Start Your Morning in Singkawang with Legendary Pekong Porridge


What breakfast in Singkawang? Forget hotel food. Get out there and explore the city’s tantalizing breakfasts. One of them is the legendary Pekong porridge!

Pekong Porridge. At first glance, when you hear his name, a traveler will definitely be curious and ask questions. What porridge is that? Turns out, the answer is beef porridge.

Instead of using chicken, this porridge uses sliced ​​beef that has been cut into small pieces as a topping.

What’s even more unique is that this porridge is doused with clear beef broth. Still not unique too? What if there is an additional topping in the form of fried anchovies with a salty taste on it.

How does it feel? according to detikTravelSurprisingly, the combination of salted anchovies, beef broth, and beef chunks, plus spring onions, peanuts, and fried onions, turns out to be really delicious!

Dian is making Pekong porridge. (Revelation Setyo Widodo / detikTravel)

The savory beef broth, met with rice porridge and salted anchovies, feels very solid on the tongue. Instead of colliding with each other, they actually reinforce each other’s taste, so that it breaks in the mouth. Don’t forget to add chili to make it taste even better.

This Pekong porridge turned out to be very legendary. This porridge has been around since 1976. This means that the owner has been selling porridge for 45 years.

“This is called Pekong Porridge, since 1976, from my brother there has not been,” said Dian (23), the second generation successor to Pekong Porridge. detikTravel, Saturday (29/1/2022).

Singkawang Pekong PorridgeVisitors enjoy Pekong porridge. (Setyo Widodo’s revelation/ detikTravel

Oh yes, about the word Pekong attached to the name of this porridge, it turns out to refer to Tua Peh Kong, aka Vihara Tri Dharma Bumi Raya which stands right in front of the porridge shop.

So this porridge shop is called Bubur Pekong, because its location is standing in front of Pekong. In addition to porridge, this shop also sells other breakfast menus such as vegetable rice cake, chicken satay and beef satay.

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Want to Enjoy Chinese New Year in Sukabumi? Odeon Kampoeng Naga the place to be


Ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Sukabumi City has a new tourist area with a Chinatown concept, Odeon Kampoeng Naga.

Chinatown or Kampung China is an area inhabited by immigrants from China marked by houses of worship and markets.

In Sukabumi City, the Chinatown area was officially designated as a thematic village area named ‘Odeon Kampoeng Naga.’ The use of the name is pinned because the main tourist icon is the Vihara Widhi Sakti which has been standing for more than a century.

Red lanterns hung along the street. On the right and left of the road stand bazzar stands for food, drinks, accessories and others.

The location is on Jalan Pajagalan, Nyomplong Village, Warudoyong District, Sukabumi City. The area is adjacent to Pelita Market, Sukabumi City Square and Ahmad Yani pedestrian.

New tourist destinations in Sukabumi Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikTravel

In addition to the icon of the monastery, the area also has other attractions. For example, for cultural arts there is a wayang kutehi performance which is held only at certain moments. This year, the puppet show will be held in April.

Initially, the area was proposed as a tourist destination by the people who are members of the Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group). One of the Pokdarwis administrators, Arieffin Natawijaya, said that the elements of Sapta Pesona in the Odeon Kampoeng Naga area became a public attraction.

“Odeon Kampoeng Naga has a strategic role in developing and managing the potential of natural and cultural wealth owned by the Nyomplong Village (community),” said Arief, Saturday (29/1/2022).

He said that in ancient times Odeon was the name of the cinema on Jalan Pelabuhan which was established in 1911. Then, on June 13, 1925, a great fire occurred which destroyed 17 houses and the cinema building.

“Even so, the name Odeon is still attached to the area which today is called Jalan Pajagalan. It was in the Odeon area that in 1910 a temple called Vihara Widhi Sakti was established which is the main attraction in Odeon,” he said.

The tourist area is considered to already have very complete facilities ranging from hotels, culinary arts, puppet arts and shopping centers.

New tourist destination in SukabumiNew tourist destinations in Sukabumi Photo: Siti Fatimah/detikTravel

Even though it is located in the Chinatown area, the culinary that is sold is halal and legendary. In the future, a Chinese museum will be built to add a tourist attraction at Odeon Kampoeng Naga.

