5 Places for Iftar in Wolter Monginsidi, Menu Kwetiau Pontianak to Chicken Betutu


Passing through the Wolter Monginsidi area, you can break your fast with a variety of delicious Indonesian menus. Starting from soto ayam, Pontianak kwetiau, to the famous delicious chicken betutu from Gilimanuk, Bali.

Wolter Monginsidi is a strategic area in South Jakarta. Close to Mampang, Tendean, Cikajang, to Senopati, making this road often passed by motorists.

If you look at the right and left sides, you will find many good places to eat here. In addition to presenting Japanese and South Korean menus, many also carry traditional Indonesian menus.

The menu consists of East Javanese soto, a variety of Minang dishes, Pontianak kwetiau, to Central Java lamb satay. The dining area is also comfortable so it can be an option for breaking the fast with friends or family.

Here are 5 iftar places in Wolter Monginsidi that serve traditional menu nice:

1. Pak Sadi’s Original Ambengan Chicken Soto

Pak Sadi’s concoction of warm savory chicken soup, perfect for breaking the fast. Photo: Instagram sotoayamambengan_paksadi

If you want to break your fast with a soupy dish, soto ayam can be the right choice. Soto Ayam Ambengan Pak Sadi Asli offers a soup concoction that is thick, savory and has a soft, shredded chicken filling.

The usual stuffing for soto ayam here is shredded chicken, vermicelli, and eggs. Then there is also a special soto with the addition of young eggs and offal. If you want soto offal meat, skin, brutu, or young egg soto with various complements, there are also available.

The price per portion starts from IDR 50 thousand. In addition to chicken soup, there is also a Madura soup menu, mixed tofu, cingur salad, and Javanese fried rice. Fans of traditional East Javanese food are guaranteed to be satisfied!

Pak Sadi’s Original Ambengan Chicken Soto
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 28
Phone: (021) 72793057

2. Beef Kwetiaw 78

Kwetiaw Sapi 78 offers a delicious and chewy kwetiau concoction typical of Pontianak. The delicacy has been famous since 1973. In the past, the first outlet was in Mangga Besar, but now there is also a branch in Wolter Monginsidi.

With a more modern and contemporary concept, a variety of beef kwetiau is served here. Its mainstay menu is Kwetiaw Goreng in Egg Sauce. In the form of fried beef kwetiaw doused in a thick, savory egg sauce. You can choose beef or seafood toppings.

Other menus are fried kwetiaw, flush kwetiaw, gravy kwetiaw, to bun kwetiau. The price per serving of kwetiaw starts from IDR 50 thousand. There is also a menu of noodles, vermicelli, udon, to rice that makes you full.

Beef Kwetiaw 78
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 78
Phone: (021) 7263693

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3. Beautiful Sari

5 Places for Iftar in Wolter Monginsidi, Menu Kwetiau Pontianak to Chicken BetutuA variety of interesting Minang food at Sari Indah. Photo: Instagram goldie_foodventure

Fans Minang food can satisfy the appetite when breaking the fast here. Sari Indah offers a variety of West Sumatran specialties, but the most famous is the grilled chicken.

Grilled with coconut milk and spices, its delicious taste is praised by many visitors. There is a blend of sweet, savory, and slightly spicy flavors. The texture of the chicken is tender and juicy is also a plus point.

In addition, Sari Indah also has Minang rendang with jet black seasoning. Don’t miss the fried anchovies, beef jerky, tunjang curry, and snapper head curry.

Beautiful Sari
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 7
Phone: (021) 72780000

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