4 Kediri Tours for those of you who are brave, let’s try it!


Kediri offers the charm of natural beauty that is full of challenges. For those of you who claim to be brave, here are 4 Kediri tours that you can try. Dare not?

There are many Kediri tours. There is also a lot of nature that can be explored.

Here are 4 Kediri tours that are recommended for travelers:

1. Mount Kelud

Mount Kelud (Photo: Special)

The first Kediri tour, of course, is Mount Kelud. Travelers who love nature are really welcome if they want to try climbing this mountain. Mount Kelud is known as an active volcano.

According to the Volcanic Explosive Index, Mount Kelud has an eruption scale of 5 out of 8 levels, meaning that the eruption is very large. This mountain is classified as a stratovolcano, which means that it has an explosive eruption.

2. Ongakan Turtle Hill

Furthermore, there is Ongakan Turtle Hill which is located on the northern slope of Mount Kelud, precisely in Besowo Village, Kepung District, Kediri Regency, East Java.

This hill became a weekend place for local young people. The scenery is amazingly captivating and spoils the eyes because the hills are so large and wide. Her charm has been ensnared since walking in the pine forest.

Ongakan Turtle Hill in KediriOngakan Turtle Hill in Kediri Photo: Gema Bayu Samudra/d’Traveler

The location is quite far from the Kediri Regency Government. The distance is about 37 km with a travel time of less than 1.5 hours. If from English Village Pare is 24 km with a distance of 40 minutes.

The HTM fee (Entrance Ticket Price) is IDR 5,000, for motorbike parking a traveler only needs to spend IDR 3,000, while for car parking it is IDR 20,000. Visitors will also be charged Rp 2,500 to take pictures at the love tree.

3. River Tubing Jambu Village

Adrenaline challenging tourism is in the tourist village of Jambu, a tourist village located in Kayen Kidul District, Kediri, East Java. Here there is a river tubing ride, the name is Niagara River Tubing.

Guava Tourism VillageGuava Tourism Village Photo: (Jambu Tourism Village)

Travelers will be invited to walk along the Serinjing River for approximately 2 km. Later, along the way, you will find views of bamboo forests that are still very natural. At the end of the track, the traveler will slide on the dam as high as 20 meters with a slope of 45 degrees. It’s great!

4. Mystery Path

Finally, in Kediri there is a road called the Mystery street. As the name implies, the road in the Mount Kelud area leaves a mystery. On this 100 meter long road, motorbikes and cars can climb on their own when the engine is off.

Travelers can try for themselves the strangeness of this road. How to use a mineral water bottle. When placed, the bottle actually rolls down an uphill road, not a downhill one. Weird right?

Watch Videos”Mysterious Path Containing a Strong Magnetic Field at the Foot of Mount Kelud, Kediri
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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