Odeon Kampoeng Naga adds a row of free tours for tourists visiting Sukabumi City. Previously, Sukabumi City had free tours of the integrated area of ​​the Merdeka Square and Field.

Sukabumi Mayor Achmad Fahmi added, Odeon Kampoeng Naga is also one of the efforts to restore the community’s economy. It is hoped that residents can take advantage of this moment to revive MSMEs as well as attract tourists.

He admitted, with the current geographical location, Sukabumi City does not have the potential for natural tourism. However, he said, there is still potential for artificial tourism, one of which is through thematic villages and walking tours through integrated pedestrians.

“This means that we can generate the local people’s economy, secondly, attracting outsiders when they come to Sukabumi City can travel safely and comfortably,” said Fahmi.

“We want how there is a walking tour, the Ahmad Yani area and several other roads so that it is integrated with historical building tours,” he concluded.

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Afraid of not being able to fit in a restaurant chair, this woman is encouraged to lose 44 kg!


Everyone has reasons when they want to lose weight. This woman, for example, was worried that she would not fit in a restaurant chair until she decided to go on a diet. As a result, she lost more than 44 kilograms (kg)!

Daniela Pacitto’s before and after Penampilan diet really annoying. How come? The woman who lives in England was able to lose 44.4 kg in 3 years.

Citing the Mirror (23/1/2022), Daniela did not undergo a strict or torturous diet. He focuses on controlling the portion of the food he consumes.

Daniela said she likes to cook healthy food, but her weakness is that she eats large amounts of it. This habit is what he then tried to slowly change in order to lose weight.

Daniela Pacitto has had a successful diet by reducing the portion she eats Photo: Mirror UK

“One thing that has really helped me is the use of small plates and bowls. I’m the type of person who always finishes whatever’s on my plate. Using small plates, when I finish eating, I have time to digest the food,” she says.

He also said he still eats chips because it is his favorite snack. Daniela says, “Cracks are a food I still have no control over. I always finish a bag of chips when I know there’s still some left in them. So I don’t keep them in my apartment very often.”

Afraid of not being able to fit in a restaurant chair, this woman is encouraged to lose 44 kg!Daniela was forced to go on a diet after worrying that she wouldn’t be able to fit in a life vest or sit on a restaurant chair Photo: Mirror UK

About the diet The success, Daniela admits, all started from her fear if one day the buoy wouldn’t fit in her body. This is because he and his friends had vacationed together while enjoying water rafting activities.

He also has great anxiety when he imagines his body can’t fit on a bar stool or restaurant. As a result of this, Daniela had withdrawn from the association. “I started isolating myself from gatherings with people that involved physical activities that I knew I couldn’t afford,” she says.

After diet, Daniela is now much more confident. His body appearance is much different and he can start doing normal activities. His weight was originally 106.5 kg to around 62.5 kg.


Tariti Sand Bunker, an Unmaintained Cultural Heritage in Rangkasbitung


Rarely does anyone know that Rangkasbitung has evidence of past civilizations. In fact, there is a site in the form of a bunker which is now neglected.

The bunker is located in Pasir Tariti Village, West Rangkasbitung Village, Rangkasbitung District, Lebak Regency, or rather behind the grounds of SDN 2 Rangkasbitung Barat. The location is not far from the center of the capital city Rangkasbitung.

The spokesman for the Pasir Tariti bunker, Tubagus Danu Maulana, believes the bunker existed before Indonesia’s independence. Served as a place of reconnaissance, defense and shelter by the invaders of its time.

“Historically, before 1945 this bunker existed. It is possible that this place used to be a strategic area, because the function of the bunker was to spy, in the past it was also possible that the area around here was higher than the others,” he told detikcom, Saturday (29/1/2022). ).

Danu cannot be sure during the Dutch colonial period or the Japanese occupation the bunker was built. Because, there has been no further research on the Tariti Sand Bunker.

