3 Ideas for Self Healing Places in Singapore, Make You More Relaxed!


Dense work is prone to trigger burnout, or excessive fatigue conditions. According to experts, there are other factors behind someone experiencing burnout. The most common are stress and depression.

If you experience stress or burnout, don’t let it go because it can interfere with your activities. Especially in times like today’s health must really be maintained. When stress strikes, there’s nothing wrong with scheduling a vacation to get rid of boredom and fatigue.

You don’t have to go far, you can go to neighboring countries like Singapore. Moreover, in Singapore you don’t just enjoy sightseeing, but you can also heal by doing meditation. Launching various sources, here are recommendations for meditation tours to calm the soul and mind.

1. The Singing Bowl Gallery

Photo: Instagram.com/singingbowl

Tired and need peace? You should try one of the powerful meditation therapies at The Singing Bowl Gallery. For those who don’t know, singing bowl is a therapy that uses sound waves, and is often used for meditation.

It is known, the sound and vibrations produced by the Himalayan singing bowl are able to reach the deepest side of the body, so that it can restore the balance of the cells in it. This therapy is not only good for health, but is also believed to have a calming effect. It can also help relieve pain and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and boost the immune system.

The Singing Bowl Gallery is located at 160 Robinson Road, 04-12 SBF Centre, Singapore. Sound bath sessions are held every day from Monday to Sunday. You can check the detailed schedule here.

2. Urban Yogis @Botanic Gardens

Interested in exploring yoga, then Urban Yogis must be included in the wishlist when visiting Singapore. Urban Yogis is actually a yoga community that actively organizes classes, workshops and masterclasses.

To join, you don’t have to be a member first. But you can directly choose an outdoor class session at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This urban meditation class is held twice a week, on weekends. On Saturdays, classes are held at 08.00 in the morning, while on Sundays at 06.00 in the afternoon.

For those who don’t know, the Singapore Botanic Garden is the first UNESCO world heritage site in Singapore. This place is home to a collection of 60,000 plants, and is located in the city center. Suitable for jogging activities or relaxing picnics with family, friends, or pets.

3. Jal Yoga

Self Healing Places in SingaporePhoto: Instagram.com/jalyogasg

If the stressful conditions you are experiencing are quite disturbing, there is nothing wrong with trying to join a session held by Jal Yoga. This yoga studio is spread across several points in Singapore, including 456 Alexandra Rd, 30 Woodlands Ave 1, and 213 Upper Thomson Rd.

One of the popular sessions is infrared heat yoga. Jal Yoga is the only studio in Singapore that offers this class. Unlike hot yoga, infrared heat yoga does not trigger dehydration, instead it provides a fresh sensation and improves sleep quality. The benefits of infrared heat yoga include reducing stress, relieving pain, making the face softer, and helping to lose weight.

Those were 3 places for meditation and yoga to visit while on vacation in Singapore. Suitable for those of you who want to refresh your mind while looking for peace, so that you are more refreshed when you return to work.

Self Healing Places in SingaporePhoto: doc. Singapore Tourism Board

What are you waiting for, let’s immediately plan your vacation to Singapore to experience a different urban wellness experience! With a variety of wellness activities that you can try, Singapore is a haven for mental and emotional health. Practice mindfulness and relieve anxiety in the heart of this city on the go. Come on, relive the dream of vacationing and relaxing in Singapore! Plan your vacation through Travel Partner Antavaya, collaborate with the Singapore Tourism Board, and get the best deals!

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