Long Weekend, These are 10 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Bandung


Bandung is a traveler’s favorite tour, especially on long weekends. For those of you who want to vacation in Bandung, here are 10 of their favorite places.

Vacations cannot be separated from a collection of photos of tourist objects. Bandung became the right destination.

Summarized by detikTravel, here are 10 favorite tourist attractions in Bandung:

1. The Lodge Maribaya

The beautiful nature of Bandung can be enjoyed at the tourist destination The Lodge Maribaya. The vast expanse of nature is so beautiful to look at through the various rides available.

Some of the extreme rides that tourists can try, namely Zip bike, riding a bicycle that is hung from a strong steel, Sky tree, sitting on a wooden plank at a height of up to 12 meters, valley swing, riding a swing that also hangs at a height, and Hot Air baloon. , the sensation of riding a hot air balloon.

The Lodge Maribaya is located at Jalan Maribaya, Babakan, Gentong, Cibodas, Lembang, West Bandung. The entry ticket price is IDR 65,000 which includes meal vouchers, masks, gloves, to enter one ride.

The Lodge Maribaya Photo: Yudha Maulana/detikcom

2. The Great Asia Africa

Around the world in a day? Travelers can come to The Great Asia Africa. It offers tours to seven countries, namely South Korea, Thailand, India, the Middle East, Japan, Africa and of course Indonesia.

This hits tourist destination is precisely located at Jalan Raya Lembang number 71, West Bandung Regency. Having an area of ​​up to five hectares, tourists usually spend time walking around and taking pictures.

The Great Asia Africa is open from 9am to 6pm. The ticket price of IDR 65 thousand includes all rides, including coupons that can be exchanged for drinks and also face shields.

3. Orchid Forest

Located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, Orchid Forest presents a refreshing tourist spot for travelers. As the name suggests, this tourist spot presents a forest with and a collection of orchid plants in a greenhouse.

Orchid Forest carries the concept of eco tourism, sport tourism, and edu tourism. Besides being surrounded by pine trees, Orchid Forest also has a Rabbit House, Wood Bridge, Garden of Light and other photo spots.

4. Up Down World Bandung

Upside Down World Bandung is a tourist spot with the sensation of taking pictures in an upside down room.

Just like a house, this new unique tourist spot in Bandung presents various rooms arranged upside down, starting from the living room, master bed room, kids room, kitchen, dining room, to the bathroom.

Not only that, there are also several rooms that are identical to the city of Bandung such as a music room and also a mural.

5. D’dieuland

D’dieuland is a destination in the Punclut area of ​​Bandung. The border between Bandung City and Lembang West Bandung.

D’dieuland offers an indoor play area for children and adults, as well as a more dominant outdoor area for children. So it is very suitable for family tourism. In addition to indoor and outdoor tourist attractions, it is integrated with culinary tourism.

D'DieulandD’Dieuland Photo: Iis Maliya Dewi/d’Traveler

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When Green Canyon River Water Turns Brown


Pangandaran has one of the interesting tourist destinations to visit, namely Green Canyon. It’s no longer green, but the river water is brown.

The location of Green Canyon is in Kertayasa Village, Cijulang District, Pangandaran Regency. If you go there, get ready to be hit by curiosity to explore it.

This is evident from the group of tourists from Bandung who came to the location today, Sunday (27/2/2022). Even though the condition of the river which was originally clear is now brown, it did not dampen their enthusiasm.

The Green Canyon tourist attraction itself is famous for the color of the Cijulang River water which seems green but is actually clear. This is coupled with the beauty of the scenery along the river path.

However, at this time due to the weather and soil erosion in the highlands of the Pangandaran region, the river water has become dark brown in color. However, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of this group of tourists to keep exploring the beauty of Green Canyon.

One member of the family gathering group, Ali Idris (46) said that a vacation to Green Canyon is a self-healing option because nature tourism is more fun. Body rafting is also an option to unwind this weekend.

Tourists waiting for the boat to go to Green Canyon. Photo: Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikJabar

“Yes, even though we are no longer lucky, but we are already here, we will continue body rafting,” he said. Sunday (27/2/2022).

Regarding the condition of the brown river water, that is not a problem. He still wanted to satisfy his curiosity. Because, yearly along the Cijulang River has a pleasant view in the eye.

“Hopefully only the river is brown, because our goal is to go to Green Canyon, which is said to be beautiful and exotic,” he added.

