3 Cool Places in South Tangerang for an Exciting Long Weekend

South Tangerang

For those of you who are confused about filling the long weekend, you can go to South Tangerang. Many interesting places that can be visited with family, can be an alternative to Puncak.

detikcom has summarized interesting places that you can visit with your family to fill a long weekend in South Tangerang. Come on, don’t forget the health protocol, okay?

1. Ganespha Educational Park

Those of you who live in Greater and want to relax playing water rides in the lake, try coming to South Tangerang. Precisely to the Ganespha Educational Park in Pamulang, Ciputat. This park is right at the Seven Estuary Situ.

In addition to hanging out, a traveler can try to go around the lake by canoe, canoe, or have fun with a paddle board. The price offered is also affordable. As for the price, it goes up for one route, which is Rp. 30 thousand (for three people).

Ganespha Educational Park Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

There are also culinary snacks that can accompany you there. There is a variety of processed bread, cold drinks, to chicken rice. Usually on weekends there is live music accompanying travelers who come.

There are tables and benches that travelers can use to enjoy the lakeside atmosphere. or those who want to sit together, there is also a place.

2. Lush Conservation Village

The Lush Conservation Village is located at Jalan Haji Jamat no 11, Ciater, Serpong, South Tangerang City. As the name implies, here is an educational place so that visitors can learn about plants.

Interestingly, the place that used to focus on camping ground and outbound has shifted the concept of a semi-outdoor cafe and restaurant. The owner designed the atmosphere to be so comfortable and of course contemporary to be photographed.

Lush Conservation VillageLush Conservation Village Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

The Lush Conservation Village is designed for families who want to relax. They have a variety of food and drink menus that can be enjoyed while enjoying the beautiful garden atmosphere. There is also a mini playground for children, a variety of ornamental plants, vegetables, live music and a conservation area.

While here you will find a cool atmosphere because the area is filled with various plants. Also here are benches and tables that guests can choose from.

About the food is also quite diverse. If a traveler wants to have lunch, they have a variety of processed carp, chicken, noodles and fried rice. for drinks there are also a variety of fresh juices, cold drinks and various coffees to accompany your relaxing. The prices for food and drinks here are also affordable, starting from IDR 5,000 for drinks and IDR 20 thousand for food.

3. Bi Coffee

Those of you who are looking for a place to gather with family with a cool atmosphere and have an outdoor area, just come to this coffee shop. Her name is Bi Coffee. The location is at Jalan Sukabakti 1 no 5, Ciputat, South Tangerang.

This shop area is quite spacious with many choices of benches. Come two, five, or a family available table options. In addition, you can also choose to sit indoors or outdoors, you know.

Even though this is a coffee shop, they don’t just serve coffee choices. A variety of drinks and food can also be enjoyed here. They also have several choices of desserts to accompany your chat.

Bi Coffee in South TangerangBi Coffee in South Tangerang Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Here, this is interesting for travelers who come with family. Bi Coffee has a fish pond with dozens of goldfish in it. Ranging from small to large fish swim to and fro in the pond.

You can also feed the fish with the pellets provided at the cashier. The price is IDR 10 thousand for 1 small bag of pellets.

Can you imagine the excitement of feeding the fish and seeing the fish gather scrambling near us? Seriously, this is so much fun! If children say slang now, it’s really ‘healing’ to see colorful fish near us.

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