5 Facts about Valencia Tanoesoedibjo, Foodies Who Have Eaten at Salt Bae Resto


Getting stickier with Kevin Sanjaya, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo has an interesting fact. He turned out to be a foodies and had eaten at a Salt Bae restaurant.

Publicizing his relationship with badminton athletes, Kevin Sanjaya, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo looks even more sticky. The two looked intimate at dinner to celebrate Valencia’s birthday.

Not only is it widely discussed on social media, the relationship between the two is also recognized as surprising the lovers and observers of badminton athletes. Valencia, who is known as the son of a conglomerate, turns out to be a foodies who likes to go to various places.

During last year’s Christmas celebration, he even shared his moment of eating at a restaurant owned by a famous chef, Salt Bae. Not only eating at the Salt Bae restaurant, some unique facts about Valencia Tanoe as a foodies have also been summarized by detikfood.

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Here are 5 unique facts about Valencia Tanoesoedibjo who is a foodies:

Valencia Tanoe and his family celebrate Christmas at the Salt Bae restaurant in Beverly Hills, United States. Photo: Instagram

1. Celebrate Christmas at Salt Bae Restaurant

Choosing to celebrate Christmas and the new year abroad, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo and his family chose the United States as a vacation spot. Towards Christmas, which is usually synonymous with having dinner with family, the Tanoesoedibjo family also did not miss it.

Choosing a phenomenal place, Valencia shared that he was enjoying steak at a restaurant owned by a famous chef, Salt Bae. Visiting the Salt Bae restaurant in Beverly Hills, Valencia showed off photos of tomahawk steaks and gold-plated burgers that cost tens of millions of rupiah.

2. Have a Cafe Business

Departing from his hobby of traveling while culinary, Valencia established a cafe by serving a very diverse menu from all over the world. Starting from a fresh coffee menu, western-style food to Mexican-style food.

Established his cafe at Jalan Kebon Sirih No.17-19, Menteng, Central Jakarta, from delicious Salmon Cake to Mexican Nachos which are popular as a snack menu. Designed with a beautiful interior, this cafe is so instagramable and contemporary.

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