Upset! Woman Orders 100 Cakes When This Coffee Shop Closes


A woman named Kim just pissed off the entire staff of Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland. He ordered 100 cakes in 10 minutes the coffee shop was about to close.

Anyone who works in a restaurant will definitely be happy if they get food orders in large quantities. However, it would be annoying if this large number of food orders were actually made before the restaurant’s closing hours.

Reporting from the Daily Dot (31/1) a viral video shows an employee of a Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland coffee shop telling a customer. He revealed that this coffee shop was ready to close but there were customers who ordered cakes in very large quantities.

Order voucher for 100 cakes at Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland Photo: TikTok @livvie3304

Because it is still operating hours, inevitably all employees have to work extra to serve these customers.

“We’re closing in ten minutes and a customer is trying to order over 100 cakes,” a Starbucks barista said via her TikTok account @livvie3304.

The video shows receipts for food with a total of 93 items. This meal was ordered by a customer named Kim. He made an order via an online application so the restaurant couldn’t refuse.

The barista named Liv further explained that the customer actually ordered 160 pieces of chocolate flavored cake but could not fulfill it due to limited raw materials. In the end, this customer accepted that Starbucks could only serve 93 pieces of cake.

“To be honest, our cookie dough has run out. We’re not a catering company. Actually you can actually make it at home,” Liv says in the video.

After buying all the cakes, Liv said this customer paid a total of $293.12 or equivalent to Rp. 4.2 million. After being asked, it turned out that this customer bought a lot of cakes for food at his 17th birthday party.

Due to making sudden orders in large quantities, all workers have to work overtime and only come home a few hours after operating hours end. “We closed at 10pm and had to stay a few hours due to taking orders,” Liv continued.

This video post went viral and invited reactions from netizens. Many have asked about the tip given by this casual customer, but Liv replied that this teenager did not give any tips at all.

“A lot of questions about tips being given. He pays through the app so maybe he tips through the app too, but I don’t think he gives at all,” Liv said.

“People like this have never worked in a restaurant or food service,” wrote one comment.

“Many orders like this should be done at least 24 hours in advance,” said another netizen.

“As a Starbucks barista, I will tell him to leave,” said a netizen who is also a Starbucks barista.

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Fuji and Tariq Dating, This is the Moment to Eat Hot Pot with Atta-Aurel


Fuji and Tariq Halilintar were widely discussed after ‘going public’ with their relationship. The two of them were also seen together at a dinner held by the Atta-Aurel family with hot pot treats.

Fuji and Tariq Halilintar are now officially in a relationship. Both of them often show off romantic and adorable moments on social media. One of them is also seen in Atta Halilintar’s latest YouTube upload.

Uploading a video entitled “THORIQ FUJI Celebration Dinner!? ATTA AUREL’s House Hebohhh” (31/1/2022), Atta and his wife, Aurel Hermansyah, showed their family together with Fuji. It is known that Tariq just had a birthday.

As older brothers, Atta and Aurel held a family dinner to commemorate Tariq’s birthday. “This is a dinner for Tariq’s birthday. So Tariq asked for a special birthday dinner,” Atta said at the beginning of the video.

His special guests were people close to Tariq. Besides Atta and Aurel, there is Azriel Hermansyah and his girlfriend, Sarah Menzel. Followed by Arsy, Arsya, Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah.

Don’t miss the most special person in Tariq’s life right now, Fuji. He came with his lover to enjoy a hot pot dinner.

Fuji and Tariq were warmly welcomed by Atta-Aurel’s family Photo: YouTube AH

Aurel was seen ordering a hot pot menu from the Chong Qing restaurant. This hot pot restaurant with the ‘no pork, no lard’ concept does indeed offer Home Delivery Service (HDS).

All ingredients and tools to enjoy hot pot are prepared from the restaurant. There is also a ‘full service’ service package where restaurant staff will be on standby to help arrange everything at the dining table. The price is Rp. 450 thousand already with postage.

It was seen that Atta and Aurel ordered two types of hot pot sauce for Tariq’s birthday banquet. There is mala sauce and chicken bone broth that has been boiled for 8 hours.

