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5 Places to Eat Meatballs in Bekasi, Some Use Tetelan


In Bekasi there are several places to eat meatball carts. Even though it’s street food, it tastes delicious, especially with the various variants.

It’s not hard to find a place to eat meatball. Because of his favourite, meatball sellers have mushroomed everywhere. Especially in the Bekasi area, West Java, there are several places to eat meatballs that are famous for being delicious.

Not always served with noodles and vermicelli, there are also meatballs that are equipped with tetelan to beef. In addition, there is also a sauce that has its own taste.

Here are 5 places to eat delicious meatballs in Bekasi:

1. Ambyar’s Meatballs

Bakso Tetelan Ambyar is one of the best places to eat meatballs in Bekasi. Photo: YouTube Dapur Jade

Eating meatballs does feel incomplete without additional swallowing. The savory taste and chewy sensation when eating tetelan mixed with meatballs can add to its own enjoyment.

Ambyar Tetelan Meatballs in Bekasi can be your choice. This street stall offers a choice of tetelan even in large portions to complement the meatballs.

You can choose a meatball variant, one of your favorites is the vein variant. Not only tetelan, you can also add ribs and beef. If you come here, you have to be early because it runs out quickly.

Ambyar’s Meatballs
Jl. Kusuma Utara IX No.7
Bekasi, West Java
Phone: 0857-1426-2612

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2. Kebon Meatballs

Delicious meatballs in BekasiDelicious meatballs in Bekasi can stop by at Bakso Kebon Illustration Photo: iStock

In the Cibuntu area, Bekasi you will find places to eat meatballs that are addictive. The shop is known as Bakso Kebon, which has been virally visited by foodvloggers.

The shop is simple, but the meatball concoction deserves thumbs up. The broth is fragrant, savory and has a strong taste. As the name implies, this meatball stall is in the middle of the garden.

So, visitors can eat meatballs while sitting lesehan. Spicy lovers can order the meatballs filled with cayenne pepper. The jam, the rib meatballs are no less delicious.

Meatball Garden
Jl. Kp. Onte, RT.001/RW.010
Cibuntu, Bekasi, West Java
Phone: 0857-1197-7681
Opening hours: 10.00 – 16.00

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