5 Couple Bucin Actions, Give Sweet Martabak Tip to Send Cooking Oil


Have great feelings of love for your partner. These people are willing to be bucin (slaves of love), by sending various foods for their idol.

How to win someone’s heart other than through sweet words and behavior, can be through food that is guaranteed to make your idol fall in love or love your partner even more.

Like what some of these couples did, by paying little attention to the action of sending food that successfully made netizens jealous. Starting from the action to the crush’s house, bring cooking oil to be accepted by the prospective in-laws.

Then there is also a debate about giving sweet martabak tips to couples, to the romantic action of a couple sending food when their crush borrows a laptop.

Here are some stories about couples sending food that make netizens envious.

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1. Sweet Martabak Edge

Sweet Martabak : Getty Images/iStockphoto/Dwi Endah P

A tweet appeared on Twitter, which said that a person’s love for their partner can be seen from their willingness to give the most delicious part of the food.

“If your partner gives you a sweet or moonlit martabak tip, then he is an exemplary partner,” wrote celebrity @ArditErwandh.

This tweet is accompanied by a photo of a sweet martabak topped with chocolate nuts. At the end of the martabak is given a red circle, containing pieces of martabak with the most crispy martabak skin texture.

Not without reason, Ardit calls people who give up the ends of this sweet martabak to their partners as exemplary partners. Because for many people, this cut is the most favorite in sweet martabak.

2. Food Packages from Gebetan

Valentine’s Day is used as an opportunity to show love to your partner and loved ones. Even small things like this manage to make singles jealous.

Like the story shared by one netizen on Twitter. Through the @convomf sharing account, the anonymous netizen shared the behavior of his crush that made him infatuated.

My laptop is broken, and tomorrow is the last day to submit a report. I borrowed a laptop from Mas Crush (my crush), and when I opened the bag, there was something like this. WE WILL CONTINUE THIS, OK?

In the photo upload, there is a red laptop. Filled with various chocolates, chocolate bread, chocolate biscuits, Oreos, to chocolate milk and strawberry milk.

3. Bribe oil to the crush

Oil Crisis, This Guy Brings Cooking Oil While Playing at Boyfriend's HouseOil Crisis, This Guy Brings Cooking Oil While Playing at Boyfriend’s House Photo: Twitter @FFess/Site

The price of cooking oil is expensive in the market, making this cooking oil a luxury item that many people are looking for. Not only hunted by mothers, who would have thought that cooking oil could also be a substitute for chocolate to martabak when visiting the house of your idol.

Like a unique photo shared by a Twitter user via the @FFoodfess account.

“Fess, it’s really funny that my sister’s crush brings cooking oil when I take her home,” he wrote. Complete with a photo of one liter of cooking oil, bubble tea and two chocolate bars.

In response to this, many netizens are jealous of their sister’s crush. According to them, cooking oil is now more important than other foods.

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