5 Sweet Stories of Ojol Treated by Low Rating Passengers to Erick Thohir


Stories about online motorcycle taxis (ojol) always attract attention, including their sweet stories when they are treated to a meal. Some were treated to meals by passengers with low ratings up to Erick Thohir!

There are always interesting stories experienced by ojol while doing their job. Meeting different people in a variety of situations makes it possible for them to experience unique events.

For example, an unexpected incident where they were treated to a meal. Some have been treated to meals by passengers and even ended up eating together like friends.

Then there is also the driver ojol which are treated by famous people such as culinary YouTubers to the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir. The story grabs attention.

Here are 5 sweet stories of ojol when treated to a meal:

1. Treated to sushi by the child himself

Portrait of happy ojol when treated to eat sushi for the first time by his own son. Photo: TikTok Babeh Ojol

Ojol drivers often get orders for delicious food from passengers that they have never tried. Not infrequently they are so curious that they drool.

Seeing the struggle of her father like that, the daughter of an ojol driver named Ary or popularly known as Babeh Ojol also has the initiative. He treats his father to sushi after getting a salary from his job.

The moment Babeh Ojol ate sushi for the first time was recorded by his daughter, Tya. Babeh Ojol’s expression was happy and confused while enjoying sushi.

“It tastes really good, so far it’s only been delivering people’s food,” Babeh said while holding back tears of emotion. He also thanked and hugged his beloved daughter after eating sushi together.

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2. Treated to Korean food by YouTuber

5 Sweet Stories of Ojol Treated by Low Rating Passengers to Erick ThohirThis ojol is treated to Korean oden, mistaking it for gut satay. Photo: Jennie Linando’s YouTube

YouTuber from Surabaya, Jennie Linando often uploads exciting content about culinary. One of them treats them to a good meal. Usually Jennie will order that food and later ojol The person who gets the order will be invited to eat together.

There was a viral moment when Jennie treated an ojol named Roby to eat at a Korean restaurant. Jennie ordered dakbal (processed Korean claws), tteokbokki, corndogs, and oden. Roby was excited to taste the unique foods one by one.

A funny moment occurred when Roby mistook oden (Korean fish cake) for intestines because of its wavy shape. “After trying it, Roby said that it tastes better than intestine satay. “It’s like intestine, yes, it’s like intestine satay,” said Roby. “Wow, it’s soft, the sauce is delicious. This is delicious,” he said.

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