Green Canyon or familiarly called Cukang Taneuh has been popular as a challenging natural tourist destination. The reason is, tourists who enter Green Canyon can do activities such as boating, body rafting, swimming, and down the Cijulang river.

The atmosphere at the Cijulang River pier.The atmosphere at the Cijulang River pier. Photo: Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikJabar

Local residents say that if the color of the river in the Green Canyon area turns brown, it’s not unusual. However, the color does not indicate a danger signal.

“During the rainy season, it is normal for the river to be brown in color, but it does not make tourists cancel their intention to go to Green Canyon,” said Helpi, one of the tour guides.

“It looks scary, but don’t worry. If the water flow is still safe, tourists can still continue the journey to Green Canyon, body rafting, and swimming,” he said.

The Green Canyon body rafting service provider provides complete personal protective equipment such as helmets and buoys. Tourists can choose the attractions to do in Green Canyon, such as just taking a boat to pier 2, body rafting, swimming and jumping from the umbrella rock.

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Cool! This Japanese Man Opens a Nasi Kandar Restaurant and is selling well


Most restaurants in Tokyo offer ramen or other Japanese food. Unlike this Japanese person who chooses to open a restaurant rice kandar.

Of the many restaurants offering Japanese food in Tokyo, there is one that is unique. Because the restaurant does not offer Japanese food, but Malaysian rice dishes.

Malaysian food in question is rice kandar. This Nasi Kandar restaurant was not founded by Malaysians who migrated to Japan, but from Japanese people.

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Nasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, Japan Photo: Instagram @zerotwo_nasikandartokyo

Reporting from World of Buzz (24/2), the nasi kandar restaurant just opened in early January 2022. Even so, this restaurant managed to attract the attention of customers.

This Nasi Kandar restaurant is called Zero Two Nasi Kandar. The owner of this restaurant admitted that he fell in love with the taste of Nasi Kandar. He had tasted it while visiting Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

rice kandar What is offered is of course authentic taste. Here, they provide various types of curry dishes, including duck, mutton, shrimp, squid, and others.

Nasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, JapanNasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, Japan Photo: Instagram @zerotwo_nasikandartokyo

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The display of Nasi Kandar offered by Zero Two looks attractive. The side dishes are piled on top of the rice which makes it look appetizing.

Nasi kandar is offered at a price that is quite affordable for foreign cuisine in Japan. Prices start from 1,000 yen – 1,980 yen (Rp 124,660 – Rp 246,827). There is also a complementary topping menu with prices starting from 250 yen (Rp 31,165). Guaranteed to be satisfied enjoying Nasi Kandar at this restaurant.

Nasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, JapanNasi Kandar seller in Tokyo, Japan Photo: Instagram @zerotwo_nasikandartokyo

Through Zero Two’s Instagram account, the restaurant always reports that the Nasi Kandar has been sold out. This proves how popular the nasi kandar offered by the Japanese is.

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Saraswati Dawn Cake Market Sluggish Since the Pandemic


It used to be known as one of the cheap market cake centers. Now the Saraswati Dawn Cake Market has become quiet since the prolonged pandemic.

In the Ciledug area, people may already be familiar with the Saraswati Dawn Cake Market. This cake market has been around since the early 2000s. Indeed, not during the Blok M Subuh Cake Market until the Senen Subuh Cake Market.

But in the past, the Saraswati Dawn Cake Market became the center for market snacks and various delicious cakes offered by traders.

But unfortunately, since the pandemic, many cake vendors at the Saraswati Subuh Cake Market have gone out of business due to the lack of buyers, until the cake ingredients continue to spike sharply.

Here are some pictures of the Saraswati Fajr Cake Market which was affected by the pandemic.

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1. Dawn Cake Market that is Open Until Afternoon

Saraswati Dawn Cake Market Photo: detikFood

Even though it’s called the Subuh Cake Market, at Saraswati Market, cake sellers start selling from 4 am to 4 pm. Because this cake market is integrated with the traditional Saraswati market, so the visitors are always busy even in the afternoon.

It’s not difficult to find the Fajr Cake Market in Saraswati, because it is located in front of the entrance, complete with the inscription of the Subuh Cake Market. Unfortunately there are only three sellers on weekdays, and five cake sellers on holidays and weekends.

According to Mrs. Hera, as one of the cake sellers at Saraswati Market. Many sellers have gone out of business since the pandemic.

