Cool! This Couple Builds Their Own Cafe in the Middle of the Village


Due to the pandemic, the couple was forced to switch professions. They succeeded in building a beautiful simple cafe in the middle of the village.

Usually, modern cafes always target locations or places that are crowded with people. Like in the city center, or in a shopping center. In contrast to a couple from Malaysia named Syafiq and Afiqah, who decided to build their own cafe in the middle of a village in Negeri Sembilan.

Reporting from SAYS (24/02), this couple is one of the people affected by the pandemic so it is difficult to find work. Finally the two agreed to build a small cafe called Aqoffee.

To minimize expenses, it was Syafiq and Afiqah who built their small cafe. Starting from installing the poles, coloring the walls to designing a small room where they make coffee. They set up this cafe in a homestay or rest area called Rain Village.

Both of them were also assisted by Syafiq’s brother for the process of building this cafe. Initially this cafe also encountered many obstacles, such as in the month of Ramadan last year where their sales were quite low, because most visitors were looking for fresh drinks instead of coffee.

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This cafe was also hit by a flood, but Syafiq and Afiqah did not give up. They keep reopening the cafe.

“I think the specialty of this cafe is that we built this small cafe together. Maybe it is small, but we are very proud,” said Syafiq.

Cool! This Couple Builds Their Own Cafe in the Middle of a Village Photo: SAYS

This cafe sells some trendy drinks. Such as Caramel Macchiato, Matcha Latte, and Ice Chocolate. Then there are also classic coffee menus such as latte, flat white to black coffee.

Not only selling coffee, the two of them plan to develop this cafe into a restaurant. They plan to build an open kitchen, where visitors can eat pasta to various cakes while drinking coffee.

“For future plans, we plan to open branches in several locations. Maybe in the Klang Valley and Penang areas,” concluded Syafiq.

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Waterboom Taman Cinta, a Fresh Water Playground in Singkawang


Singkawang turns out to have a water boom, the name is Taman Cinta. There is a separate story why the name was chosen by the owner. Curious about the story? Come on!

Singkawang not only has a monastery, but there is also a water park. Waterboom Taman Cinta, as Singkawang residents know this destination. The location is on Jalan Raya Pajintan, East Singkawang, Singkawang.

detikTravel visited Taman Cinta some time ago and took the time to chat with the owner, Sento Tanoro. Several years ago, Sento never thought of making a Garden of Love. It all started by accident.

“Initially there was no swimming pool here. In the past, there were still ex-mining pits, lakes. There is no land here. But in the end, we slowly woke up,” said Sento to detikTravel.

Until 2016, Taman Cinta started its soft opening. At that time it was not like it is now. There is even a part of the swimming pool that has not been completed, but visitors have started to arrive.

Waterboom Taman Cinta Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Right in March 2017, this destination was finally inaugurated by the Mayor of Singkawang at that time. When Taman Cinta opened, visitors would queue up and cause traffic jams.

But that was then. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the number of visitors has decreased dramatically. But now the situation has started to improve.

“We closed for one month in 2021. The decline is up to 70%, only 30% is left. Now it has started to increase Saturday-Sunday to 400-500 people,” said Sento

Love Park WaterboomWaterboom Taman Cinta Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Besides having a swimming pool, Taman Cinta also provides lodging. For those who stay here, they can swim at will in the existing swimming pool. Per night, the room rental price is only IDR 400 thousand.

Regarding the name Taman Cinta, Sento admitted that he did not give it that name. Initially, this destination was only known as Gunung Poteng Waterboom because of its location close to Mount Poteng.

Love Park WaterboomSento Tanoro Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

The one who gave the name Taman Cinta, according to Sento, was Singkawang culturalist, Norman Bong. At that time, he uploaded a photo of this waterboom on his Facebook and called the place the Garden of Love.

Since then, this waterboom has been named Waterboom Taman Cinta. In addition, according to Sento’s story, there used to be an employee who took the initiative to create a garden with the symbol of love. At first there was one, then there was a pair. Therefore it is called the Garden of Love.

