4 Tips for Choosing Salted Eggs for Brebes Typical Souvenirs


Salted eggs are special souvenirs Brebes the most popular. When buying, pay attention to these tips to get good quality salted eggs.

After returning home, there must be many people who bring local specialties for those closest to them in Jakarta. For example, travelers from Brebes, Central Java, who make salted eggs as souvenirs.

For many people, salted eggs are a popular gift and the most suitable as gifts for family, friends and in-laws. If you stop at the Heritage 206 B rest area Banjaratma you will find many salted egg outlets.

From detik.com’s observation some time ago, every salted egg outlet in the Heritage rest area is always filled with visitors. They also choose one by one salted eggs in order to get quality ones.

To detikcom (20/04), Nur, as the owner of the Tip Top salted egg souvenir shop, said that there are several things that must be considered when choosing salted eggs. Here are some of these tips:

1. Pay attention to the color of the egg shell

Nur, owner of Salted Egg souvenir shop. Tip Top Photo: detikcom

The first thing to do is pay attention to the color of the egg shell. Nur suggests choosing salty ones whose shells are bright blue and not dull.

Avoid choosing salted eggs whose shells have black spots or spots. “If there are spots, it’s usually not fresh, it’s not good,” said Nur, who has been selling salted eggs for years.

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2. Choose Heavy

Furthermore, the owner of the Tip Top salted egg outlet said that choosing a quality salted egg can be tested by weight. These tips apply when ordering raw eggs or unboiled duck eggs.

“If it’s still raw, choose the heavy. If it’s still heavy, it’s a sign that it’s still fresh, usually it’s still 10 days old,” said Nur.

3. Check the Egg in Front of the Light

Tips for choosing salted eggsTips for choosing salted eggs can use light to see the position of the yolk Photo: detikcom

Tips for choosing salted eggs by checking eggs in front of the light was mentioned by the child of the salted egg souvenir shop owner Pak Roshid when met by detikcom at the Heritage 206 B rest area Banjaratma.

“You can check using a light or flashlight. That’s to see the position of the yolk. If the yolk is intact and doesn’t slide, that’s good. It looks like it’s flashed using a cellphone,” he said.

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4. Soak in Salt Water

The last tip that can be done is to soak salted eggs in salt water. Prepare a glass of water and a spoon of salt and then the sister until blended.

Then add salted eggs. If egg Salty sinking is a sign that the salted egg is still fresh. Vice versa, if the salted egg floats the sign is not fresh.

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