5 Parodies to Rare and Expensive Cooking Oil Memes


Cooking oil which is rare and expensive is currently a hot topic of discussion among mothers. Many also then create parody content and cooking oil memes.

Cooking oil was scarce in the market, this made many mothers confused. Now cooking oil is again available in large quantities, but the high price makes mothers even more confused.

This polemic about cooking oil later became an idea for content creators. Many use cooking oil as satire but packaged in a joke concept.

There are mothers and Caucasians who ‘protest’ the price of cooking oil and show how to save on the use of cooking oil. These videos have successfully caught the attention of netizens.

Here are some parodies to cooking oil memes:

1. Mothers hug cooking oil

As a staple food that is being hunted by many people, fried noodles are considered something of value. A mother from Prabumulih, South Sumatra also had an idea to make a funny video about cooking oil.

Through her TikTok account, this mother named Dwi Siti Kholifah recorded herself singing while carrying bottled cooking oil. This video is also accompanied by a song called ‘Too Expensive’ as an expression of the high price of cooking oil.

Dwi repeatedly hugged this cooking oil as if to say he really loved it. This video has also received a lot of attention from netizens.

2. Caucasians give tips to save cooking oil

Parody to Cooking Oil Meme Photo: [email protected]_la_rubia_y_jose

It’s not just Indonesians who complain about the high price of cooking oil. It turns out that this satire was also made by a Caucasian named Jose Manue. He shares tips on saving using cooking oil in an anti-mainstream way.

Through his [email protected]_la_rubia_y_jose account, he shows his wife how to save cooking oil. When the wife was about to pour oil into the pan, she immediately shouted. Then he opened a drawer on his kitchen table and pulled out a syringe.

It turns out that this tool is used to pour oil. Thus the amount of oil used can be controlled. This video managed to invite laughter and has been watched more than 900 thousand times.

3. Mothers mock Megawati

Megawati had time to make a video about scarcity cooking oil. In her video, Megawati said that mothers should be creative in making dishes, not just fry them.

This video then makes some people feel disappointed. One of them is mothers who are angry because it is difficult to get cooking oil.

The video went viral when it was uploaded by the @Pelacur_Istana account on the Twitter social media network on March 21, 2022. The mother said that Megawati julid against her own people for waiting in line for cooking oil.

“People boil, steam, mash it every day. You don’t need to be taught, the people also understand,” he said, looking at the camera with an annoyed expression.

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