK. The cuisine here seems to be in China, not in Indonesia. Because the interior and knick-knacks in it are so closely related to oriental nuances.

In PIK Pantjoran, the menu is mostly non-halal food, according to the main target of their visitors. But for Muslims who want to take a walk while tasting good food, there is no need to worry. Pantjoran PIK also fills its tenants with halal food sellers.

Currently there are about 33 halal foods in Pantjoran PIK. They offer a variety of food, ranging from savory snacks, sweet snacks, to filling main meals.

Here are 7 recommendations for the latest halal food at Pantjoran PIK:

1. Gado-gado Petojo

Located in the Pantjoran area of ​​PIK Kiosk A12, you can taste halal and delicious gado-gado here. Gado-gado, which has been around since 1975, offers gado-gado for Rp. 35 thousand per serving.

Apart from gado-gado, Gado-gado Petojo also offers karedok, ketoprak, pickles, and vegetable rice cakes. You can order extra toppings such as omelet, fried eggs, and boiled eggs to make it even more delicious.

2. Maison Weiner

The menus at the legendary bakery Maison Weiner are one of the halal food choices at Pantjoran PIK. Photo: Instagram maisonweiner

Not only contemporary food, you can eat the legendary menu at Pantjoran PIK. One of them is Maison Weiner which is the oldest cake and bakery shop in Jakarta. Since 1936, they have been selling a variety of delicious foods.

Its mainstay menu is a variety of pastries, pastries, and white bread. There is also European-style sourdough. Other choices are almond chocolate bread, cheese bloeder bread, soes cake, ontbitjkoek and many more.

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3. Baby Crab & Co

If you want savory snacks, stop by Baby Crab & Co. The main menu is baby crab crab fried crispy. It tastes delicious because it can be added various spices and complementary.

Baby crab is indeed a trending snack throughout 2020. Apart from baby crab, octopus, lobster, and shrimp are usually sold in the same place.

4. Cakwe Katong

7 Recommended Halal Foods in Pantjoran PIK, Cakwe to Kwetiaw Beef!Cakwe Katong is a halal crossbreed cakwe. Photo: Instagram cakwekatong

Cakwe Katong offers Peranakan style cakwe which is thick, savory and legit. The dough uses a mixture of chicken and shrimp. Inside there is even a whole shrimp filling that spoils the taste buds.

Cakwe di PIK Pantjoran These 2 are even more delicious when dipped into a thick red sauce with a spicy sweet taste. Besides cakwe, there are also meatballs, spring rolls, and dumplings here. Cakwe Katong is guaranteed halal with the tagline ‘no pork & no lard’.