Again the trend of playing to hidden gems, this is a recommendation for hidden gems to visit


Since the pandemic, travel trends have changed. One of the things that I like to do is play with hidden gems. Here, some hidden gem places for you.

In a release on Saturday (2/7/2022) as one of the players in the hospitality and tourism industry in Indonesia, OYO Hotels and Homes sees the ecotourism trend as a strategic opportunity to encourage tourism and the hospitality industry in the transition to endemic momentum.

OYO’s internal data noted that there was an increase in room bookings of 176% in May 2022. The provinces of Central Java, West Java, East Java, Bali and North Sumatra which offer a lot of natural tourism are still a favorite destination for customers to vacation with family.

“We see that ecotourism has great potential, with ecotourism destinations usually visited by tourists in small groups who are actively seeking information about nature and culture, either through digital channels or interacting with local communities. This is in line with OYO’s collaboration in optimizing potential destinations. local ecotourism tourism village with Kemenparekraf,”

“We hope that by digitizing and integrating these tourist villages into the OYO platform, it can increase the visibility of tourist villages and unique destinations located around these tourist villages.” said Agus Hartono Wijaya, Country Head of OYO Indonesia.

Currently, OYO Indonesia has collaborated with dozens of tourist villages that are members of the OYO network. A number of these tourist villages do have several hidden ecotourism destinations or hidden gems that can be an alternative choice for nature-loving tourists to visit.

Pawon Cave Photo: Whisnu Pradana

Some of OYO’s recommended hidden gem destinations include:

1. Sanghyang Kenit, Rajamandala is located in West Bandung Regency which provides views of river currents and ancient caves. The damming of the flow of the Citarum Purba River to the Rajamandala hydropower plant has caused the water that passes through Sanghyang Kenit to become shallow. The current also tends to calmly flow between ancient rocks which can now be visited by tourists.

2. Stone Garden and the archaeological site of Pawon Cave in the Citatah area of ​​West Java. The location is an ancient cave complex where ancient human skeletons which are suspected to be the ancestors of the Sundanese have been found, although until now they are still being investigated by the Bandung archaeologist.

3. Smart farming, Cibeunying Village, which is located in the Cibodas area, West Bandung Regency.

For tourists who want to take their family and children on vacation, this destination can be an option. Offering views of beautiful gardens and rice fields, this destination also provides strawberry farm and pine hills that can be explored with the family.

3. Outbound with family at Puncak Manik, Bangunharja Village, Ciamis Regency.

Another option for family travel destinations, Puncak Manik offers various activities for families and children, such as fisheries and agricultural education tours, fun tubing on the Cihonje river, cicapar forest trails, Peak manik kidzland, flying fox, outbound games, to views of the Cipetir valley. .

4. Explore the island of Java

Next, there is also a choice of Goa Resi nature tourism in Conto Village, Bulukerto, Wonogiri, Central Java which can be used as a family tourist destination. Goa Resi presents natural beauty and a beautiful atmosphere in the form of photo objects in the cave with a background of colorful lights accompanied by water drops from above the cave and offers a swimming pool that can be enjoyed by children.

Carangsari Tourism VillageCarangsari Tourism Village Photo: (Dock Carangsari Tourism Village)

5. Bali Island of the Gods

Bali, which is famous for its beautiful beaches, also offers tourist destinations with the Carangsari Village Cycling bicycle tour which takes the route along the Carangsari Village road. A tour that is suitable for all guests of all ages, this cycling tour allows tourists to get a glimpse of the daily life of local residents, Balinese culture and accompanied by stunning natural scenery.

Some of these destinations are examples of various hidden gem ecotourism locations that can be a vacation option with family on the weekends. Tourists can find other hidden gem destinations that can be accessed digitally through the OYO application.

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Newest LED Projector Energy Saving and Brighter

LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode which is one of many types of semiconductor devices that emit light when an electric current passes through them.

Over time, LED technology continues to develop. One of the companies that pioneered LED technology is ViewSonic Corp.

As a global visual solutions provider, ViewSonic Corp introduces Lamp Free LED projector the latest, the LS500WHE aimed at the enterprise and education markets.

Lamp-free projector The LS500WHE is an industry-leading 3rd generation LED technology. Lamp-free projector This new model offers higher brightness and an energy-efficient design that promises to consume less power, longer life and better sustainability.

