7 Attractions Near Bandung Station


Bandung offers natural and historical tourist destinations for local and foreign travelers. The following tourist attractions are close to Bandung Station.

For travelers who have short time to take a trip to Bandung and choose the mode of rail transportation to get to the Flower City, this tourist attraction can be an option.

Moreover, Bandung Station can be accessed very easily from various cities, either from or from Central Java to East Java.

The following are tourist attractions that are close to Bandung Station version: CNN Indonesia:

1. Bandung City Square

Bandung City Square Park, West Java (Wisma Putra/detikcom)

It feels incomplete if you visit the city of Bandung without stopping even for a moment to the square which is never empty of visitors.

Moreover, since the renovation into a modern style, Bandung Square has become a magnet for tourists and the local community. Not only enjoying the view of the garden with a fountain, visitors can also have a culinary tour here.

2. Jalan Braga

In addition to the square, Jalan Braga is also one of the tourist destinations that you must visit when you visit this city with the nickname Flower City.

Jalan Braga presents the beauty and splendor of colonial era buildings that are still very well maintained. In this place you can also enjoy culinary tours that are ready to shake your tongue.

3. Paskal Food Bandung

The Paskal Food Market, which is located on Jalan Pasirkal, is the target of tourists who want to hunt for culinary delights. Known as a culinary paradise in Bandung, Paskal Food Bandung serves dozens of food stands, ranging from typical Indonesian culinary offerings, Chinese food, to Korean food.

Not only prioritizing a variety of food choices, Paskal Food Bandung is also equipped with live-music offerings and carries a semi-outdoor concept, which will provide an unforgettable culinary tourism experience.

4. Museum of the Asian-African Conference

Asian-African Conference MuseumMuseum of the Asian-African Conference (Special)

The Museum of the Asian-African Conference is a tourist spot close to the next Bandung station that can be visited.

This tourist destination is very suitable to be an option when you are on vacation with your baby. Besides enjoying the beauty of the building, you can also learn about history at the Museum of the Asian-African Conference.

5. Korean Village

Korean Village in BandungKorean Village in Bandung (Dony Indra Ramadhan/detikcom)

For those of you who are fans of all things Korean but haven’t been able to go to this Ginseng Country directly, Korean Village can be the right vacation destination. The place is designed as closely as possible to the atmosphere and culture of South Korea.

Starting from the architecture of traditional and modern buildings, to other supporting ornaments. Not only that, this instagramable tourist spot in Bandung also allows visitors to try out traditional Korean costumes, namely Hanbok with a Korean building background.

In addition to presenting unique tours, this tourist location located in Kebonwaru, Batununggal District also provides coffee spots and Korean street food-style culinary delights that can be tasted with loved ones.

6. Nara Park Bandung

Nara Park Bandung is the right location for you to take a moment to unwind before deciding to explore the endless city of Bandung.

Nara Park Bandung is a park that provides outbound facilities and a playground with a wide selection of games. In this location, you can enjoy authentic Japanese-style culinary offerings. In addition, some western menus can also be ordered here.

7. Love Unicorn

Love Unicorn is a suitable destination to be enjoyed with children. With decorations filled with dolls and unicorn characters, this Love Unicorn Cafe is a fun stopover destination and perfect for taking pictures.

In addition to enjoying food and being free to take pictures, in this unique cafe, visitors can buy merchandise at quite affordable prices.

That’s a tourist spot close to Bandung station that you can make a choice when visiting Bandung.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, tourist travel is still categorized as a non-emergency trip, so it should not be done to prevent the spread and transmission of Covid-19, especially in areas that still lack health facilities.

If you want to travel between cities or between countries, don’t forget to obey the Covid-19 prevention health protocol, by wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance between visitors. Don’t come when you’re sick and go home sick.

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