To complement the various meats and have been placed in the box. HDS service does allow ordering all meat menus in restaurants. The minimum purchase price for the menu is IDR 500 thousand.

For meat choices, there are Signature Meal Platter, Meat Platter, Signature Karubi, to Chicken Fillet. The most expensive price is on the Signature Meal Platter for IDR 458 thousand per set.

Fuji and Tariq Dating, This is the Moment to Eat Hot Pot with Atta-AurelFuji and Tariq’s sweet moment while eating hot pot at the Atta-Aurel family’s house Photo: YouTube AH

The warm atmosphere was very visible in Tariq’s birthday banquet, especially with Fuji’s presence beside him. Tariq behaves like a ‘gentleman’ by making sure Fuji can sit comfortably in a chair.

Then they prayed together for Tariq’s goodness. “Hopefully it doesn’t make Fuji il-feel,” said Atta while praying for his sister. The banquet then looked so warm as they exchanged laughter and stories.

At the time this news was written, Atta’s video had been watched more than 300 thousand times. Many netizens praised the harmony and warmth of the Atta-Aurel family which seemed to be able to unite all members of his extended family.

Not a few also prayed that Fuji could soon ‘enter’ their family. “Hopefully Fuji can unite with the Asix family. May Thofu (the name for the couple Tariq and Fuji) have a match and God unite Thofu until it is halal,” said a netizen.


Delicious! The Legendary Hamsir Buffalo Tongue Satay in Riau


Typical in the tongue and legendary, that’s the right word when tasting the tongue and heart satay at the Hamsir stall, Kampar. The buffalo meat satay has been the target of the community for decades.

Warung Sate Hamsir has served 2 satay menus since 1978, namely meat satay and chicken satay. Especially for the meat satay, the 71-year-old man mixes things like other satay traders.

At the Sate Hamsir stall which is located at Rumbio Market, Kampar, Riau, satay is available, namely buffalo meat. The delicious taste of the meat, tender, fragrant, mixed with flour sauce and red chili sauce, becomes an attraction for culinary hunters.

“Buyers usually look for buffalo tongue and heart satay,” said Hamsir on the sidelines of serving buyers, Saturday (29/1/2022).

In addition to the two mainstay menus, Hamsir also serves intestine satay and buffalo meat. Buffalo meat is obtained from people in Bangkinang who like to raise buffalo.

Not a few, in a day Hamsir even able to spend 15-20 kg of buffalo meat. That number does not include the tongue, heart, intestines and chicken pieces.

Warung Sate Hamsir sells from 06.00 WIB to 22.00 WIB. For the price of buffalo meat satay, it is relatively cheap, which is Rp. 2,500. Meanwhile, chicken satay is priced at Rp. 1,000 per stick.

Hamsir buffalo tongue satay in Riau Photo: Raja Adil Siregar/detikcom

“We have been selling since 1978. Buyers are always busy, especially on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays,” he said accompanied by his wife, Nurila.

Hamsir said that many people from Pekanbaru and Bangkinang came to eat his concoction of satay. Even many buyers come from West Sumatra.

“Many people from Padang also stop by if they want to go to Pekanbaru. So if the buyers have come from everywhere, there are also governors and regents eating in this hut,” he said.

At the Sate Hamsir stall, visitors will be treated to satay which is also large in size. Served with ketupat mixed with flour satay sauce to add a savory taste.

As a complement, Hamsir gave a lot of fried onions which were specially served in 1 separate plate. The aroma of fried onions also adds to the taste when eating satay.

To serve buyers, Hamsir invites his children and nephews to work. Because, he also often receives many orders from outside the city when there is a celebration.

“Tomorrow there is an order in Pekanbaru for Rp. 10 million. So there are 8 people working divided by 2 only. Some serve here and serve orders from party people,” said Hamsir while controlling the embers of the satay burning.

Abdullah Sani, a Sate Hamsir connoisseur who was met at the location admitted that he had come from Pekanbaru City to eat buffalo meat satay. Sani came with his co-workers during the holidays.

“The satay here is very distinctive in taste. Even though it is buffalo meat, the meat is also soft, matches the seasoning,” said Sani after eating the meat satay.