“In the past, it was busy selling, from end to end they were all cake sellers. But since the pandemic, many have stopped selling. Until there are only three sellers here, including me. On weekends, usually there are five cake sellers selling, “explained Mrs. Hera to detikFood (27/02).

2. Merry Cheap Market Cakes

Saraswati Dawn Cake Market Sluggish Since the PandemicSaraswati Dawn Cake Market Sluggish Since the Pandemic Photo: detikFood

Mrs. Hera is one of the cake traders who sells every day at the Saraswati Dawn Cake Market. He sells from 4 am to 4 pm, assisted by his son.

“If I’m here a day, I can bring around 20-30 types of cakes. I sell mostly wet cakes and sweet cakes. Most of these sweet cakes I make myself, so it’s more economical and I can still make a profit, even though I sell it for Rp. 1,500 an,”

He also sells cakes such as rolls, cake rings, lapis legit, rainbow rolls, nagasari, bugis cakes, layer cakes, eclairs, solo sausages, lemper, pastels, risoles, lontong and many more.

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Gordon Ramsay Usually Criticizes Cuisine, This Time His Roast Beef Is Rigged!


Gordon Ramsay used to criticize other people’s cooking with harsh sentences. This time the food at the restaurant was criticized by netizens. Processed grilled meat is called charred until it looks like charcoal!

British celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay is worldwide because of his cooking skills as well as his interesting personality. How come? This 55-year-old chef does not hesitate to give harsh criticism to ridicule other people’s cooking, especially the participants in a cooking competition where he is a judge.

His figure never escapes the attention of netizens, especially when he shows his culinary works. Like when this father of 5 children promoted lamb cutlets at his restaurant.

quote Daily Mail (26/2/2022), Ramsay showing off the lamb cutlets on Twitter. “Herdwick lamb cutlets at Lucky Cat… delicious!!” he wrote. Lucky Cat is his Pan-Asian restaurant located at 10 Grosvenor Square, London.

Gordon Ramsay promotes grilled meat dishes at his restaurant. Photo: Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter

In the uploaded photo, you can see two pieces of grilled meat placed on a Japanese ceramic container. There is also smoke which describes how ‘fresh’ the roast lamb is because it is freshly cooked.

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Instead of drooling or praising the appearance of the restaurant menu Gordon Ramsay that, many netizens even mocked him. They are ‘misfocused’ with the appearance of grilled meat that is too burnt.

“Is the meat edible? Or is it actually a lump of charcoal?” said one netizen. “Why does meat always have to be served completely raw or very burnt to look crispy?” said another netizen.

Not a few also highlighted the grilled meat serving container. They call it looks like a mini toilet to an ashtray, moreover there is smoke that accompanies it.

Netizens commented on the grilled meat serving dish at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant which looks like an ashtrayNetizens commented on the grilled meat serving container at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant which is similar to an ashtray. Photo: Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter

Looking at Lucky Cat’s menu list, the name for this roast lamb menu is Spiced Herdwick Lamb Chops. In the description, this menu is served with chili sauce and cream of tofu. The price is not cheap, 25 pounds sterling or around Rp. 480 thousand.

This is not the first time the restaurant menu Gordon Ramsay criticized. Previously, fish and chips made by River Restaurant By Gordon Ramsay in London were also in the spotlight.

Because the menu doesn’t look that big. Fish and chips served with processed peas and lemon wedges. A portion with fries is priced at $ 40 – $ 42 or around Rp. 500 thousand.

Warganet commented that the menu was too small, not worth the hefty price. “That price for a plate of fish? I can eat for a week,” commented one netizen.

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Ghost Village Appears, Even Makes Residents Sad


A ghost village that is slowly rising to the surface. This incident made people excited Spanish.

At that time the drought had almost emptied the dam on the Spanish-Portuguese border. So many tourists are attracted there because there are ruins of gray and eerie nuance.

The reservoir capacity at that time reached 15% of its capacity. The frozen details of life in 1992, when the Village of Aceredo in Spain’s northwestern Galicia region was flooded to make the Alto Lindoso reservoir revealed once again.

“It’s as if I’m watching a movie. I feel sad,” said retired Maximino Perez Romero, 65, from A Coruna. CNN.

“I have a feeling this is what will happen for many years because of the drought and all of that because of climate change,” he added.

The ghost village of Aceredo in Spain (Photo: CNN)

Walking on muddy ground cracked by drought, visitors find partially collapsed roofs, bricks and the debris of wood that once served as doors. There’s even a drinking fountain with water still flowing from the rusty pipes.

