5 Beautiful Beaches in Mandalika


Jakarta -There are many interesting places to visit in Lombok, one of which is beach tourism. Here is a beautiful beach that you can visit while on vacation to Mandalika.

Of course the traveler already knows, one of the charms of Lombok is the beauty of the beach and the wealth of the sea. Well, here are some beautiful beaches that you can visit while on vacation to see MotoGP at Mandalika Lombok.

1. Fresh Beach

You could say this beach is still empty of visitors because not many people know. Here is really suitable for swimming, surfing, and watching the sunset. This beach is also located not far from Kuta Beach.

The beach location is about 7 km from the Mandalika Circuit. One of the things that makes this beach iconic is Bau Nyale, a tradition of looking for sea worms that residents believe is the incarnation of Putri Mandalika.

Seger Beach Lombok, which is directly adjacent to the Mandalika Circuit, is a special attraction as an eco sport tourism which is indeed sold and offered to guesthouses and wislok in Lombok NTB Photo: Rachman_punyaFOTO

2. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is not in Bali but it is in Lombok. This beach has clean white sand with coral reefs on the coastline adding to the dramatic waves crashing on Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach LombokKuta Beach Lombok Photo: Kuta Beach Lombok

3. Tanjung Aan Beach

The attraction of Tanjung Ann Beach is its white sandy beaches and clear sea water. Interestingly, this beach is surrounded by several hills which are quite crowded with tourists.

Just go up to Merese Hill which is phenomenal as one of the instagramable places in Lombok. Here the sunset view is charming. From the top of the hill you can also enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Ann Beach from a height.

BeachTanjung Aan Beach Photo: (Widiarto Dwi Pracoyo/d’Traveler)

4. Are Guling Beach

There are many hidden beaches in Lombok, one of which is Are Guling Beach. This beach is suitable for those who like beach sports such as surfing because this beach is one of the most challenging surfing areas in Lombok.

Around here are also many places to eat after tired of playing on the beach. This beach is located in Tumpak Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok.


5. Gerupuk Beach

This beach is located in Gerupuk Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok. This beach is suitable for those who like to surf because there are several points of waves that are challenging to conquer.

Here you can also relax on the white and soft sand. Want to enjoy the view? Climb up the small hill not far from the beach to see a wider stretch of beach. There is also a conservation center here to get to know marine life more deeply, you know.

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