5 Religious Tourism Destinations in Surabaya, Which is Your Favorite?


Surabaya has a variety of religious tourism destinations. Here are five of them. Apart from being able to take a trip, a traveler can hang out during this Ramadan.

Dubbed the city of heroes, Surabaya does not only offer historical tours. The capital city of East Java also has religious tourism spots.

Here are 5 recommendations for religious tourism in Surabaya:

1. Sunan Ampel Tomb Complex

The tomb of Sunan Ampel is a favorite religious tourism destination in Surabaya. Inside the Sunan Ampel Tomb complex there are a number of paduraksa gates nicknamed ‘Gapuro Limo’. (Faiq Azmi/Detikcom)

Usually, visitors carry out religious activities at the Sunan Ampel Tomb Complex. Starting from prayer, nyekar, until the completion of the Qur’an. However, there are also people who are also hunting for Middle Eastern cuisine.

This area is also a paradise for Middle Eastern cuisine, such as maryam bread, Arabic pukis, samosas, to gule. In addition, there are also a variety of all-Arabic knick-knacks sold there. Starting from robes, veils, prayer mats, to dates and black cumin.

2. Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya

Al Akbar Mosque Surabaya does not hold Eid al-Adha 1442 Hijri prayers for the public.  Prayers were only attended by 75 internal people.Al Akbar Mosque Surabaya (Esti Widiyana/detikcom)

Al Akbar Mosque Surabaya has educational parks such as Asmaul Husna Park and Edu Park Mosque.

In the mosque complex there is also a high tower that can be climbed. In this tower, visitors can see the city of Surabaya from a height of 99 meters. In addition, around the mosque there are also many sellers of typical Surabaya food.

3. Bungkul Park

gardenBungkul Park Surabaya Photo: (Widi Arini/d’Traveler)

Bungkul Park is one of the must-visit religious tours in Surabaya. In this park complex there is also the Tomb of Sunan Bungkul or Mbah Bungkul.

Bungkul Park is one of the largest parks and is the pride of the people of Surabaya. In this 10,000-meter park, visitors can enjoy shady trees with a comfortable jogging track atmosphere. This garden area is also equipped with ornamental plants with colorful fountains, a children’s playground, a skateboard arena, and a BMX bicycle arena.

4. Tomb of Grandmother Tondo

Ketandan Tourism VillageTomb of Mbah Buyut Tondo at Ketandan Tourism Village Photo: Ketandan Tourism Village

The historical site of Mbah Buyut Tondo’s tomb is located in Ketandan Village, Surabaya. This tomb occupies an area of ​​10×15 meters. The tomb area is quite spacious and beautiful with a large banyan tree covering it.

5. Rahmat Kembang Kuning Mosque in Surabaya

Residents pass in front of the Rahmat Mosque, Surabaya, East Java, Friday (16/4/2021).  The mosque, which is located on Jalan Kembang Kuning, is one of the old mosques in Surabaya and a legacy of Sunan Ampel.  BETWEEN PHOTOS/Educate Suhartono/aww.Rahmat Mosque, Surabaya (ANTARA PHOTO/Educate Suhartono)

The mosque, which is located on Jalan Kembang Kuning Surabaya, is one of the oldest mosques in Surabaya. The existence of the mosque has existed since the time of Sunan Ampel.

However, the existing mosque building is a new building that was built in 1967. It is said that Sunan Ampel was presented with a parcel of land in the northern area of ​​Surabaya called Ampel Denta from the King of Majapahit, Prabu Brawijaya.

On the way to Ampel Denta, Sunan Ampel and Ki Wiro Saroyo stopped at the Kembang Kuning area. There, the two of them built a shelter as well as a place of worship which became the forerunner of the Rahmat Kembang Kuning Mosque.


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