Chests of empty beer bottles were piled up in what used to be a cafe. An old car that was half crushed to rust was near the stone wall.

Drone footage shows the ghost village used to have abandoned buildings. Maria del Carmen Yanez, mayor of the Lobios council, of which Aceredo is a part, blamed the situation on the lack of rain in recent months, especially in January.

Aceredo ghost village in SpainThe ghost village of Aceredo in Spain (Photo: CNN)

But, he also said there was quite aggressive exploitation by Portugal’s electric utility, EDP, which manages the reservoir.

On February 1, the Portuguese government ordered six dams, including the Alto Lindoso, to almost stop using water for electricity production and irrigation, due to the worsening drought.

Contacted by Reuters, The EDP said the low reservoir level was caused by the drought. However, they feel they are managing water resources efficiently and above the minimum requirements, including for Alto Lindoso.

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This Street Food Shop Offers a Salary of IDR 33.8 Million a Month as a Waiter


This street food shop in Singapore has suddenly gone viral. After the owner opened a waiter vacancy with a salary of tens of millions of rupiah.

Working as a waiter or employee at a street food shop, the image is definitely not as luxurious as if you work as an office employee. Starting from the job position to the job location.

But most people will definitely think twice, after seeing this one job vacancy. Reporting from WOB (27/02), one of the street food stalls in Singapore opened a job vacancy.

They are looking for Singaporeans who are willing to work in their shops for wages ranging from SGD 2,900 (Rp 30.7 million) to SGD 3200 (Rp 33.8 million) per month.

This salary is of course very high for street shop employees in Singapore. No wonder this one job vacancy immediately went viral and even entered the online forum site Reddit. Many netizens from Singapore agree that the salary that this food stall offers is quite competitive with the salary they have now.

Unfortunately, it is not clear what the name of the street stall is. Even under the job vacancy, there is the name of the restaurant ‘Bai Nian Niang Dou Foo’ which is popular for selling Singaporean yong tau foo. It’s just that Bai Nian Niang’s Dou Foo is not informed which branch.

In response to this, several Singaporean netizens said that the salary was quite large because working at a street stall requires a lot of energy and energy. Most street vendors are open six times a week, working 10-12 hours a day.

This Street Food Shop Offers A Monthly Salary Of IDR 33.8 Million As A Waiter Photo: SAYS

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Especially for those who work in the food industry in Singapore, of course, employees will find it difficult to get a day off on a red day, and usually they only get a day off once a week.

However, the job vacancy as a waiter at this street stall still attracts the attention of many people. Coupled with the minimum wage in Singapore currently stands at SGD 1,500 (Rp 15.8 million).

This street food stall is not the only place to eat that is willing to pay tens of millions of rupiah to get employees. Previously, one of the newest Salt Bae restaurant branches in Saudi Arabia, offered a salary of around IDR 45 million per month for their new employees.

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Not Starbucks, This is a Coffee Shop with the Most Branches in Kalimantan


It turns out that Starbucks is not a coffee shop with the most branches in Kalimantan, but Aming Coffee, a local coffee shop from Pontianak.

The name Aming Coffee may still be unfamiliar to travelers. But for the people of Kalimantan, the name of this coffee shop is very familiar because there are many branches and they are everywhere, more than Starbucks.

At least that’s what detikTravel look in the city of Singkawang. In Singkawang itself, there are 2 Aming Coffee branches, namely at Singkawang Grand Mall and at Singkawang Cultural Center. Meanwhile, Starbucks is only available at Singkawang Grand Mall.

Out of curiosity, detikTravel finally tried Aming Coffee for morning coffee and breakfast. We chose the branch at Singkawang Cultural Center (SCC) at Jalan Yos Sudarso No 76, West Singkawang, Singkawang.

This coffee shop has been open since 06.00 in the morning. Very suitable for those of you who want coffee in the morning. We ordered coffee milk and also Sarikaya toast.

Aming Coffee Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

From the waiter on duty, we just found out that the Aming Coffee, which is a branch of SCC, belongs to the son of the Mayor of Singkawang Tjhai Chui Mie. After paying, we sat down at the table.

The Aming Coffee building occupies a fairly large outdoor area. There is also an air-conditioned indoor area for non-smoking travelers. The design itself is very young, perfect for hanging out for a long time with friends.