“But believe it or not, an employee who has worked here, if he is a widow, he will have a mate, you know. This is true,” Sento joked.

Sento, who used to run a sewing machine business in Jakarta, has now settled in Singkawang and is taking care of the water boom he made. As a local man, he built this tourist destination to advance his hometown.

Travelers who want to swim and travel in Taman Cinta, the entry ticket price is IDR 40,000 per person. This waterboom is open from 07.00 am to 18.00 WIB.

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Caucasians Taste Gacoan Noodles, End Up Crying and Headache from Spicy!


Mie Gacoan is going viral because it serves spicy noodles with various levels. This attracted the interest of Dutch Caucasians to try it. It turned out that his spicy reaction made him cry and have a headache!

Recently, Mie Gacoan has gone viral on social media because of the high public interest in trying it. This noodle shop from Yogyakarta has just opened branches in Karawang and Depok. The line immediately snaking so many people are curious.

Previously Gacoan Noodles already present in several locations in Indonesia, including in Bali. The outlets are in the West Teuku Umar, Pakerisan, and Renon areas.

The presence of Mie Gacoan as a pioneer of spicy noodles in Indonesia apparently attracted the attention of a Dutch foreigner named Susan. The figure behind the Gypsy in Sneakers YouTube account tasted Mie Gacoan with two of his friends, Jill and Milan (16/1/2022) while in Bali.

They tasted 3 noodle menus here, namely Mie Angel which is not spicy, Mie Setan with spicy salty taste, and Mie Devil with extreme spicy taste. Noodles can be ordered in spiciness level 1-8.

Susan ordered Angel Noodles, Demon Noodles level 1 and 3, and Devil Noodles level 6. She who really can’t eat spicy ventured to try spicy noodle dishes here. Their total meal was only Rp. 83 thousand.

Angel noodles called Susan have a good taste and are not spicy at all. Photo: YouTube Gypsy in Sneakers

Starting from Mie Angel which is not spicy at all, Susan said it was ‘safe’ and delicious. Moreover, this noodle also comes with minced chicken and chicken dumplings. Jill also likes these noodles for their strong garlic flavour.

Continuing to level 1 Demon Noodles, Susan already smelled a pungent spicy aroma when she stirred it. Regarding the taste, he immediately said, “It’s very spicy! Even though it’s only level 1. Was this mixed up?” he said.

Susan continued to venture out to taste Mie Setan. He ended up grimacing until he said, “I’m going to die! It was delicious at first, but then it got spicy.” So spicy, his lips until red.

On Devil’s Noodle level 3, it looks like more chili sauce. Susan, Milan, and Jill were so scared to eat it. “I love the taste, but oh my gosh. It’s delicious but very spicy,” said Susan after eating it. “It hurts so much,” Jill said.

Caucasians Taste Gacoan Noodles, End Up Crying and Headache from Spicy!Susan cried after tasting the level 3 Demon Noodles because she couldn’t stand the spicy taste. Photo: YouTube Gypsy in Sneakers

Not long after, Susan suddenly burst into tears from the spiciness. “I’m going to die and be in a lot of pain right now,” he said. He kept sipping drinks and said he needed a 5 minute break before eating again.

“I need a 5-minute break because there’s a strange feeling in my head up here,” he said. Her lips are also getting red and swollen.

Lastly, Susan and her friends tasted level 6 Demon Noodles. The sambal was very abundant. They ventured to stir all the chili sauce with the noodles until evenly distributed.

Caucasians Taste Gacoan Noodles, End Up Crying and Headache from Spicy!Mie Devil level 6 looks scary with a lot of chili sauce. Photo: YouTube Gypsy in Sneakers

How do you feel? Well, at first they didn’t feel spicy, but after a while the spicy taste ‘attacked’. “This is why it’s called Devil’s Noodle, the spicy taste comes later,” said Susan. He felt pain because of the spicy taste.

“I don’t know what to do. Gosh I’m critical and stressed. I don’t want to touch him again. This isn’t very good,” Susan said as she finished her drink. He also had a headache.

