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Pin by J on kawaii Cute animals, Happy hedgehog, HedgehogPin by J on kawaii Cute animals, Happy hedgehog, HedgehogPin by J on kawaii Cute animals, Happy hedgehog, Hedgehog from www.pinterest.com

Isn’t this little pink hedgehog super cute? Print them all for free. It can be enjoyed by small children and older fans alike.

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PIPS Changes to i-PRO, Ready to Provide Innovative Security Product Solutions

MANUFACTURER of security devices, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions (PIPS) officially changed its name to i-PRO and announced the formation of a new company in the Asia Pacific Region called i-PRO APAC, which will be headquartered in Singapore from April 1, 2022.

The global expansion of i-PRO itself will cover the Asia Pacific (APAC) and Oceania markets. With this establishment, the i-PRO entity now covers most of the global markets including America, EMEA, Japan and Asia Pacific.

PIPS is a separate business from Panasonic Corporation, and has incorporated the “i-PRO” network camera (CCTV) brand into the company name, while retaining the Panasonic brand identification along with the i-PRO logo and branding.

With the presence of the new i-PRO brand, the company’s efforts to innovate technological products that have been developed for more than 60 years by Panasonic, in order to produce high-quality products for consumers around the world.

Masami Eguchi, Vice President Head of Security & Safety Global i-PRO Masami Eguchi said, “With the new brand, the company will continue to develop and provide products that combine various innovations to customers.

“Moreover, as an independent company, i-PRO will always be faster to adapt and react to market needs from the security industry by being more flexible, dynamic and bold,” he said.

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Eguchi added, i-PRO is very open in expanding its network of cooperation to related sectors around the world, to provide superior and high value products as the implementation of the concept of “The Power of Truth”.

“Because of this, we make products that can be used in high security systems in cities as well as building surveillance, logistics, industry, and transportation,” he said.

President Director of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Tomonobu Otsu added, i-PRO, which is a new brand for CCTV manufacturers with AI technology, is committed to providing security solutions for global consumers, especially in Indonesia.

“Through the latest innovations, i-PRO makes it easy by providing a variety of security solutions, because we are aware that maintaining security is a top priority in any business. We also believe that this latest technology can bring the latest standards in the security sector in Indonesia,” he said. .

Even though the brand has changed from Panasonic to i-PRO, for marketing, distribution and other matters related to CCTV i-PRO products in the territory of Indonesia, PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia is still handling it. (RO/OL-7)

Dibujos De Kawaii Faciles

Dibujos De Kawaii Faciles. También es un modo de dibujo ideal para adultos que se consideran muy malos dibujantes, pues el estilo kawaii les ayuda a aprender a dibujar gracias a sus formas sencillas y rápidas. Son redondeadas u ovaladas, cuadradas o rectangulares, ya que la esencia de los dibujos kawaii esta en su simplicidad.cualquier dibujo kawaii, podrás comenzarlo utilizando como base una forma geométrica y a partir de hay seguir haciéndole los detalles como orejas,.

COMO DIBUJAR CERDITO KAWAII PASO A PASO Dibujos kawaii from www.youtube.com

Colorear y pintar dibujos kawaii en línea o para imprimir es la demostración más fehaciente de la personalidad ya que el niño o niña se vuelven creadores mientras juegan con los distintos colores, dando vida a los hermosos dibujos fáciles kawaii gratis y en línea que hemos diseñado para ellos. El mundo kawaii no solo es de personas o animales (muy tiernos por cierto), sino también de cosas. Eso sí, si buscas algunas caritas kawaii.

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These 7 Bad Habits When Cooking Must Be Left


As it looks easy, in fact cooking requires special techniques that are often wrong. There is a habit-bad habits when cooking is done a lot and should be abandoned immediately.

For some people who do it often, cooking may sound quite easy. Meanwhile, others who are not used to it will think that cooking is a complicated and troublesome activity.

