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7 Delicious Foods at Willow Habitat, a New Popular Culinary Place in Bintaro


The trend of communal space is in demand in Bintaro. One of the newly opened ones, Willow Habitat, presents 15 tenants of culinary hits. The following seven places are among them.

Communal space or communal space is now mushrooming in several areas. This space can be used by the whole community or community. In Indonesia, usually the communal space is also filled with the presence of culinary tenants.

This is what then becomes an attraction for visitors. Because they can visit an area, gather with people, and enjoy many culinary choices in one place.

In Bintaro, the trend of communal space is also quite popular. This is evident from the emergence of The Lapan, Publica Bintaro, to the recently opened Willow Habitat.

detikfood visited one of them, namely Willow Habitat. They have a Pocket Park which contains about 15 culinary tenants. Located at Jalan Jombang Raya No. 54, Willow Habitat is often visited by young people from Bintaro and its surroundings.

Here are 7 hit culinary tenants that are worth a try when you go to Willow Habitat:

1. Salt Boy

Once you enter the Willow Habitat, the first tenant on the left that you will find is Salt Boy. The outlet attracts attention with its bright orange color.

Salt Boy offers a variety of steak bowls as a mainstay menu. The price starts from IDR 35 thousand to IDR 75 thousand. The choices are Loaded Brisket, Chicken Steak, Aus Lamb Chop, Aus Beef, and Cheese and Steak. You can also add extra sauces such as garlic aioli and delicious spicy Texas.

2. Cordoba Chicken

Adjacent to Cordoba Chicken and Holai outlets at Willow Habitat. Photo: detikfood

Next to Salt Boy, you can taste a variety of delicious chicken preparations at Cordoba Chicken. The menu starts from IDR 17 thousand, you know for the Crispy Chicken Cordoba and Original Chicken Kordoba variants.

Another menu that you can try is a mixture of flour fried chicken with rice. Some are wrapped in salted egg sauce, Korean sauce, and cheese. The price is IDR 30 thousand.

3. Holai

With a contemporary Chinese feel, the Holai outlet at Willow Habitat also attracts attention. The mainstay menu is charred kwetiau, fried noodles, and oyster omelette. The whole Peranakan menu here is made ‘no pork, no lard’.

Other menus include curry fat rice, kwetiaw flush, laksa, and rendang nasi lemak. Suitable for those of you who are looking for a filling dish.

4. Dare

7 Delicious Foods at Willow Habitat, a New Popular Culinary Place in BintaroDare, the dessert cafe that has a lot of fans in Willow Habitat. Photo: detikfood

When we visited Willow Habitat (9/3/2022), Dare looks crowded. They offer a variety of cakes, soft cookies, and other desserts.

One that is worth trying is the row of tiny dessert boxes made by Dare. The price starts from Rp. 20 thousand only with a choice of flavors of Banoffee Pie, Lotus, and Belgian Chocolate.

Good culinary recommendations at Willow Habitat are still on the next page.

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