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5 Cafes with Natural Atmosphere in Bintaro that are Cool and Fun for Hanging Out


The Bintaro area is famous for its diverse presence nice cafe to hang out. Some of the concepts have a cool and beautiful natural atmosphere. Here’s the list!

Tired of hanging out in Jakarta? Just go to the Bintaro area which is not so far from Jakarta. The travel time ranges from 30-60 minutes to reach Bintaro.

Bintaro is also known as an area filled with good places to eat and fun hangouts. There are several cafes in Bintaro that carry the concept of a natural atmosphere. The nuance is cool and beautiful because there are lots of green plants as decoration.

Cafes with natural atmosphere that you can visit are located at several points in the Bintaro area. Such as Lot 9, Kebun Ide, to Levi’s Organic.

1. Lot 9

Natural Atmosphere Cafe in Bintaro that is Fun for Hanging Out Photo: Instagram @lot9resto

Lot 9 is not a new player in Bintaro. This cafe has been around for a long time in Bintaro as a place to unwind on the weekends near Jakarta. Besides being close, the atmosphere presented by Lot 9 is indeed suitable for relaxing.

Café this really carries the concept of nature with a large garden area. Ornamental plants that are in every corner of the cafe seem to soothe the eyes and mind. So, many visitors come not only to fill the stomach.

Besides being a fun place to hang out, Lot 9 also serves delicious food and drinks. There are various kinds of wedang to warm the body, coffee, and iced water. For food that can be ordered, there are oxtail soup, capcay, galangal chicken, and others.

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2. Garden Dapoer

A Cafe with Natural Atmosphere in Bintaro that is Fun for Hanging OutNatural Atmosphere Cafe in Bintaro that is Fun for Hanging Out Photo: Instagram @dapoerkebun.bintaro

No less green than Lot 9, this cafe called Dapoer Kebun also carries the concept of a natural atmosphere. From the name, it is also known that this cafe has a large garden.

In addition to a comfortable indoor area, the outdoor area of ​​this Dapoer Kebun cafe is very spacious. You can sit back and relax on the chairs provided or on a picnic-style lesehan.

The dishes offered are varied, ranging from Indonesian, Asian and Western food. There are various menus of coffee, fresh juice, soto betawi, tape krispi, to various pastas.

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