5 Special Dinner Places with Couples in Yogyakarta, Worth a Try!


The culinary agenda is an activity that should not be missed while on vacation with a partner. Moreover, if you visit Yogyakarta, a #WonderfulIndonesia destination which is known to have a million memories.

Yogyakarta does have a variety of unique and interesting restaurants to try with your partner, especially when dinner. Starting from those that provide traditional Indonesian menus to restaurants with western menus that are appetizing.

Planning to have dinner with your partner in a romantic place? Prepare the best time to try the experience dinner special at #DiIndonesiaAja restaurants that have implemented Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environmental, Sustainability (CHSE) below.

1. Bale Raos

Photo: Instagram/baleraosresto

Want to try it dinner Sultan’s romantic? No need to go far abroad, because you can feel it at Bale Raos, which is located in the Yogyakarta Palace area.

Here, you can enjoy a romantic dinner like the king and queen of the palace. Area indoor Bale Raos has a magnificent design like a palace. Temporary area outdoorit is designed with modern decorations such as a greenhouse, and is decorated with beautiful chandeliers.

If you come here, don’t forget to eat delicious and luxurious food such as chicken singgang. That said, this menu is the food of the royal palace. Also be sure to try the Bestik Djawa menu, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX’s favorite dish.

Not only main dishes, Bale Raos also serves a variety of dessert Unique things that you definitely have to try, such as papaya lime, cocoa pudding, and rondo kepomo, which are the featured menu here.

2. Clothesline

Illustration of Culinary Destinations with CouplesPhoto: Jejamuran.id

It’s not right to go to Yogyakarta if you don’t visit Jejamuran, one of the culinary delights hitsthe residents there. In accordance taglinehis ‘Indonesian Mushroom Cuisine’, Jejamuran offers a variety of menus from mushrooms. Some of them, such as mushroom satay, spicy grilled mushrooms, bothok mushrooms, fuyunghai mushrooms, and stir-fried mushrooms.

Jejamuran also uses various types of mushrooms ranging from shitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, lingzhi mushrooms and ear mushrooms. Not only that, all Jejamuran menus are also produced from their own garden so that quality and hygiene are maintained.

Even though it offers all-mushroom food, Jejamuran can still be a place dinner romantic. The reason, this one restaurant presents a beautiful and beautiful view. There is also a photo spot that instagramable to capture your moments with your partner.

To make it even cooler when taking photos, you can wear interesting clothes, such as one of the local products from Shiroshima and Semilir Ecoprint.

3. Nanamia Pizzeria

Illustration of Culinary Destinations with CouplesPhoto: Instagram/nanamiapizzeria

Want to pizza date in a romantic place? Just come to Nanamia Pizzeria! Located on Jl. Tirtodipuran No.1, Mantrijeron, Nanamia Pizzeria has 2 choices of areas, namely indoor and outdoor comfortable.

For those of you who want to eat pizza with a romantic atmosphere, you can choose the area outdoor with a large yard. Beautiful garden lights, as well as a wooden table in the area outdoorIt will also increase the intimacy between you and your partner.

Not only a romantic atmosphere, here you can also enjoy pizza with original Italian flavors, such as Frutti di Mare and Molto Gusto. There are also other menu options ranging from antipasti, zuppe, insalata, panini, secondi, primi piatti, italian coffee, fresh juice, lassy, ​​smoothies, milkshake, healthy drinks, special drink, dan dolci.

For those of you who want to find other romantic restaurants, you can see the recommendations on the @pesonaid_travel Instagram account.

4. RnB Grill Restaurant

Dinner romantic is usually synonymous with luxury food such as steak. In Yogyakarta, you can taste it at RnB Grill Resto.

Located on Jl. RW Monginsidi No.37, Karangwaru, Kec. Tegalrejo, RnB Grill Resto offers steak tender and delicious meat with ribs. There is also a wide variety of meat options steak as Australian beef, Japanese wagyu, until US beef. Apart from the menu steakyou and your partner can try other luxurious menus starting from salads, burgers, pasta, until various wines.

Regarding the place, you don’t need to worry because RnB Grill Resto has a comfortable and interesting place. Because, RnB Grill Resto presents an interior that combines contemporary and traditional designs.

No wonder this restaurant is often visited by tourists, both domestic and foreign. To complete the look dinner You, also wear local collections such as a watch from Index or Janedan’s beautiful clutch.

5. Sri Sasanti Restaurant

Illustration of Culinary Destinations with CouplesPhoto: Instagram/sasanti_restaurant

Sri Sasanti Restaurant is arguably one of the romantic restaurant paradises in Yogyakarta. Moreover, this restaurant is also often used as a wedding venue.

Here, you can feel candlelight dinner romantically with your partner, accompanied by a variety of delicious Indonesian culinary delights such as satay, duck bekakak, rice langgi, to chicken betutu.

So that the dinner moment with your partner is more romantic, you can choose a seat at the outdoor. The reason is, Sri Sasanti Restaurant offers an area outdoor The beautiful scenery is equipped with candles, views of the pond, to shady trees. This atmosphere will certainly make you and your partner more carried away.

So, those are the five romantic restaurant recommendations in Yogyakarta. Even though you are spending romantic time with your partner, that doesn’t mean you can ignore health protocols. Starting from wearing masks, washing hands with soap and running water, maintaining distance, avoiding overcrowded crowds, and limiting mobility if not essential.

Don’t forget to vaccinate at the nearest health facility or vaccination center. This is in accordance with the recommendation of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno. Through the implementation of good health procedures and vaccinations, Sandiaga is optimistic that the economy and tourism can bounce back.

“We ourselves at the Creative Economy Forum believe that we can improve compliance and discipline with health protocols if we can integrate CHSE with care and protection applications that must be properly socialized,” said Sandiaga.

“We continue to encourage vaccinations to be accelerated along with the preparation of strict and disciplined health protocols along with the opening of a number of tourist attraction destinations. Vaccines and health care programs are the key to the revival of our creative economy and tourism within the scope of new habits and normalities,” he added.

For those of you who want to find information related to other tourist destinations in Indonesia, follow the Instagram account @pesonaid_travel. And don’t forget to also follow Pesona Have Quiz (PUKIS) on the Instagram page to win millions of rupiah in prizes.

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