5 Best Camping Places in Bromo via Pasuruan


Mount Bromo has so many destinations. If you visit Bromo via Pasuruan, try camping here.

So, there is no harm in stopping by natural tourist attractions in the Puspo and Tosari areas. Along this route, there are tourist destinations including Red Flower, Bromo Nature, Bromo Forest, Eco Coffee, to Podokoyo Campground.

These locations provide camping ground with beautiful natural scenery. Visitors can camp and stay at this place before going to Bromo or after being satisfied with traveling in these international class destinations.

If you don’t stay overnight, visitors can simply enjoy eating and drinking in the middle of a cool forest. Here are 5 recommendations for instagramable camping sites on the slopes of Mount Bromo:

Red Flower campsite at Bromo (Photo: Muhajir Arifin/detikcom)

1. Red Flower

Red Flower is in Puspo, Pasuruan. The location is easy to reach because it is on the side of the road. This place provides a camping ground as well as camping equipment, including electricity to bonfires. This place also allows visitors to bring their own camping equipment.

If you want to enjoy the excitement of outbound, visitors will be invited to a village with a view of the pine forest. The manager also provides facilities if visitors want to learn to squeeze cow’s milk.

“So far, residents who are camping and outbound are residents from outside the city such as Surabaya, Sidoarjo and others. They generally want to enjoy the cool air,” said Widodo, the manager of Red Flower.

In this place there is also a photo spot with views of the hills and Mount Arjuno in the distance. Guaranteed to make your photos more beautiful!

5 recommended camping spots in BromoBromo Forest campsite (Photo: Muhajir Arifin/detikcom)

2. Bromo Forest

If you continue the vehicle further up towards Mount Bromo, visitors can try to come to Bromo Forest. Bromo Forest is located in Balaidono Village, Tosari District, Pasuruan. However, the location is easy to find because it is on the side of the road.

This place has a camping ground that is often visited by residents from outside the city. Visitors who want to camp must bring their own equipment. Because the manager does not provide a tent.

In addition to camping sites, the manager prepares various visitor needs, such as water and electricity. The scenery offered is in addition to the atmosphere of the hills and sunrise, as well as urban lights at night to panoramic views of the sea.

3. Eco Coffee

This place is also located in Balaidono Village, Tosari District, Pasuruan. The location is on the side of the road and easy to reach. This place provides a camping ground as well as a home stay. However, the manager does not provide camping equipment.

Just like other tourist attractions, what is relied on at Eco Kopi is also the cool natural atmosphere and the tranquility of the mountains. Many visitors to this place are also from out of town.

5 recommended camping spots in BromoBromo Nature campsite (Photo: Muhajir Arifin/detikcom)

4. Bromo Nature

Bromo Nature is located in the middle of a resident’s plantation in Balaidono Village, Tosari District, Pasuruan. This place also has a camping ground and prepares tents for visitors who want to stay overnight.

Even though it is located in the middle of a plantation, the camping ground facilities are quite complete. There are toilets, lights to restaurants. Visitors can walk around the plantation to pick vegetables. Here, visitors can enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

5. Camping Ground Podokoyo

Lastly, there is the Podokoyo Camping Ground which is also interesting to visit. Tosari sub-district head, Edy Prianto said the area was indeed suitable for camping ground tours. In addition to its natural beauty, the surrounding community is also friendly so that visitors can mingle comfortably.

“Camping ground tours are also available in Podokoyo Village. This tour also contains the concept of nature. The views offered are the same, namely the natural beauty from a height,” said Edy.


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