Tariti Sand Bunker Photo: (Fathul Rizkoh/detikcom)

“People have always believed it was a bunker. Only information is circulating. But I don’t know the complete history, I want to ask an old person, it doesn’t exist anymore. There is little literature,” he said.

Until now, Danu had never seen the overall shape of the bunker because some of the bunkers had been buried in the ground since they were first discovered. However, from the physical form that can be seen, the size of the bunker is about 4×4 meters with a height of about 120 centimeters from the ground.

At the top of the bunker there are three circular holes. All three are believed by Danu as a place to put weapons to survive.

In addition, on the bunker wall there are also three holes shaped like a rectangle. Two holes are believed to be ventilation, in the front and to the left of the bunker. One other hole is believed to be a door because there is an iron hinge.

“That’s a height that can be calculated because it looks physical. We don’t know the depth yet. Because since the school was founded, the ground has covered the windows and bunker doors,” he said.

Apart from Pasir Tariti, information compiled by detikcom from colonial bunkers can also be found in Kampung Muhara, Kebon Kelapa and in Kaum, both of which are located on the banks of the Ciujung River.

Bunker Condition, Unmaintained Cultural Heritage

Danu explained why the school could be built around the bunker site. According to him, in 1980 the school received an area of ​​1,600 square meters from the local government for the relocation of the school.

“In the past, the name SD II Rangkasbitung was established in 1976. The location was not here. It was located behind the local government. In 1980, they were asked to move, and they received land assistance here (Pasir Tariti),” he said.

While the year the bunker was designated as a Cultural Conservation after the school was built.

“So the school has already been built, meanwhile (the bunker) has only been inaugurated as a Cultural Conservation in 2018,” he said.

Tariti Sand BunkerThe hinge of the door of the Pasir Tariti Bunker Photo: (Fathul Rizkoh/detikcom)

Based on observations at the location, the condition of the Pasir Tariti Bunker Cultural Conservation seems to be not being cared for. Lots of weeds, and things around that look messy.

Danu denied this statement. According to him, the bunker is not neglected. However, the school has just finished building the teacher’s official house. So, the items in the official house must be removed. Hazardous debris must be kept out of reach of children.

“It’s not that it’s not being taken care of, it’s being renovated. We first move it to the back (around the bunker) so it doesn’t endanger the children. We have also moved some of it, but we can’t do it all right away. Because we also have to teach and take care of other activities,” he explained.

Danu claimed that it was the school that took care of the bunker before it was designated as a Cultural Conservation.

“In the past, the weeds were even worse, from the front of the school (about 50 meters) to the bunker, you couldn’t see it at all. Since there was a school, the bunker has been well-maintained. not anymore,” he concluded.

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Crazy! Tasyi Athasyia Experiments Mixing Variety of Chocolate Bars


Tasyi Athasyia often creates content about food on YouTube. This time he experimented with mixing various types of chocolate. What does it taste like?

Tasyi Athasyia is known as a YouTuber who likes to talk about food. Starting from reviewing food, cooking, to experimenting.

Not long ago, this twin from Tasya Farasya again made a food experiment. This time he made an experiment by mixing various types of chocolate.

He bought the chocolates from minimarkets and supermarkets. Starting from chocolate that is affordable to expensive. Such as Delvi, Silver Queen, Hershey’s, to Lindt.

Tasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate bars Photo: YouTube Tasyi Athasyia

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“Today, we want to try to mix all these chocolates that are in minimarkets and supermarkets. I wonder when these delicious chocolates are put together, will it be delicious or not, or it will be like we found the best chocolate in the world,” he said. Tasyi Athasyia in the opening of the video (28/1).

Tasyi sliced ​​all kinds of chocolate that she had prepared. The types of chocolate that Tasyi bought were milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

After slicing it, Tasyi mixed all the types of chocolate in one container. Then, he melted it over a pot of boiling water.

Tasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate barsTasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate bars Photo: YouTube Tasyi Athasyia

When all the chocolate has been mixed well and melted, Tasyi immediately put it into the mold. Then set aside and freeze in the freezer.

