6 Instagramable Tourist Places in Jakarta


Weekend in Jakarta? turns out to have quite a number of tourist attractions that are suitable for families or pleasures with your gang. Listen, here.

In addition to providing a large enough open area for a picnic, several picnic spots in also provide various facilities. For example, a place to exercise, a playground for, even a place to worship such as a prayer room.

Here are 6 recommended tourist attractions in that must be visited:

1. GBK Urban Forest

GBK City Forest (Rifkianto Nugroho/detikcom)

The Bung Karno City Forest (GBK) is located right at the Glorak Bung Karno complex, Jl. Puntu Satu Senayan, Gelora, Central Jakarta.

The place is very spacious, so it is very possible for visitors to keep a long enough distance, so that travelers can feel comfortable and safe while having a picnic in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Tebet Eco Park

The next picnic spot in is in the Tebet area, South Jakarta, namely the Tebet Eco Park. One of the open parks in has an area of ​​about 7 hectares.

The facilities provided by this park are also many. Starting from the UMKM Plaza, prayer rooms, rain shelters, toilets, children’s playgrounds to places to exercise. Tebet Eco Park is also very friendly for travelers of various circles. The park features a swamp maze, rock climbing, rope climbing and slides.

3. Cherry Blossom Garden

Kembang Kerep Park is located in Meruya, West Jakarta. This 5000 sqm garden features a tree house, gazebo, swing and pond.

4. Satria Mandala Picnic Park

Satria Mandala Picnic Park is located in the area of ​​the Satria Mandala Museum, Jl. Gatot Subroto, Mampang, South Jakarta. Travelers can place mats and open lunches here. The price for renting a mat is IDR 25,000.

5. Fort Field Park

A number of officers began to clean the Green Open Space at Banteng Square, Central Jakarta, Friday (22/10).  The opening of this Green Open Space will also be opened simultaneously in Jakarta.Banteng Field (Pradita Utama/detikcom)

Benteng Field Park is located in the Pasar Baru area, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta, Bunda. Here there is a wide green grass so it is suitable for a picnic with the family.

6. Tabebuya Park

The last recommended picnic spot in is Tabebuya Park. This park is located on Jalan Muhammad Kafi, Jagakarsa, South City. When visiting this park, you will be treated to a view of a fish pond on which lotus flowers are overgrown.

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