5 Charming Dieng Tours, Beautiful for Instagram Feeds


Travelers who like photography should visit the Dieng Plateau. There are many interesting spots in Dieng tourism that are beautiful to display on your Instagram feed.

Dieng tourism is hunted by many travelers because it offers destinations that cannot be seen in big cities, especially the natural beauty with refreshing cool air. That’s it, the scenery is beautiful too.

Here are 5 charming and beautiful Dieng travel recommendations to enter the Instagram feed:

1. Mount Prau

Calling Dieng tourism without the name Mount Prau is certainly incomplete. This 2,565 masl-high mountain has since the last few years become a tourism magnet for Dieng.

Many nature lovers and mountain climbers come here to enjoy the best panoramic beauty to enjoy the sunrise or sunrise in Southeast Asia. There are six official basecamps to climb to Mount Prau namely Dieng, Patakbanteng, Kalilembu, Dwarawati, Wates, and Igirmranak basecamps.

Sindoro Sumbing Panorama from Prau Peak Photo: (aldhyputra3/d’Traveler)

Of these basecamps, the hiking route via Patakbanteng is the most favorite. Because, the route of climbing Mount Prau via Patakbanteng is much shorter than other routes. In addition, the Patakbanteng route is closer to the peak of Mount Prau.

To climb Mount Prau via the Patak Banteng route, climbers only need about 2 to 2.5 hours. The distance traveled is quite short, about 4 kilometers. Guaranteed fun climbing Mount Prau!

2. Color Lake

Telaga Warna is one of the favorite destinations for tourists when visiting Dieng. In this lake, tourists can surround the lake through the existing path.

This lake is called Telaga Warna because of its unique natural phenomenon. The color of the water from this lake can change due to the high sulfur content. The color of the lake water can change to red, yellow, green or something else.

3. Wailing Wind Hill View

Bukit Pandang Ratapan Angin is a tourist attraction that is a pity to miss when visiting Dieng. The location is in Dieng Wetan Village, Kejajar District.

Bukit Pandang Ratapan Angin is located at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level, and is the best location to enjoy the panorama of Telaga Warna, as well as other lakes in Dieng.

4. Arjuna Temple Complex

Not only surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, Dieng also has a cultural heritage in the form of a temple complex. The temple area, which is named the Arjuna Temple complex, is known to be a relic of ancient Mataram which was built in the 8th century AD by the Sanjaya Dynasty.

5. Sikidang Crater

Sikidang Crater is located in the Dieng Plateau. Although in the form of a mountain crater, Sikidang Crater is not dangerous and becomes a tourist attraction.

In this Sikidang Crater area, visitors will see a large crater hole with billowing white smoke. You can see the hot mud erupting clearly.

Keep in mind to obey all the signs listed in the area near the crater. Do not light a fire or throw cigarette butts into the crater as this could trigger an explosion.


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