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The texture of the chocolate becomes softer and melts easily. According to Tasyi, the taste is not too sweet, even though there are about 10 chocolates mixed in.

“The chocolate wasn’t too sweet, I thought it would cause a sugar explosion. Then I think it was Lindt who really contributed. Because Lindt has a bitter-bitter because of the chocolate, there’s a bitter-bitter,” said Tasyi Athasyia.

Tasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate barsTasyi Athasyia experimented with mixing all the chocolate bars Photo: YouTube Tasyi Athasyia

Video uploaded by Tasyi Athasyia This immediately stole the attention of netizens. So far, the video has been viewed 200,000 times.

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This is Karuhun Village, Nature Tourism Near Cisumdawu Toll Road


The existence of the Cisumdawu Toll Road is predicted to be a revival of the tourism sector in Sumedang Regency. One of the nearby attractions is Kampung Karuhun.

As did this one tourist spot, namely Kampung Karuhun. This tourist spot, which is located in Citengah Village, South Sumedang District, has just added a new vehicle called Kurung Jiwa.

The owner of the Karuhun Village tour, Nana Mulyana, admitted that the existence of the Cisundawu toll road, which had just been opened for a week, had a positive effect on the level of tourist visits.

“Sumedang is no longer an alternative but a tourist destination for both tourists from Jakarta, Bandung, especially Greater Bandung, they come to Sumedang considering its current accessibility,” said Nana to detikcom, Sunday (30/1/2022).

With the Cisumdawu Toll Road, Nana continued, Karuhun Village continues to strive to create a sustainable tourist destination. In 2022, Kampung Karuhun presents a new vehicle or place for selfies called Kurung Jiwa.

Karuhun Village Photo: (Nur Azis/detikcom)

“Krung Jiwa is a very natural selfie place on the Cihonje River, not only taking selfies but visitors can also eat and have coffee beside the river with the gurgling water and the cool breeze,” explained Nana.

As is known, the clear waters of the Cihonje river plus views of the unspoiled forest are the main attraction for this one tourist attraction.

Not to mention, a number of photo spots, children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, restaurants and other facilities that make this tourist location worthy of being included in the bucket-list when going on vacation with family.

“After the opening of the Cisumdawu toll road, many Bandung residents were initially hesitant to enter Sumedang, because they had to pass through Jatinangor and Tanjungsari, which they knew about the crwded route, but once opened (Cisumdawu toll road) they informed each other on social media that they could go on a picnic to Sumedang (via the Cisumdawu toll road). ),” said Nana.

Karuhun VillageKaruhun Village Photo: (Nur Azis/detikcom)

One of the tourists from Bandung, Ima, admitted that Karuhun Village, which has a natural tourism concept, is quite recommended as a tourist destination of choice to fill holiday time with family.

“The uniqueness of Karuhun Village, in addition to the existing facilities, is also the presence of a river that is still clear and views of the natural forest so that it is comfortable and has a pleasant atmosphere,” he said.

Ima who came with her family, apart from social media, she knew about the existence of Kampung Karuhun from the stories of her friends.

“Yes, friends also said that it was good for family tours, so we tried to come during this holiday, and it turned out to be true,” he said.

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5 Facts about Valencia Tanoesoedibjo, Foodies Who Have Eaten at Salt Bae Resto


Getting stickier with Kevin Sanjaya, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo has an interesting fact. He turned out to be a foodies and had eaten at a Salt Bae restaurant.

Publicizing his relationship with badminton athletes, Kevin Sanjaya, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo looks even more sticky. The two looked intimate at dinner to celebrate Valencia’s birthday.

Not only is it widely discussed on social media, the relationship between the two is also recognized as surprising the lovers and observers of badminton athletes. Valencia, who is known as the son of a conglomerate, turns out to be a foodies who likes to go to various places.

During last year’s Christmas celebration, he even shared his moment of eating at a restaurant owned by a famous chef, Salt Bae. Not only eating at the Salt Bae restaurant, some unique facts about Valencia Tanoe as a foodies have also been summarized by detikfood.

