5 Famous Delicious Seafood Places at PIK, Complete Menu!



Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) is one of the ‘seafood paradise’ areas in North Jakarta. You can stop by the following 5 places to eat seafood that are famous for being delicious. The menu options are complete!

Apart from Kelapa Gading and Muara Karang, Pantai Indah Kapuk is an area in North filled with seafood restaurants. Seafood lovers can satisfy their appetites by enjoying the fresh seafood menu here.

Generally a place to eat seafood it is located in modern dining shophouses. The price offered varies for a plate of fresh seafood such as crab, shrimp, squid, to clams.

Everything can be processed with favorite cooking techniques and spices. For example, baked, boiled, steamed, until given an abundance of Padang sauce, black pepper sauce, or salted egg sauce.

Here are 5 places to eat seafood that are famous for being delicious at PIK:

1. PIK Seafood sustenance

The mouth-watering rica-rica grilled fish at Rezeki Seafood. Photo: Instagram sustenanceseafood.pik

Offering a cool sea view, Rezeki Seafood PIK is in great demand as a place to dine with family. Previously this restaurant was also present in Pluit and Kelapa Gading. The specialty is in the selection of fresh seafood, some of which are still on display in the aquarium.

There are a lot of processed seafood, one of which is grilled fish rica-rica. You can choose the type of fish. There are baronang, kuwe, snapper, yellow tail to Sukang.

Then there are crab preparations with unique sauce preparations, namely lemon butter and mala sauce. While the shrimp menu can be boiled, steamed with garlic, grilled plain, or dry fried. The price starts from IDR 28 thousand per ounce.

PIK Seafood sustenance
Rukan Beach View 2, RB 2V No. 8

2. ACUI Seafood Ball

Calling seafood delicious at PIK, many favor the ACUI Seafood Ball. This seafood is offered in the Golf Island area and operates from noon to night.

Of the many available menus, it is said that the smoked crab made by Bola Seafood ACUI is a mainstay. The crab wrapped in banana leaves is given a medok spice and then grilled until fragrant. Other preparations are tauco seasoning, Padang sauce, salted egg sauce, and steamed.

For lovers of steamed fish, you can also indulge your taste buds with steamed nyonya and steam tio ciu. Then the squid can be fried in flour, given salted egg sauce, or grilled with soy sauce. Everything is delicious!

ACUI Seafood Ball
Golf Island, Ruko Beach Theme Park Blok D 70F-70G
Phone: 0878-8733-6995

3. Sentosa Seafood

5 Famous Delicious Seafood Places at PIK, Complete Menu!At Sentosa Seafood, you can taste fried ronggeng prawns with garlic sauce. Photo: Instagram sentosaseafood

Still in the Golf Island area, there is a place to eat seafood Another delicious that is suitable to be visited with the family. The concept is live seafood and seafood market. Sentosa Seafood offers a lot of fresh seafood preparations.

One of his favorite menus is the sentosa-style ronggeng shrimp. The prawn meat is juicy with a sprinkling of savory fried garlic. Then there are also dried chili fried shrimp, salted egg shrimp, and garlic steamed shrimp.

If you want fish, you can taste steamed or fried. The choice of fish is varied such as tiger grouper, pomfret, lazy fish, and white snapper. The price per ounce varies. Another menu is processed crab, lobster, and clams.

Sentosa Seafood
Block E Golf Island Rukan Complex, PIK 2
Phone: 021 5011 1579

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