At the end of the video, Susan said that she had to rate the Demon Noodle dish from Gacoan Noodles, it will give a value of -10. “Because I’m hurt. My feelings are hurt, my lips are hurt, my head hurts,” he concluded with a laugh.

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It’s fun to have coffee while looking at the classic car collection here


The city of Sukabumi never seems to run out of interesting hangout places to visit. One of them is Dapoer Kafa on Jalan Sindangsari, Lembursitu District, Sukabumi City.

At first glance, Dapoer Kafa is no different from a cafe in general. This coffee shop in Sukabumi serves food and coffee drinks for visitors. However, if observed this place has its own charm for visitors who come.

Dapoer Kafa presents the experience of eating and drinking coffee with family or friends with a view of the car and a classic (vintage) atmosphere.

Lines of classic cars such as Volkswagen and Land Rover welcome visitors. The interior design is also made classic with additional accessories such as old televisions, cameras to ontel bicycles.

Dapoer Kafa in Sukabumi is not only a place for coffee but also a place to watch antique cars. (Siti Fatimah/detikcom)

The owner of Dapoer Kafa, Indra Purba Safarandhani, said that the initial idea to create this vintage-themed cafe stemmed from his and his brother’s passion for collecting classic vehicles. Started as a food truck, eventually developed into a cafe.

“Incidentally, my brother and I were initially happy with old school cars. Coincidentally, my sister also likes classic vehicles, but also likes classic things like bicycles, cameras and others at home, so in the end, let’s just make a place to eat the concept vintage,” said Indra when met moments ago.

He said, all classic goods and vehicles in Dapoe Kafa are private collections. Every now and then, he deliberately buys classics in Semarang, Central Java.

“Initially, it was from a personal (collection) first, only because there was already a place and finally added to the collection,” he said.

This cafe, which opened in 2019, has attracted a lot of interest from millennials. In fact, some officials even visited to just enjoy coffee and chat.

Dapoer Kafa in Sukabumi is not only a place for coffee but also a place to watch antique cars.Dapoer Kafa in Sukabumi is not only a place for coffee but also a place to watch antique cars. (Siti Fatimah/detikcom)

“The Deputy Mayor, Head of West Java Tourism Office was here. Incidentally, we also play in tourism, so we are connected,” he said.

Their current mainstay menu is coffee lychee with a blend of Sukabumi coffee beans and the fresh taste of lychee fruit. Then in terms of heavy food, there are tom yum and contemporary riceballs.

The price is very affordable, starting from Rp. 15 thousand to Rp. 30 thousand. The facilities there are also quite complete, there are prayer rooms, toilets, and parking lots. Dapoer Kafa is open every day from 14.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB.

Interested in visiting? Don’t forget the health protocol, OK!

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Horror! This woman is terrorized by a food delivery person who wants to meet


Ordering food certainly involves food delivery person. After ordering food online, this woman was constantly harassed by the food delivery guy who insisted on getting acquainted.

Ordering food online involves several parties in it. Starting from customers, restaurants to food delivery men who are responsible for delivering food in one piece.

The relationship between the customer and the food delivery person should be complete when the food is safely received. Giving an in-app rating or even a kind customer giving a tip can also be fun for a food delivery guy.

But this woman had an unpleasant experience. He was constantly terrorized by the food delivery man after ordering breakfast online.

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Ordering food for breakfast online, this woman shares her unpleasant story. Photo: NY Post

Citing the New York Post (22/2), a woman who works as a nurse has just finished her shift for more than 12 hours. Feeling hungry but still not having much time, Justine decides to order food online.

Bought some food from McDonald’s online, Justine used UberEats to deliver her breakfast menu. It turned out to be a message from food delivery personIt didn’t stop until Justine took her order.

Through a TikTok video upload, Justine shared her experience of being terrorized by a food delivery person. Through text messages, the food delivery guy repeatedly asked about Justine’s life and seemed eager to get acquainted.

