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3 Ways to Store Coffee So that the Taste and Aroma Lasts


Coffee it will be delicious if the aroma and taste do not change. To stay durable, coffee must be stored properly. Here are tips on how to store coffee.

Coffee is a type of drink that is very popular. This black drink that tastes bitter can also be healthy for the body if it is consumed properly.

There are many coffee lovers in the world. They will not miss drinking coffee, even if only for a day. Usually they also keep coffee for stock at home.

Good coffee usually has an unchanging aroma and taste. The smell is strong and the taste is bitter.

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Reported from Insider (15/3), there are several coffee saving tips in order to preserve the taste and aroma.

1. Keep In Original Packaging

How to Store Coffee the Right Way to Last Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Coffee usually packaged using paper bags, zip lock plastic, or cans so that the quality is maintained. Because it is important to store coffee beans in the right packaging to help avoid degassing and oxidation processes that can cause aroma and taste to change.

Therefore, the best way to store coffee is in its original packaging. “Many coffee packages are designed with one-way valves that allow carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen from entering,” says coffee expert Gaultieri.

“Keep the coffee sealed in a paper bag, until you’re ready to drink it,” he continued.

If the original coffee packaging didn’t have a degassing valve or you prefer to transfer your coffee beans to another container, pay attention to the right container. Be sure to use an airtight container such as a container.

2. Keep Coffee from Heat and Humidity

Other factors that can spoil the aroma and taste of coffee are heat and humidity. Some people keep coffee on the kitchen table, but this method is wrong because it is located close to the stove. Stoves used when cooking can generate a certain amount of moisture and increase the temperature.

“You should store it in a cool, dry place, as even a slight increase in temperature can have a dramatic effect on the rate of degassing,” says Gaultieri. “Moisture also increases the chemical and physical changes in coffee,” he continued.

Coffee stored in a humid environment and elevated temperatures can give off unwanted changes in taste. Like sour and the aroma becomes rancid.

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