6 Tips for Storing Vegetables to Meat To Make It More Durable


Storing food need a trick to make it last longer and fresher. Starting from vegetables, meat to spices can be more durable if stored by following this.

Storing food becomes complicated if you don’t really understand the types of ingredients and how to store them. If wrong, it will cause bad loss for food.

Food stored in the wrong way will spoil faster and will not last long. There are steps that need to be done based on the type of food you want to store.

The use of tight containers and proper storage turns out to be the key to a food ingredient that can be stored properly and lasts for a long time. There are six tricks you can follow to store various foodstuffs appropriately.

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Here are 6 tips for storing food ingredients to make them last longer according to World of Buzz (31/1):

Storing green vegetables is actually recommended to use paper towels to keep them from wilting. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Szakaly

1. Storing green vegetables

To store green vegetables, especially those with dense leaves, it turns out that there are ways to keep the freshness of the leaves themselves. Most people make mistakes that make the leaves quickly wither or even slimy and rotten.

The trick, prepare a container and at the bottom line it with kitchen tissue that is able to absorb water well. Change the tissue regularly every day and the leafy vegetables will keep their freshness for up to a week.

2. Storing raw meat

The liquid that comes out of raw meat if not handled will be a medium for the rapid spread of bacteria. If stored without a container, the liquid from fresh beef or chicken will contaminate the refrigerator and make all the food in it spoil faster.

Make it a habit to always store fresh meat in a closed container or container. It is recommended to use a glass container so that when thawing the meat can melt faster and the container is easier to clean after use.

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