Aming CoffeeAming Coffee Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

As soon as our order came, a thin white smoke billowed from the cup. The aroma is also delicious, just like Singkawang coffee in general. In terms of taste, the coffee here is generally not too sour so it is still safe for consumption to accompany breakfast.

Sipping coffee while accompanied by Sarikaya toast is really a special combination. The price is also not too expensive, not as imagined.

This Aming Coffee is indeed legendary. This coffee shop has been around since 1970. Originally from Pontianak, to be precise at Jalan Haji Abbas I No. 157, Pontianak.

Gradually because of the increasing number of consumers, this coffee shop also opened branches in several cities. Until now, Aming Coffee already exists in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Solo to Yogyakarta.

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Matanzas, Combined Venice and Athens in Cuba that had Suffered


Cuba rebuilt Matanzas, a famous ancient city. The city had been abandoned, decayed, and suspended animation.

Matanzas has the nickname Venice of Cuba and Athens of Cuba. The city is also the birthplace of the dance and rumba music and dance genres.

Founded in 1693 by order of the Spanish king Charles II, Matanzas quickly established itself as a wealthy port and vast sugar plantation.

By the 1860s, the city had turned into the second largest city in the country after Havana. Enticed local authorities christened it the “Athens of Cuba” in honor of its elegant cultural life and many local poets and writers.

The nickname deserves to be given to Matanzas. During the glorious years of the 19th century, classical theater was built and local writer José Jacinto Milanés established himself as Cuba’s best playwright.

The city hosted the Universal Exhibition in 1881 which promoted arts and technology which attracted delegates from the US and Spain.

In the decades that followed, Matanzas spawned a whole range of musical genres, including the danzón, a slow syncopated partner dance first performed by Cuban bandleader Miguel Faílde; and mambo, the upbeat version of danzón that sparked a craze for short but intense American dance in the 1940s.

Matanzas in Cuba Photo: Brendan Sainsbury/BBC

With a large black population, freed from the shackles of slavery in 1886, Matanzas was, and still is, the cradle of African religion and traditions.

However, that atmosphere was not traced after the Cuban revolution of 1959, with the new regime implementing strict socialist values. Matanzas are no longer considered a cultural center.

The problems got worse after Cuban Soviet philanthropists went bankrupt in ’91, sending the economy into free fall and further compounded by the decline of the sugar industry in the 2000s.

The heart of Matanzas is on Calle Narváez on the banks of the San Juan River. The city resembles the wrecked Titanic whose fortunes have been hidden by decades of neglect.

At that time, foreign tourists were taken from the airport to the swanky new resort in the nearby town of Varadero, which Cubans are barred from entering the resort.

Foreign tourists are also directed to other Cuban cities as Cienfuegos and Camagüey are on the prestigious UNESCO list, the sinking wealth of Matanzas being neglected.

Start Restoration

The Cuban government seems to want to restore the former glory of Matanzas. The area was restored.

In 2018, Cuban authorities, supported in part by Eusebio Leal, the architect of the successful Old Havana rehabilitation projects in the 1990s and 2000s, decided to honor Matanzas’ 325th birthday with a recognition and restoration program.

Damaged buildings were repaired, three beautiful hotels, in and around the centrally located Parque Libertad, opened.

The iconic Sauto Theater – once one of Cuba’s finest – was restored to its highest peak in the 1860s after decades of doldrums.

“Matanzas was revived and declared a patrimonial city,” Adrian Socorro, owner of his art studio on Calle Narváez on the San Juan River, told BBC.

Matanzas in CubaMatanzas in Cuba Photo: Brendan Sainsbury/BBC

“The visual changes are evident throughout the city,” he added.

Much bigger changes are also underway. In 2019, Cuba’s largest arts festival, the Biennial de la Habana, focused on Matanzas for the first time, thanks to the influence and initiative of María Magdalena Campos Pons, a Matanzas-born artist now living in the United States (US).

The festival is the largest event the city has seen since the 1881 Universal Exhibition.

“Over the years, I’ve been talking to people in Havana about bringing the Biennial to Matanzas,” says Campos Pons, whose work is internationally acclaimed, in collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

“So, when I was invited to be an exhibition artist in 2019, I used that invitation to create a project for this city,” he said.

The project, called Ríos Intermitentes (Intermittent River), seeks to highlight the creative community of Matanzas by exhibiting their work to visiting local and international artists.