It turns out that cooking is not just about processing food ingredients with spices and then cooking them until they are cooked. To get the perfect dish, there are many things that need to be done, from ingredients to processing techniques.

Even though they have often cooked, it turns out that many people still make mistakes and mistakes that should not be made in the kitchen. If these mistakes are made, the results will actually make the cooking results not optimal.

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Here’s 7 bad habits when to stop cooking according to Buzzfeed (18/3):

If you expect the patty to cook faster and cook evenly, pressing the patty on the burger will actually make it dry and tough. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/shironosov

1. Pressing burger patty

When making burgers all the fillings that need to be heated will be cooked first. Whether it’s done at home or at a burger shop, it turns out that many people still have the bad habit of cooking a burger patty or stuffing.

Pressing the patty or burger meat will make the natural liquid (juice) from the meat come out and run out as it cooks. The result is that the burger meat that will be served later becomes hard, dry and does not taste optimal.

2. Too many onions

When cooking, many people prefer to use a lot of spices because they feel it will produce healthier food. In fact, using too much seasoning will only waste kitchen spices.

Especially when using garlic, adding too much of it will only spoil the taste of the food it should be. The garlic taste is strong enough to be very distracting and overpower the flavors of other spices.

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Niñas Kawaii Unicornio

Niñas Kawaii Unicornio. Tenemos la mayor coleccion de dibujos kawaii para colorear, descargar o imprimir. Encuentra el vestido de unicornio perfecto para tu niña en nuestra colección de.

Unicornios Niñas Dibujos Animados Unicornios Niñas FondosUnicornios Niñas Dibujos Animados Unicornios Niñas FondosUnicornios Niñas Dibujos Animados Unicornios Niñas Fondos from www.walpa.co

🌈 temas de unicornios súper lindos 2019! Acogedoras y cómodas, estas zapatillas de unicornio mantendrán tus pies calientes con un perfecto estilo kawaii. Dibujo kawaii fácil de unicornio para imprimir y colorear.

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Kawaii Flip Flops

Kawaii Flip Flops. Shop for cute kawaii products. Yellow panda print youth swimsuit $ 32.99.

Zodaca Cute Pear Flip Flops, Home Slides Slippers from www.walmart.com

Rubber💗the sole is very soft, waterproof 💗you can wear it at home or outside!. Searching for the best kawaii flip flops online shop. Shop kawaii flip flops from cafepress.

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Dessin Pour Papa Kawaii

Dessin Pour Papa Kawaii. Voir plus didées sur le thème dessins marvel, fond décran téléphone, dessin de super héros. À dessiner un père noël facilementsabonner:

Dessin Kawaii Pour La Fête Des Pères from busterhero.web.app

Voir plus didées sur le thème dessin, dessin pour papa, dessins disney. Voici des contenus spécialement réservés aux papas. 100 top idées tutos de dessins de noël dessin pere noel facile, dessin noel.

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Facebook Meta Owner Hire Consultant To Create TikTok Attack Campaign

Facebook’s OWNER, Meta, hired a consulting firm to carry out a campaign that denigrated rival TikTok. This is according to a Washington Post report on Wednesday (31/3), which was partially confirmed by AFP.

The campaign reportedly included placing posts in US headlines and promoting negative stories about TikTok. He allegedly used the kind of tough tactics familiar with Washington politics.

Meta, which lost hundreds of billions in value earlier this year due to doubts about its future, is in a fierce battle against the video-sharing platform popular with young social media fans. “We believe all platforms, including TikTok, should face a level of scrutiny consistent with their growing success,” Meta told AFP in a one-line statement in response to the article.

The consulting firm, Targeted Victory, confirmed it had worked for Meta and did not deny it had submitted negative information about TikTok. “We are proud of the work we have done to highlight the dangers of TikTok,” tweeted the company’s CEO Zac Moffatt.

Employees at Targeted Victory work to undermine TikTok, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance. They promoted the effort by portraying TikTok as a danger to America’s children, the Post reported, citing internal company emails.