A pioneer in LED technology for projection, ViewSonic adopted the Lamp Free LED projector. A technological shift that is increasingly prevalent in visual products and solutions.

“ViewSonic is a pioneer in the development of LED technology for projection and has made a breakthrough as the LED projector brand no. 2 in the world for 3 years, and in Indonesia being the number one LED projector brand,” said Eko Handoko, Country Manager of ViewSonic Indonesia at a press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (29/6).

“Through the launch of the LS500WHE LED projector, we are expanding our LED projector products into the business and education sectors,” said Eko.

“With this 3rd generation LED technology, we hope to be able to provide a solution projector All-in-one LED with higher brightness, more energy efficiency and ease of maintenance for customers in various segments.

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The latest 3rd Generation LED technology delivers a breakthrough in brightness levels and energy savings with support LED drivers and state-of-the-art optical engines.

The LED LS500WHE projector also delivers an incredible 3,000 ANSI Lumens of brightness consistently, in both bright and dim conditions.

“With 125% Rec.709 color range, second projector presenting realistic visuals with high contrast performance,” said Eko.

In addition, the LS500WHE LED projector is a safe and environmentally friendly solution, reducing power consumption by nearly 50% compared to projector traditional use of lights.

The lifespan of these third-generation LEDs is up to 30,000 hours eliminating the need for lamp replacement, reducing the need for continuous maintenance.

“Because the LED light source is mercury-free, it can reduce exposure to toxic chemical waste that is harmful to the environment and humans,” he said. (RO/OL-09)

Whoa! This is a fun villa recommendation for a staycation in Sanur


This weekend, a traveler can spend time with a staycation in the Sanur area, Bali. This is a fun villa recommendation that you can save and record!

The villa in the Sanur area is called Sanora Villa. This villa offers a Two Bedroom Villa with a private pool and a very beautiful bathtub.

Sanora Villa Sanur is a new property from the Ini Vie Hospitality family, which only opened in early 2022. The location is quite strategic, located on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Sanur No 888.

This villa is surrounded by many references to hangouts and culinary delights such as Sunrise Beach, from Sanur Beach, Sindhu, to Sunrise, which is famous for its signature menu, namely Fish Head Soup.

For culinary tours near this villa, one of the most famous outside Bali is Warung Mak Beng, so be prepared to queue and be patient if you want to enjoy this legendary menu.

Sanora Villa Photo: (doc, Sanora Villa)

Named as No. 1 Best Hotel in Sanur, now Sanora Villa Sanur also holds the title of #5 Hottest New Hotels in the World by TripAdvisor.

With the tagline ‘A Relaxing Getaway in Sanur’, this villa has a Modern Semi Tropical concept, which can be used as a reference for a staycation destination while in Bali with family and dear friends.

Of course, it is very appropriate for those of you who want an intimate villa that is comfortable, cozy, and homie. This villa is also equipped with a dining and living area.

Not only that, the dining and living areas are also equipped with a complete kitchenette with a microwave, so for guests who want to plan to cook together with family and friends, this villa deserves to be made a wishlist when they want to staycation in Bali.

For travelers who want a honeymoon or want to celebrate an anniversary here, Sanora Villa Sanur also offers Honeymoon Packages, Romantic Staycation Packages, and romantic Candle Light Dinners, perfect for couples who are intoxicated with romance.

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Adil Siagian Appointed as Director of Sales and Operations Digiserve

PT Digital Application Solusi or better known as Digiserve by Telkom Indonesia officially announced the appointment of Bungaran Adil P Siagian as the company’s Director of Sales and Operations. Appointment Fair is expected to be a new source of energy for companies to run faster in pursuing the acceleration of Digiserve as a leading IT managed services company in Indonesia.

Adil has high integrity while bringing a long and varied experience. Not only in the field of planning, he is also experienced in the fields of human resources (HR), marketing, market & industry analysis as well as business solutions, both at Telkom and other Telkom subsidiaries.

Digiserve President Director Ahmad Hartono welcomed Adil’s presence on the company’s board of directors. Adil will lead the Sales and Operations Directorate which includes sales, marketing, partnership, product & solution, project & service management, as well as the operation center.

“We are very pleased that Adil can join Digiserve with a very strategic role. Through his leadership in the Sales and Operations Directorate, the strategy and Rise Up program that has been launched by the company to encourage the achievement of Digiserve targets are expected to be implemented immediately,” said Hartono.

