4 Facts about Jiwangga Restaurant which is now abandoned and full of mystique


Originally a favorite culinary destination, now a restaurant soul in Yogyakarta closed and abandoned. That said, there are many mystical stories there.

Jiwangga Restaurant is now viral on social media, after being discussed by a YouTuber through the Sang Explore channel. In the video, he ventures into a restaurant that has been closed for a long time.

Seen in the video, the restaurant, which is located on Jalan Best No. 1, Purwomartani, Kalasan, Sleman, is overgrown with plants and towers.

The atmosphere was damp, all the layers of the walls and statues left there were covered with mold. The YouTuber said that he felt mystical while there.

“I’m here seeing black balls wandering around, oh my God. I have a really loud banging in my ears,” he says in the video.

Before being abandoned as it is now, this Jiwangga restaurant was known as a favorite restaurant in Yogyakarta with a delicious food menu.

Here are 5 facts about Jiwangga restaurant:

1. Carrying the Concept of the Ancient Majapahit Kingdom

Resto Jiwangga carries the concept of the ancient Majapahit kingdom Photo: Instagram @jiwanggaresto

Jiwangga Restaurant was founded in 2013 and started in 2017. This restaurant was built at a cost of around Rp. 15 billion.

This restaurant carries the concept of the ancient Majapahit kingdom. Quoted from several sources, restaurant owners want to represent the times where glory, enthusiasm and struggle were at work at that time.

The restaurant building is dominated by bricks and ornaments with Hindu nuances such as statues. There is a pavilion building made of joglo and ornaments made of wood carvings.

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2. Offering Nusantara Menu

Menu offered by the restaurant soul is a traditional menu and home cooking. The menus there seem to strengthen the atmosphere in the kingdom.

There are many menus available, ranging from meatball tripe, tofu dreadlocks, Javanese fried noodles, kangkung petis, Javanese noodles, rice langgi, tombok rice, mixed tofu and various seafood.

The price offered for the menu is also fairly affordable. Ranging from IDR 15,000 to IDR 110,000. With so many menus, this restaurant is dubbed the ‘culinary paradise’.

3. There are 4 Visitor Areas

Jiwangga restaurantJiwangga Resto has 4 visitor areas with different concepts. Photo: YouTube Sang Explore

This Jiwangga restaurant stands on an area of ​​approximately one hectare. So don’t be surprised if it has 4 areas for visitors with different concepts.

First, there is a pavilion called the Jiwangga Palace Hall which is in front of the restaurant. The building is in the form of an ancient palace-style joglo.

Then there is the terracotta or garden under the pavilion. The other two areas are at the eastern end of the restaurant which is often used as a photo spot for visitors.

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