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4 Extreme Grilled Meat Dishes, from Lizard to Grilled Crocodile!


Not beef or chicken, there are several types of grilled meat that are considered extreme. Although unusual, extreme grilled meat turns out to be a lot of fans.

Talking about grilled meat, people must be familiar with beef, mutton to grilled chicken. But in some countries, people actually prefer the exotic taste of extreme roasts.

Like grilled meat from a whole crocodile that turned out to be quite popular in America. Then there is also grilled lizard which is popular in Vietnam.

Here are 4 extreme grilled meat menus that are popular in several countries:

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1. Grilled Lizard

Lizard Roast Rice Bowl Photo: Site

Grilled lizards may still be on the list of extreme, strange, or unusual foods to eat. But in Vietnam, grilled lizard has become an everyday dish that is loved by many people.

One of them is the lizard which is processed into the main side dish for the rice bowl dish there. Lizards that have been cleaned and dried in the sun, roasted until crisp and then served on white rice.

This menu is quite popular and is usually eaten with vegetables to a slightly sour, fresh chili sauce as a complement. Besides being used as a rice bowl menu, chips from lizards are also popular in Vietnam.

2. Grilled Crocodile

Dishes made from crocodile meat are easy to find in South America. There are many dish creations made from reptiles. Such as crocodile nuggets, crocodile sausage, to crocodile cheesecake.

Like the extreme menu of the Black Sugar Rib Company restaurant in Los Angeles. They serve whole roasted crocodile. Based on information from the restaurant, Arnold Rodriguez, it takes 4-6 weeks to make the grilled crocodile.

This whole, cooked, roasted crocodile was exhibited at one of the food festival events there. Visitors can also taste the grilled crocodile meat for free if they buy the Black Sugar Regular BBQ.

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