Justine, who was annoyed, also revealed that her cell phone number could be called many times by the food delivery man with the number of cell phones that kept changing. In fact, it is not uncommon for him to receive the message “I want to sleep first” from the food delivery man.

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Horror!  This woman is terrorized by a food delivery person who wants to meetThe food delivery man who delivered his food didn’t stop terrorizing him and forced him to get acquainted. Photo: NY Post

In her upload Justine displays in full the conversation between herself and the food delivery man. Justine was asked if she was single, had a boyfriend or even married?

Answering the question was enough to make him uncomfortable, Justin chose to lie and said he already had a girlfriend. This is so that the food delivery person stops bothering him. It turned out that Justine’s confession that she was dating was not welcomed.

The food delivery guy still bothered him and he was often caught near Justine’s house. Justine is getting more and more scared because the food delivery guy is getting more and more scary.

Seeing Justine’s TikTok upload, many netizens are also afraid of Justine’s safety. Almost everyone who saw the post advised Justine to report it food delivery person to UberEats or even the authorities so that they are immediately secured.

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At Binasi Beach, the Sunset is Different Every Day

Middle Tapanuli

The coastline in Central Tapanuli has not been mentioned by many people. But apparently, the west coast of Indonesia is no less exotic than the east.

Its name is Binasi Beach in Sorkam District, Central Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra. The coastline extends 7-8 km towards Barus. detikTravel visited this beach to enjoy the sunset. Binasi Beach itself is famous for its beautiful sunset that is different every day.

Because of its location in the west of Indonesia, dusk falls very slowly. If the sunset in drops around 5, here it will only be seen at 18.30-19.30 WIB.

4pm, as bright as 12pm. It’s really hot and scorching.

Central Tapanuli Binasi Beach Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

Just like other beaches in Central Tapanuli, entry to Binasi Beach is free. There is no parking fee either. On the beach, there are many people who live and trade. Wooden huts are made as gazebos for tourists who stop by.

The sand of this beach is a little black but very fine. The waves are also very fun to play. Which makes it comfortable, the beach is quite shallow. So many children are swimming in Binasi Beach. Especially on Sundays.

Central Tapanuli Binasi BeachCentral Tapanuli Binasi Beach Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

As dusk begins to fall, the sky will begin to turn orange. In fact, if you’re lucky you can see a pink sunset! The sun descends to the junction at the end of the sea, the orange bias is swept to the shoreline. The ocean turned orange. As the night goes on, the sky gets darker.

There is a secret that few people know. When swimming at night, there will be visible light from the sand sticking to the clothes. Apparently, the sand of Binasi Beach contains shiny shell flakes.

When swimming, you will see a flash of light from the water. Unfortunately, this beauty cannot be captured by a cellphone camera.

Central Tapanuli Binasi BeachCentral Tapanuli Binasi Beach Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

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4 Places to Buy Fajr Cakes in Jakarta, Prices Start at IDR 1,000


In Jakarta There are several Fajr cake markets which are famous for being cheap. Starting from the Monday to Cilandak area, all choices are complete.

It is called the dawn cake because usually the traders peddle their wares from the early hours of the morning. But actually various market snacks and cakes can be eaten anytime.

It can be for breakfast in the morning, snacking in the afternoon and usually also often a banquet on certain occasions. If you want to hunt for market snacks and cakes, you have to shop early in the morning so you don’t run out.

In addition to the various choices, the prices offered are cheap. By spending only Rp. 1,000, you can get a wet cake.

Here are 4 places to buy wet cakes in Jakarta:

1. Cilandak Dawn Cake Market

The dawn cake market in is in the Cilandak area. Photo: iStock

A complete variety of market snacks are available at the Cilandak Dawn Cake Market. This cake market is located on Jalan Raya Cilandak, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

There are not too many sellers, but a choice of snacks. Starting from rolls, nagasari, pies, lapis legit, soes cakes and various fried foods such as risol.

It’s best to buy cakes here early, because the cake choices run out quickly at 07.00. Usually, many people buy it just for breakfast.