The Post cites one message that says Targeted Victory needs to convey the message that while Meta is like a punching bag nowadays. “TikTok poses a real threat especially as the #1 foreign-owned app for sharing data that young teens use.”

One of the reported attempts included getting parents to sign a letter expressing concern that was sent to a US newspaper. Some of the newspapers published it.

Targeted Victory also warned elected officials and journalists about the alleged trend on TikTok that encourages students to damage their school environment, known as the ‘devious licks’ or ‘slap a teacher’ challenge. The challenge urging young users to attack teachers didn’t start on TikTok, but on Facebook. This is according to an investigation by the Reply All podcast. But investigators couldn’t find any videos on this topic on TikTok.

“We are deeply concerned that the retention of local media reports about alleged undiscovered trends on the platform could cause real-world damage,” TikTok told AFP in a statement.

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Moffatt, CEO of Targeted Victory, also argued the Post article “misrepresented the work we do,” citing examples including the characterization of people signing letters sent to newspapers. (AFP/OL-14)

These 4 Mistakes When Cooking Instant Noodles That Are Often Done


Instant noodles, one of the practical foods that many people like. Although it is easy to make, many people still often make mistakes when cooking instant noodles.

The delicacy of instant noodles is undeniable. Instant noodles have always been a mainstay to eat because they are cheap and practical to make. The process of cooking instant noodles is not complicated, it can be boiled with boiling water or brewed with hot water for cup packaging.

Instant noodles can be enjoyed immediately because they are equipped with spices, but if you want something more special, you can add additional spices to interesting toppings.

Although the process of making it is very easy, there are still people who make mistakes when cooking instant noodles. As reported by Mashed (28/3), about 4 mistakes in cooking instant noodles often occur. Starting from choosing the wrong type of instant noodles to serving it.

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Here are 4 mistakes when cooking instant noodles.

1. Wrong Purchase of Instant Noodles

Instant Noodle Heaven at KKV Central Park, West Photo: detikFood / Yenny Mustika Sari

Before cooking it, buy instant noodles First of all, it’s normal if you don’t have stock at home. There are various types of instant noodles on the market, some are served dry and in soup.

In choosing instant noodles, there are also several things to consider. Don’t just buy it because the price of instant noodles is cheap, but also consider the taste and quality.

Choose the instant noodle variant that you like, to make it more delicious when eating it. The quality of the good noodles can also be considered. Because the most delicious instant noodles are chewy texture and not easily mushy.

2. No Adding Additional Seasoning

Many people cook instant noodles with spices that are already available in the package. This method is considered normal and should no longer be done. Many people are recommended to add additional spices to make instant noodle concoction more delicious.

Citing Mashed, some examples of spices that can be added are miso paste, fish sauce, peanut butter, lemon juice, sesame oil, and vinegar. This additional seasoning will enrich the taste of your instant noodles.

Recently, many ramen creations have appeared with additional spices that were previously rarely added. A case of instant fried noodles with the addition of roasted sesame variant salad dressing, some add chopped garlic, to milk.

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Watch Videos “The Unique Matcha Kuah Ramen in Ramen For The Soul
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

Estuches Escolares Kawaii

Estuches Escolares Kawaii. Estuche doble cierre para transportar tus útiles escolares. ¿porque comprar estuches kawaii en nuestra tienda online?

¡Nuevo! estuche para lápices kawaii de gran capacidad¡Nuevo! estuche para lápices kawaii de gran capacidad¡Nuevo! estuche para lápices kawaii de gran capacidad from www.pinterest.com

Scrox 1 pieza estuches escolares de chicas lindo gato estuches kawaii pu bolsa de lápices gran capacidad plumas estuche cremalleras (estilo b) Así pues, estos son los tipos de estuches y lápices de colores. Ver más ideas sobre cartucheras escolares, cartucheras, estuche.

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