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Here are 5 unique facts about Valencia Tanoesoedibjo who is a foodies:

Valencia Tanoe and his family celebrate Christmas at the Salt Bae restaurant in Beverly Hills, United States. Photo: Instagram

1. Celebrate Christmas at Salt Bae Restaurant

Choosing to celebrate Christmas and the new year abroad, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo and his family chose the United States as a vacation spot. Towards Christmas, which is usually synonymous with having dinner with family, the Tanoesoedibjo family also did not miss it.

Choosing a phenomenal place, Valencia shared that he was enjoying steak at a restaurant owned by a famous chef, Salt Bae. Visiting the Salt Bae restaurant in Beverly Hills, Valencia showed off photos of tomahawk steaks and gold-plated burgers that cost tens of millions of rupiah.

2. Have a Cafe Business

Departing from his hobby of traveling while culinary, Valencia established a cafe by serving a very diverse menu from all over the world. Starting from a fresh coffee menu, western-style food to Mexican-style food.

Established his cafe at Jalan Kebon Sirih No.17-19, Menteng, Central Jakarta, from delicious Salmon Cake to Mexican Nachos which are popular as a snack menu. Designed with a beautiful interior, this cafe is so instagramable and contemporary.

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Not Bali, This is Just a Pangandaran Tourist Village


Vacation to Pangandaran tourist attraction is not only trying out its natural beauty. Tourists must know that the center for seafood and nightlife is in the Tourist Village.

The Pangandaran Tourist Village is located in the Pamugaran Block, the tourist area of ​​Pangandaran Beach, West Java, which is increasingly attracting attention. With rows of exotic cafes and restaurants complete with great photo spots.

To go to the Tourist Village from the West Coast of Pangandaran, it is only a distance of 2 kilometers or the equivalent of a 10-minute drive.

While passing Pamugaran Street in the middle of the trip, there are cafes that offer life blankets, of course scattered.

For travelers traveling to Pangandaran, don’t forget to taste seafood at Pangandaran Tourist Village. In addition to its location on the lips of a virgin beach. There, a variety of Pangandaran seafood is served steadily.

Pangandaran Tourist Village Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

The best seller of the Kampung Turis seafood dishes, namely, Grilled Pomfret Fish and Pindang Gunung. Plus sweet and sour prawns equipped with flour fried squid.

Served in front of the sea off the coast of Pangandaran. This delicious and steady Pangandaran seafood makes the tongue unable to move on.

There are 13 cafes and restaurants in Pangandaran Tourist Village, some of which are Seafood Restaurants.

Pangandaran Tourist VillagePangandaran Tourist Village Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

In fact, not only selling seafood typical of Pangandaran, cafes and restaurants in Kampung Turis provide nightly entertainment such as Live DJs, music, and mini concerts to accompany travelers when visiting there.

The most well-known and popular seafood places to eat include De Icha Seafood, Risma Seafood, Mina Rasa, Morgan, Tirta Bahari, Pangandaran Leaounge and Mina Sari and Family.

For cafes and restaurants that provide nightlife, travelers must try Bambo Cafe and resto 1 and 2, Siti Mungil and Sagara Bar and Resto.

Attractive and Instagrammable photo spots serve the eyes of travelers. Because since the afternoon with a nice twilight and night with rainbow colored Edison lights.

Pangandaran Tourist VillagePangandaran Tourist Village Photo: (Aldi Nur Fadillah/detikcom)

Rika Nadiyanti (22) one of the tourists from Bandung said, Kampung Turis is the best ending when you are tired of traveling around Pangandaran.

“All day traveling around Pangandaran from the beach to natural attractions. Then looking for food to the seafood center in Pangandaran Tourist Village, it’s a happy ending,” he said. Saturday (29/1/2022).

According to him, apart from being the end of the trip, the weekly night at the Tourist Village is very complete.

“A place to eat and entertain side by side intimately,” he said.

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This is the reason why new people dare to cook when mom is not at home


Many viral food recipes are scattered on social media. But there’s a reason why new people dare to try recipes when their mother isn’t home.

Since the presence of social media such as Twitter to TikTok, many people share menus of food and drink recipes that are easy to make by anyone. The average materials used can also be found at home.

