5 Cooking Moments of Aliyyah Kohl that are No Less Exciting than Sisca Kohl!


Sisca Kohl is known to have a younger brother who often participates in his video content. her name Aliyyah Kohl who apparently also has cooking video content on his TikTok.

The name Sisca Kohl is always a hot topic every time a new video appears. Because the idea of ​​video content that he uploads to TikTok is always a unique and horrendous concept.

Sometimes Sisca Kohl invites her sister named Aliyyah Kohl in her video content. Some time ago, Aliyyah was rarely seen from the video uploaded by Sisca. It turned out that because his sister was busy developing her video content on TikTok.

Through the TikTok account @aliyyah.kohl, it is known that the sister of Sisca Kohl also likes to upload cooking videos. Nykau from making toast, mentai salmon rice, to making wagyudon.

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Here are 5 exciting moments Aliyyah Kohl when cooking.

1. Toast

Aliyyah Kohl, Sisca Kohl’s sister who also creates fun cooking content Photo: TikTok @aliyyah.kohl

Aliyyah Kohl once uploaded a video tutorial on how to cook toast. This menu can be eaten as breakfast because it is not so difficult to make.

Aliyyah Kohl prepares 2 slices of white bread. Then the bread is dipped in a dough made of milk, egg, and milo powder. After that it is roasted on the pan until it is browned.

Then, stack the white bread with the filling of sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder. Aliyyah Kohl also added whipped cream dough. Delicious toast for breakfast can be enjoyed immediately.

2. Corn Snack

Aliyyah Kohl, Sisca Kohl's sister who also creates fun cooking contentAliyyah Kohl, Sisca Kohl’s sister who also creates fun cooking content Photo: TikTok @aliyyah.kohl

Not only the breakfast menu, Aliyyah Kohl is also good at cooking snacks. In the video, Aliyyah says that she only uses 4 ingredients, namely sweet corn, eggs, cornstarch, and cheese.

How to make this corn snack is also very easy. Sweet corn that has been shelled mixed with eggs and cornstarch. Once evenly mixed, heat the cornbread in a skillet and add the mozzarella cheese.

This delicious corn snack can be enjoyed immediately. Can also be cut like pizza and added with various sauces according to taste.

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