“Matanzas is geographically and culturally full of untold drama and narrative,” said Campos Pons.

“But the city was abandoned and regarded as a sleeping beauty. The abandonment of Matanzas and its history was the point of my departure for the Ríos Intermitentes.”

It wasn’t just art that pushed Matanzas back into the limelight. Entire spheres of culture flourished, from architecture to music. Driven by positive change, the city lives on with a buzz and joy not seen for generations.

Young people flock to artistically curated cafes; murals and art installations attract attention in town squares; and there is talk of a new tour bus connecting Matanzas to Varadero.

More importantly, after the success of 2019, the Biennale is slated to return to Matanzas this year under the expert guidance of Campos Pons.

“The Matanza you will see in 2030 will be very different to what we started in 2019,” said Campos Pons.

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7 waterfalls in Bogor that are suitable for weekends


Bogor has quite a variety of natural tourist destinations. Here are seven waterfalls in Bogor that can be a traveler’s choice for the weekend.

Bogor with up and down contours offers a variety of natural attractions. Starting from tea plantations, pine forests, to waterfalls can be an option.

For travelers who want to cool off while getting wet, waterfalls in Bogor can be an option.

Summarized from various sources, here are seven waterfall tours in Bogor:

1. Curug Cilember

Curug Cilember (Idris/d’Traveler)

The first tourist destination that can be visited if a traveler wants to play in the waterfall is Curug Cilember. Curug Cilember is located in Cilember Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

Not only the beauty of the waterfall that you can enjoy here, but there are also several locations around Curug Cilember that can be visited, such as Butterfly Park, Pondok Hutan, and pine forests.

Public facilities at Curug Cilember are quite complete, there are prayer rooms and toilets. There are also benches for visitors to rest and trash cans.

2. Jackfruit waterfall

Jackfruit waterfallCurug Jackfruit (Masiatun Abdulhadi/d’Traveler)

Curug Nangka is located at the foot of Mount Salak and is also included in the Halimun Salak National Park area. With an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, the atmosphere at Curug Nangka is very cool.

With entrance tickets ranging from Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 30,000, you can do various activities at Curug Nangka. Starting from swimming, trekking, and taking pictures with amazing views.

3. Curug Bidadari

waterfallCurug Bidadari in Bogor (Bekti/d’Traveler)

Curug Bidadari or formerly known as Curug Bojong Koneng is a waterfall that has a height of about 40 to 75 meters with a waterfall width of about 7 meters.

Not only presenting natural beauty that is still beautiful, in this tourist destination you can also enjoy a variety of culinary delights that are presented at this Bidadari Waterfall.

4. Curug Priuk

Curug Priuk is one package with Curug Barong and Curug Naga. The three waterfalls are in the same upstream flow as the Megamendung Waterfall. Curug Panjang is quite far above the two waterfalls.

Although the waterfall is not too high, the pool below is deep enough so that it is suitable for visitors who want to experience the experience of playing water while freefalling.

It was named Curug Priuk because the shape of this waterfall is similar to a pot which is one of the traditional Sundanese cooking utensils.

Curug Priuk is located in Citamiang, Megamendung District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

5. Prince’s Waterfall

Bogor Prince WaterfallBogor Prince Waterfall (Taty Harlini/d’Traveler)

Has a height of approximately 6 meters, making the waterfall or Curug Prince has very clear water. Another charm, this waterfall has a reflection of light that makes the color of the water a bluish green and makes the traveler’s eyes pampered with its natural beauty.

Because of this height and the depth of the pool under the waterfall, the manager puts a limit or mark in the form of a rope at points that are considered vulnerable.

Curug Pangeran is located in the Gunung Bunder complex in the Mount Halimun Salak National Park, Bogor.

6. Curug Barong

Curug Barong BogorCurug Barong Bogor Photo: Luthfi Hafidz/detikcom

Curug Barong is located in Karang Tengah Village, Babakan Madang District. This waterfall is quite hidden and has a fairly difficult access.

At Curug Barong, a traveler can enjoy the natural beauty as well as the fresh flow of water from the Cirangrang River. With a height of only 10 meters, the main attraction of Curug Barong is its fresh and clear water.

7. Long Waterfall

The last waterfall tourist destination that you can choose when in Bogor is Curug Panjang. In contrast to other waterfalls, Curug Panjang has a wider width compared to its height.

Surrounded by rocks and various trees make this waterfall tour in Bogor very beautiful and also instagramable for taking pictures.

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