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5 Ways to Cook Instant Noodles Netizens Sing


A number of this person got scolded by netizens for cooking instant noodles in a strange way. There are those who make fried Indomie using gravy to use soda drinks.

Instant noodles have always been everyone’s favorite. Moreover, how to make it easy, just boil and combine with instant spices. However, people often create instant noodles in various ways.

Unfortunately the creation was judged as ‘blasphemy’ which caused netizens to anger. It’s not just the creation, but the way of cooking it sometimes doesn’t make sense.

As viral on TikTok, someone cooks human noodles in the sink to a teapot at the hotel. The video was also widely criticized by netizens.

Here are 5 weird ways to cook instant noodles:

1. Cook Fried Indomie Using Soup

A strange way to cook fried Indomie instant noodles with gravy Photo: TikTok @christensamuel_

TikToker from Singapore who exists with the account @christensamuel_ shares video content reviewing fried Indomie. He also showed how he cooked the Indomie.

The way he cooked it successfully made Indonesian netizens angry, because he gave his fried Indomie gravy. Because that makes it taste less good.

Because of his ignorance, he gave Indomie goreng a low rating. The rating is 2/10. The video immediately went viral and sparked the annoyance of Indonesian netizens.

“You cooked the wrong woi, that’s why it’s weird,” wrote a netizen.

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2. Cook Fried Indomie Using Soda

Strange way to cook instant noodlesA strange way to cook fried Indomie instant noodles using soda drink Photo: TikTok @Asianmuminlaw

TikTok users with the @Asianmuminlaw account have also been the target of Indonesian netizens’ anger. Starting from a video that shows how to cook fried Indomie.

How not to irritate, the Caucasians add hot oil and coke into a container that has been poured with spices. So, make the fried noodles with soup.

Not only that, he also added soy sauce and vinegar. The video was widely commented on by Indonesian netizens and stated that it was Indomie’s blasphemy.

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