Cilandak Dawn Cake Market
Jl. Raya Cilandak Kko No.9B
Sunday Market, South Jakarta

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2. Morning Cake Market Blok M

Dawn cake market in JakartaThe dawn cake market in is in the Blok M area. Photo: iStock

The Blok M cake market is located in the Melawai area. This market is no less popular with the most complete market snacks. This dawn cake market is open from 03.00.

There are a lot of market snacks on offer start from wet, dry cakes to various fried foods. If you come here, don’t forget to buy pastels at Erny’s stall, they are large in size at a price of Rp. 1,000.

Apart from that, there are also diamond cakes, sponge cakes and dumplings at a price of Rp. 2,000. Most of the traders here have been selling for decades.

Block M . Dawn Cake Market
Jl. Melawai IV No.25-26
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

Back to Grandma’s Age, Around the Village Riding a Cow Cart in Bantul


Traveling around the village while enjoying the expanse of rice fields by riding a oxcart? It can really be done in Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY). The sensation is like going back to the past, aka old school!

The tour package is served by the oxcart association throughout Bantul Regency.

Bantul oxcart tourism manager Tri Iswanto said that at first he and his fellow oxcart drivers, known as bajingans, often gathered once every 35 days on Pon Sunday (Javanese calendar) at the Jodog Hamlet, Gilangharjo Village, Kapanewon Pandak, Bantul. Tri said the purpose of gathering the rogues was to preserve the existence of the oxcarts.

“The wagon is a traditional means of transportation, it was once used to transport goods and people. Currently, every Sunday Pon there is a meeting of the oxcart association at Jodog field,” Tri said when met at the Jodog Hamlet, Wednesday (23/2/2022).

Traveling around the village while enjoying the expanse of rice fields by riding a cart is in Bantul, Yogyakarta. The sensation is like going back to the past, aka old school! Photo: Pradito Rida Pertana

Over time, the association attracted the attention of people who wanted to try riding a oxcart.

“During the meeting, it turned out that many visitors came and wanted to go up, starting in January. That’s why we created a tour manager and it turned out that the enthusiasm of the community was quite high,” he said.

After the tour manager appeared, his party began to open a mobile service using a oxcart. Tri said this activity started in January so this is the second time his party has provided this service.

“For the time being, we will hold regular oxcart tours every Sunday. The number of carts is usually 30 to 40 in Bantul, but what is clear is that there are 20 carts every Sunday,” he explained.

Tourists are invited to tour the countryside by starting from the Jodog field and going around the local village.

“The route starts from the Jodog field, later we will tour around Jodog and Karangasem enjoying the hamlet and rice fields with an estimated travel time of 25 minutes. Why is the route in the countryside? Because on Sunday, the traffic is heavy, so we are looking for a safe route,” he said.

“The tariff on Sunday Pon is Rp. 70,000 per cart and can be ridden for 5 adults or 7 children,” Tri continued.

Traveling around the village while enjoying the expanse of rice fields by riding a cart is in Bantul, Yogyakarta.  The sensation is like going back to the past, aka old school!Traveling around the village while enjoying the expanse of rice fields by riding a cart is in Bantul, Yogyakarta. The sensation is like going back to the past, aka old school! Photo: Pradito Rida Pertana

If there are tourists who want to get around by riding an oxcart other than Sunday Pon, Tri admits that they can provide it. Likewise for every Sunday Pound, visitors can place an order on Saturday.

“Actually, you can do it at any time, but at least order a week in advance by placing an order at 085292734404. For Sunday Pon, you can also go directly to the location or order Saturday at that number,” he said.

According to Tri, by ordering in advance, usually visitors or tourists can determine their own route. But again, the rates for special routes are different from the rates for the usual routes.

“You can choose the desired route, because we have several destinations and the rates are adjusted to the destination. Such as ornamental fish culture, blacksmithing, in the south there is Mount Cilik and Gilanglipuro petilasan,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jodog Karangasem Wisata (Jodogkarta) tourism activist Eko Sutrisno Aji revealed that most members of the oxcart association in Bantul only share their hobbies. However, because many people are enthusiastic, they have participated in providing mobile services using the oxcart.

