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10 Typical Lombok Souvenirs


Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) became the world’s spotlight during the Mandalika MotoGP. Coming home to watch the race, this can be a souvenir from Lombok.

Besides being rich in tourist destinations, Lombok has a series of typical souvenirs that you can take home. From coffee, food, to woven cloth.

Here’s a row of typical souvenirs from Lombok:

1. Candied seaweed

Seaweed cultivation is quite widely spread throughout the Lombok area. Some industrial houses are also creative in processing the seaweed into unique snacks.

One of them is sweets to dodol seaweed. For this sweet, it’s a little different, because it looks like candy with a sweet, chewy, soft taste.

2. Terasi

Terasi is often used as a cooking spice to add flavor. If you are visiting Lombok, don’t forget to buy Jerowaru shrimp paste, beroq, or lengkare.

Different from other terasi, the original Lombok terasi is known not to have a strong smell, it tastes a little sweet, but it lasts a long time.

3. Sumbawa Honey

Sumbawa honey also exists to be the target of tourists because it is believed to have good properties for maintaining overall body health.

The most famous type of Sumbawa honey is the white variant. The price is around IDR 80 thousand per bottle, but it can be different or even more expensive.

4. Sumbawa Oil

The next typical Lombok souvenir is still from Sumbawa Regency, namely oil spread made from spices.

It is said that this Sumbawa oil is formulated using a conventional method which is believed to be able to overcome the problem of sprains, aches, and burns.

5. Wild horse milk

Sumbawa horse is one of the local horse breeds from Indonesia with special advantages. Besides being widely used for important activities, horse milk is also worth a try.

You can taste wild horse milk that has been processed into ready-to-drink packaging. The taste tends to be more savory and contains quite a lot of important nutrients.

6. Lombok Songket

One of the craftsmen who can produce woven cloth and songket typical of Lombok. (Rachman Haryanto/detikcom)

If you are a fan of local fabrics, there is nothing wrong with buying Lombok songket in its central area, Sukarara Village.

The characteristic of this Lombok songket is that it often uses bright colors such as yellow, highlighter green, red, blue, or purple, with motifs of plants, animals, to subahnale.

7. Sasak woven fabric

The process of making high-value Sasak Lombok traditional weavingSasak Lombok traditional weaving of high value (Rachman_punyaFOTO

In addition to songket, next there is a beautiful woven cloth typical of the Sasak tribe which is identical to using threads of silk or cotton, to maintain its quality.

The tradition of weaving in the Sasak tribe has been passed down from generation to generation and has been preserved until now. Because the process is still manual, it is not surprising that this cloth is quite expensive.

8. Cukli

Cukli is one of the world’s handicrafts from Lombok and is made from pieces of shells.

Later, the cukli is created into various shapes such as jewelry boxes, ashtrays, tables, chairs, flower vases, and many more, even suitable as souvenirs.

9. Prabe Coffee

Of the many types of local coffee in Indonesia, there is nothing wrong with tasting Prabe coffee from Lombok. Prabe coffee is a famous type of coffee from Lombok.

Not only does it have a unique taste, this specialty coffee from Dusun Prabe is processed with ancient techniques so that it produces a different aroma and a little pulp.

10. Lombok Pearl

The fate of Pearl Merchants in Gili Trawangan whose income is now unclear because there are no tourists visiting.The fate of Pearl Merchants in Gili Trawangan whose income is now unclear because there are no tourists visiting. (Rachman_punyaFOTO)

The next typical Lombok souvenir is pearls harvested from sea pearl shells. The original characteristic has a rather large grain and very shiny.

The pearls have been widely marketed abroad. If you want to buy for a jewelry collection, the price per item can reach millions of rupiah.

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