Kedai Sate Hamsir itself does not have branches in other areas. The location is only on Jalan Sialang Rumbio and not far from Pasar Rumbio.

From the capital city of Riau Province, Pekanbaru City, the distance is 50 kilometers or about 1 hour 15 minutes on the way. Passing the Riau-West Sumatra national cross route on the right side of the highway.

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These 5 Chinese New Year Foods Break the Record, There are the Most and Biggest Baskets


Lunar New Year always celebrated with great fanfare. There was even a celebration that broke the world record. Including the most and the largest basket cake ever made during Chinese New Year.

There are several foods that become identical dishes during Chinese New Year because they have deep meanings and philosophies. Such as basket cakes which symbolize prosperity, dumplings which symbolize wealth and also fried noodles which symbolize longevity.

All of these foods are served and eaten during Chinese New Year by the Chinese community. In addition to being served at home, it turns out that there are also those who present Chinese New Year food as part of a major celebration recorded in history.

There are several records that were successfully broken during the Chinese New Year. In Australia, the world record was broken for eating the most dumplings during Chinese New Year, while in Indonesia, there was the most cakes that were enjoyed by thousands of people.

The following are Chinese New Year foods that have been recorded in records:

1. The record for eating the most dumplings

For ethnic Chinese, dumplings are a food that symbolizes wealth. So this menu is also a meal when Chinese New Year arrives.

Dumplings that resemble gold ingots, the currency of the Ming dynasty in China, make dumplings one of the dishes eaten during Chinese New Year. Eating dumplings during Chinese New Year means wishing you wealth and success in the coming year.

In February 2019, the Guinness World Record set a world record for eating the most dumplings in the world. More than 3,000 pieces of dumplings were eaten together by more than 700 people. This record was also recorded right at the moment of Chinese New Year.

The record for eating the most dumplings Photo: Special

2. The record for most basket cakes

The record for serving the most basket cakes was broken in Indonesia. A total of 7,388 cake baskets are served in Senayan City in the form of a replica of a large temple. This record was recorded in the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) on February 8, 2018.

A total of 7,388 pieces of the basket cake were then distributed to all visitors to the Senayan City Mall as a form of sharing happiness and togetherness. Eat basket cake when Chinese New Year means prosperity.

3. The biggest basket cake

The biggest basket cake ever made in Indonesia, to be precise in Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. This 1.2 ton cake was exhibited and distributed to visitors to Q Mall in South Kalimantan.

This basket cake was made in Pontianak, West Kalimantan to enliven the Lunar New Year in 2021. It took two days to bring this basket cake. Because it is very heavy, there are about 30 people who help transport this basket cake. The basket cake is finally cut into pieces and distributed to the community.

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Combo Pack! Eat well with Zombies, Vampires, and friends in Saudi Arabia


Usually, restaurants offer a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. But this time, how come you meet zombies?

Quoted from Malay Mail by detikTravel, Sunday (30/1/2022), a restaurant in Riyadh, Shadows offers a scary atmosphere by meeting zombies to vampires. Travelers might see the spooky creature in a movie or in a haunted house, but this time in a restaurant. Yes, the staff wear costumes to scare guests.

“I came here to have fun and laugh, but the atmosphere and the show was really scary,” Shadows restaurant visitor Nora as-Assad told AFP.

This Restaurant in Riyadh Offers Dine with Zombies to Vampires! Brave? Photo: (AFP)

The 26-year-old woman also admitted to losing her appetite when the waitress served her food on a tray. His sinister face smiled at Nora.

Meanwhile, Nora’s friend, Jawaher Abdullah, who is a doctor by profession is actually very happy to enjoy his dinner. He casually took pictures with a figure full of wounds and blood on his chest.

“I like horror in general. I think the atmosphere is good and it’s really fun,” he said.

Businessman Sleiman al-Amri said he usually goes to a restaurant to enjoy a meal, chat, return home. But now, in this restaurant he has to enjoy an unusual combo package; food and fear.

“We are always looking for new and interesting things to do in Riyadh,” said Sleiman, who came with his family.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2017 did make many major reforms. Saudi Arabia opened its doors to tourists in 2020.

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