5 Facts about Angklung Village in Ciamis


Ciamis has an angklung village. Here are 5 facts about the village of Angklung.

UNESCO designated angklung as a cultural heritage from Indonesia on November 16, 2010. For this reason, every November 16 is commemorated with World Angklung Day.

Angklung is a musical instrument from West Java Province. Several areas in West Java have angklung production centers. Like in Ciamis Regency, which also has an angklung village. Where the majority of the population produces musical instruments made of bamboo.

For those who don’t know the Ciamis angklung village, the location is in Panyingkiran Village, Ciamis District.

The following are facts about Kampung Angklung Ciamis:

1. Declared in 2014

Kampung Angkung does not only belong to Saung Ujo in Bandung. In Ciamis there is also Angklung Village which is in Nempel Village, Panyingkiran Village, Ciamis District. This village was pioneered by Kang Mumu Alimudin and declared in 2014.

Kang Mumu was an angklung maker in Banjar City (formerly a sub-district of Ciamis Regency) in 1975. Then, Mumu moved to Panyingkiran Village in 1992 and decided to start his own angklung production business.

Mumu then invited residents around his residence to produce angklung together. Considering that the angklung made by Mumu was quite in demand and was flooded with orders from various regions.

“Thank God, the residents are interested in participating in the production of angklung, gradually now there are 100 residents who are empowered to produce angklung,” said Mumu.

Almost every resident’s house in Nempel village produces angklung. Mumu also took the initiative to declare Angklung Village in 2014. Even now it is under the auspices of the Angklung Village Foundation.

“2014 was declared as the Ciamis angklung village. In 2016 the Ciamis Regency Government inaugurated it. Thank God, after becoming an angklung village, there were more and more orders from various regions in Indonesia,” said Mumu.

2. Production of Hundreds of Angklung Every Day

Angklung Village in Ciamis Photo: Dadang Hermansyah/ detikJabar

Kang Mumu admitted that the angklung orders came from various regions, not only from West Java. Of the 100 residents, the Angklung Ciamis village is able to produce 800 angklung every day.

“In the past, up to 800 angklung could be produced every day. But now, since the pandemic, orders have tended to be quiet,” said Mumu.

Mumu said that since the Covid-19 pandemic two years ago, Kampung Angklung Ciamis has also been affected. Given the market of angklung is tourism.

“Since the pandemic, production has fallen by 80 percent. There are no orders, including training, because crowds are not allowed,” said Mumu.

Currently orders for angklung are starting to get busy again as the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided.

3. Abundant Bamboo Trees

Angklung production in Ciamis is also supported by abundant raw materials. Several areas in Ciamis Regency itself have a lot of bamboo trees, especially in areas along large rivers such as Citanduy. Mumu doesn’t need to worry about the availability of raw materials.

“In terms of raw materials, there’s no need to worry, in Ciamis there are still lots of bamboo trees,” said Mumu.

4. Student Visit Places

Kampung Angklung Ciamis has also become an education center for students and students. They generally want to see and learn the process of making angklung musical instruments.

Although so far Kampung Angklung Ciamis has not specifically opened formal training for students. “Many come from schools. Come to see, learn to make or play angklung. It’s just that the place is cramped,” said Mumu.

5. Don’t have a studio yet

Angklung Village in CiamisAngklung Village in Ciamis Photo: Dadang Hermansyah/ detikJabar

Even though it has been officially designated as Kampung Angklung Ciamis by the local government, in reality Kampung Angklung Ciamis does not yet have a studio.

Mumu also hopes that in the future Kampung Angklung Ciamis will have a studio. The studio will not only be used for angklung performances, but will accommodate all arts in Ciamis.

So that when visitors come, they can present something that can be demonstrated or practiced. For example, in a week, various arts can be performed with the angklung.

“We hope to have a studio. Until now it has not materialized. A studio is likened to a delicious tasting food. Likewise, angklung must be performed so that more people are interested,” he said.

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