5 Sisca Kohl Controversy, Wholesale Minimarket to Taste Foie Gras


Sisca Kohl is synonymous with unique and luxurious dining content, but several times the content has been controversial. For example, when he bought up a mini market, BTS Meal, and tasted foie gras.

Sisca Kohl is a famous TikToker. His followers have now reached 10 million! Many of them are looking forward to the unique content of this 21-year-old woman.

Its flagship content is making and tasting various luxury foods. Not infrequently Sisca Kohl informs the price of expensive food that makes many people shake their heads.

From his various uploads, not all of them received a positive response from netizens. Many of them highlight Sisca Kohl’s content because it is considered unnatural.

Starting from the eccentric idea, the menu that he tasted is controversial food, to the very large number. Sisca Kohl’s content was flooded with netizen comments.

Here are 5 Sisca Kohl’s controversies from her upload on TikTok:

1. Make roast pork ice cream

Celebrating Chinese New Year, Sisca Kohl makes roast pork ice cream Photo: TikTok Sisca Kohl

Recently (29/1/2022), Sisca Kohl showing the quirky ice cream he made for Chinese New Year. Not from sweet food, but from savory food in the form of roast pork. At the beginning of the video he even shows a whole roast pork on his dining table.

“Criuk Check Ice Cream! Pork is one of the foods that are often eaten during Chinese New Year. I have one roast pork. I will make ice cream from this roasted pork,” said Sisca Kohl in the video.

He then grinds the roast pork and pork skin in a blender. The juices are taken and then mixed with ice cream powder. Sisca Kohl also added pink food coloring to make the ice cream attractive. Seeing this, many netizens were furious.

They rated Sisca Kohl’s ice cream menu ‘crazy’. One of them commented, “I often eat well, so look for something unique. Gini is very rich.”

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2. Eat foie gras

5 Sisca Kohl Controversy, Wholesale Minimarket to Taste Foie GrasFoie gras made as one of the toppings for expensive instant noodles by Sisca Kohl Photo: TikTok Sisca Kohl

Foie gras is one of the most expensive luxury foodstuffs, but the production process is full of controversy. This is because the goose is forced to be fat so that its heart will be large. The geese are said to be forced to feed using a hose until they are placed in a narrow cage.

No wonder when Sisca Kohl made instant noodle cooking content with foie gras topping (25/7/2021), she was in the spotlight. He processed this goose liver by pan-seared and then used as a topping for instant noodles.

In addition to foie gras, Sisca Kohl adds many other foods such as jumbo lobster, wagyu, to caviar. The total price of homemade noodles reaches Rp. 16 million! Many Warganet grimaced at the price. “The noodles can even buy my motorbike,” said a netizen.

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3. Taste mussels similar to Mr. P

5 Sisca Kohl Controversy, Wholesale Minimarket to Taste Foie GrasThe shape is unusual, this is a shell similar to Mr. P that Sisca Kohl bought from Japan Photo: TikTok Sisca Kohl

Sisca Kohl is not the name if you don’t taste luxurious food ingredients that people rarely enjoy. He once showed off the moment of tasting geoduck clams that looked like Mr. P aka male genitalia.

He cooked these mussels with super spicy seasoning. The ingredients are red chili as much as 5 kilograms! Sisca Kohl bought 6 geoduck shells from Japan for IDR 6 million. He said these mussels have a delicious taste and chewy texture.

“The long part is chewy but soft. The inside is like an oyster. Good luck!” he continued. Not a few netizens focused on Sisca Kohl’s choice of food this time.

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