But most new people dare to copy this viral recipe when their mother is not at home.

“Aren’t you guys like that too? Wow, so am I, so I don’t get scolded,” wrote one Twitter user who shared a screenshot of one of the comments on TikTok. In the photo there are writings of some simple food ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar, butter and pandan paste.

But what caught the attention of netizens were the comments below. One TikTok user revealed that he already had the ingredients for this recipe, only that he was just waiting for his mother to leave the house.

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Ingredients for cooking tripe with chorizo, a typical spanish food called Illustration of cooking ingredients.. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/ASIFE

It turns out that the reason why people don’t want to learn to cook when their mother is at home, is not far from their fear if their mother finds out they finished their ingredients.

“WKWKWK it’s really the same. I can’t try to cook at home because the kitchen is controlled by my mother. If you try recipes like that, it’s like being here, like cooking the most unhealthy food in the world huhu,” complained @cent**.

“I’m really waiting for mom to come out of the house. So that if the results fail, my cooking won’t be ridiculed. Even though mom won’t be ridiculed, it’s natural to learn. I just don’t know why I still don’t want to be caught experimenting,” vented @eu**.

“Yes, because I’m really sorry that my mother is fussy if the kitchen is messy. Not to mention if it fails, it will be blasphemed. I can’t believe the process is like my mother, I want her son to try it once and immediately can,” commented @nis**.

Although most people are more comfortable experimenting recipes to cooking in the kitchen without the supervision of their mother. Many also commented that they were even supported by their mother for cooking experiments and so on.

“I was even told to cook with my mother. If I don’t have confidence in myself, I say I don’t want to cook because I’m afraid it won’t taste good, I’ll be told to try it first. scolded, and this is really a new incident,” concluded @umu**.

The topic of conversation about the reasons why people prefer to cook at home, apparently managed to get more than 20.5 thousand likes, and get thousands of retweets from other netizens on Twitter.

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Great, in Garut there is a village that has a coffee place as cool as this!


In Garut, there is a village that has a new and popular coffee shop. The area is open and surrounded by pine forests. Great for healing if you visit the dodol city.

The location of this coffee shop is in the Ciwangi Village area, Balubur Limbangan District, Garut Regency, West Java. The location is on the main Bandung-Tasik route, Limbangan. Quite far from the city center. However, very close from the Nagreg area.

This coffee shop is called Kafe de’Jati Wangi. When you come here, the fresh air typical of the mountains immediately welcomes you. The cold air, the smell of green grass and the beautiful environment immediately calms the mind.

This coffee shop has an open nature concept. Visitors who come enjoy simple hot or cold coffee on wooden chairs and tables scattered in the courtyard.

The menu provided is simple food. Such as, coffee milk, instant noodles, bakwan to fried rice. With an average price of under Rp. 20 thousand per menu. However, the beautiful place makes the food taste special on the tongue.

De’Jati Wangi Cafe in Garut Photo: Hakim Ghani/detikcom

The main building, made of container material, is a great place to take selfies. The panorama of the chandeliers that surround the location makes the scenery even more beautiful, especially at night.

This place is known to be managed by the local village. They work with developers to make the potential of their village more visible with a coffee shop.

“The idea is because we see the potential of coffee as a necessity for the community,” said Cecep, the manager of de’Jati Wangi.

Opened about 2 weeks ago, Kafe de’Jati Wangi began to be invaded by young people to the elderly in the northern Garut area. Not only that, many residents from the urban center of Garut to outside the city also come to this place.

“We look at the segment more for families, not only for young people. Of course, our hopes are all coming,” he said.

Ciwangi village itself plans to develop the place. They will focus on developing tourism in their village. In addition to a great coffee shop, they also plan to build homestayopen meeting places, to religious tourism.

“For development, we will create a meeting room, then there will be educational tours. Third, there will be a playing ground. Apart from that, parents can heal, children can play comfortably,” he said.

Ciwangi Village is known to have a program entitled Ciwangi Heaven. Where, they maximize the potential of the existing village by turning it into a tourist spot. The goal, the local community economy can be lifted.

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