“Many of these activities are hobbies, then we also have carts, one of which is for Sunday Pon tours, there are also activities outside Pon Sundays, but order first,” he said.

“In the future, we will also provide traveling around using oxcarts for ngabuburit. In addition, there is also a cow plow, then there is also a oxcart making or workshop,” added Eko.

This article was published in detikJateng.

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Before the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Chicken Kiev was also contested, this is a fact


If you see the name, chicken Kiev is a typical Ukrainian food. However, Russia and France actually claim that the culinary comes from their country.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is already underway. Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a military aggression against the former Soviet Union.

Long before this conflict, Ukraine and Russia also fought over the origin of a popular dish called chicken Kiev. The word ‘Kiev’ in chicken Kiev is taken from the name of the Ukrainian capital.

Therefore, chicken Kiev is known as a typical Ukrainian dish. This dish is in the form of breaded chicken with melted butter filling. Now this chicken dish is popular in the world.

Judging from its history, chicken Kiev has a long story. Because the food is contested by several countries including Ukraine, Russia and France.

1. Chicken Kiev According to Russians

According to Russians, chicken Kiev originated in the Muscovy region of the Old Empire Photo: iStock

According to Russians, chicken Kiev originated in the Muscovy region of the Old Empire. The original recipe was filled with butter sauce and breaded chicken.

Then, modified to perfection in the 19th century by a chef from Ukraine. Well, that’s where the name is known as Chicken Kiev and is considered healthy by Russians.

This story reflects Russia’s traditional policy towards Ukraine, which was to allow it to exist as a distinct entity, but to retain firmly in the old empire’s rule.

Quoted from Head Topics (23/09/20) in the Russian Federation, government canteens changed the name of chicken Kiev to ‘chicken crimea’.

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2. Chicken Kiev According to France

Chicken Kiev factsFrance claims Russia has stolen the recipe from them Photo: iStock

Meanwhile, France claims Russia has stolen the recipe from them. In the eyes of Russia, France is a country with a quality chef.

In the French version, the chicken Kiev recipe is to add garlic to the butter sauce. This was conveyed by Viacheslav Gribov, head chef of the Dnipro Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine in 1840.

Quoted from NPR (21/01/12) Russian royalty sent their chefs to Paris to study. When they returned to Russia, they brought a recipe for a dish called Mikhailovskaya cutlet.

The dish is made in Paris using veal or veal. But in Moscow, Russia, this dish is made from chicken because veal is very expensive.

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Museum of The Future Dubai, One of the Most Beautiful in the World


The Museum of The Future in Dubai officially opened on 22/2/2022. Its magnificent design makes it one of the most beautiful museums in the world.

Launching Gulf News, the future museum showcases Dubai’s traditions, fine arts and culture. This museum is also called visualizing the future of mankind.

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it. It’s not something you wait for, it’s create,” said UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the philosophy behind the Museum of The Future.

Museum of The Future Officially Opened Photo: (Museum of The Future)

This 77-meter-tall structure combines cutting-edge technology with traditional art forms. There are seven floors in it.

There is a poem by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum that adorns the structure of the museum building. The writing is illuminated by 14 km of LED lights that glow in the dark.

The calligraphy reads ‘We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it.”

“The future doesn’t wait. The future can be designed and built today.”


Built by humans and machines with innovative design and engineering principles, this building reflects the future of Dubai. No wonder National Geographic includes The Museum Future in one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world.

According to Khaleej Times, the museum is powered by the latest technologies of virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence and offers a multi-sensory experience. Each floor will feel like a movie set from the future that tourists can live in and explore.

Yes, tourists can explore the space station and learn about the communities that live and work there. In addition there is a virtual forest that displays a mixed reality of the amazon rain forest, here a traveler can see the interactions of hundreds of species with details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There is also a children’s area called Future Heroes with a very unique appearance.

There are many more interesting experiences that tourists can get at this museum. The ticket is AED 145 or around IDR 567 thousand. While for children under three years will not be charged. Interested in visiting?

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