Adil said he was happy to join Digiserve in the midst of their ambitious initiative to become a leading IT managed services company in Indonesia. “With a background as an analyst, this experience allows me to be more detailed in looking at data.”

Based on the report he obtained, Adil sees that Digiserve has a huge opportunity in the IT managed services market. Therefore, companies must synergize and strategize in order to win these opportunities. In addition, there needs to be a change in mindset from previously looking for opportunities to winning opportunities.

By maximizing all their efforts, especially when the company’s position is 100% under Telkom Metra, Digiserve will get full support from the Telkom Group. In addition, Digiserve has been officially appointed by the Telkom Group to be the single gate for Software Define Wide Area Network (SDWAN) services. This is a good position for Digiserve to win SDWAN projects.

Adil also reminded that companies should not be fixated on one product. Digiserve market is still very broad, including for its new product, namely IT service management (ITSM). With the large ITSM market in the future, this is a great opportunity for Digiserve to better utilize, develop, and introduce ITSM products to a wider audience.

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Currently, Digiserve has four superior products, namely SDWAN, NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), Cloud Contact Center, and ITSM. These four superior products will be massively penetrated into the market this year.

“Of course there are many things that become homework when I join Digiserve. I hope we can all work well together, so that it brings positive value to the company. With the spirit of RISE UP which is the main tagline of Digitroops, not only as a narrative, but also in reality implemented together,” concluded Adil. (OL-14)

It’s hot in the city of Malang, the most suitable for eating gelato


Eating Italian ice cream (gelato) in Malang City can be an alternative tour during school holidays. One of the shops that can be visited is Koono Gelato.

Koono Gelato is a popular gelato shop in Malang City. This place sells dozens of ice cream flavors made from high quality ingredients. The taste is more special than ordinary ice cream because the taste is stronger and fresher than other ice creams.

If a traveler stops by there, 2 types of ice cream will be served with local (regular) and imported (premium) ingredients. The taste choices range from standard ones like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mix berries, regal, oreo to unique ones like pop corn latte, kiwi yuzu and dragon fruits.

Koono Gelato in Malang. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

To purchase gelato here, there are 4 choices of servings, namely small cup, medium cup, pint, and cone. The price ranges from Rp. 18 thousand – 100 thousand, depending on the portion and the type of ice cream you choose, regular or premium.

Koono Gelato also provides a drink and food menu that can accompany gelato. The drink menu consists of a variety of teas and coffees. Meanwhile, the food includes fried rice, chicken noodle dumplings, spaghetti, and waffles.

Koono Gelato in MalangKoono Gelato in Malang. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Wanting to linger at Koono Gelato is also comfortable. That’s because this place provides plenty of seating as well as wifi. Also suitable for travelers who want to eat gelato while working.

The shop building design is also Instagramable. If you come with your bestie, it’s suitable as a photo background.

Koono Gelato is located at Jalan Bromo number 19, Kauman, Klojen District, Malang City. This place is open from 10.00 – 22.00 WIB.

Koono Gelato in MalangKoono Gelato in Malang. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

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Answering Audio Needs, TWS Aukey Comes More Flexible and Practical

The wireless trend in gadgets has become one of the things that is currently popular for some people. Thanks to the presence of wireless earphone technology, it is considered to help gadget users to be more practical in reducing the problem of twisted cables, difficult to store, and even messy.

To meet the growing demand for wireless audio, the presence of TWS (True Wireless Stereo) from Aukey can be an alternative for audio needs wherever you are. As a friend in various activities, TWS Aukey can also be used as an audio device for entertainment, work, outdoor sports ranging from jogging, cycling and other activities to relaxing.

“Aukey always strives to create the latest innovations in our products to meet the accessories needs of gadget users. As a company that has pioneered various leading gadget accessories and consumer electronics, including wireless audio accessories, we are very pleased to be given the opportunity to participate in the Shopee 7.7 Mega Elektronik Sale. Through this campaign, Aukey will present various variants of superior gadget accessories including TWS which is now a popular audio device and is chosen to meet audio needs. In addition, we hope that the presence of gadgets from Aukey on the Indonesian people’s favorite e-commerce platform, Shopee, can expand market reach and make it easier for users to find and shop for quality gadget accessories,” said Aukey Account Manager, Jason Lordano.

Before buying a TWS, it is important to know what are the advantages that must be considered so as not to make the wrong choice. First, pay attention to the design to support activity and appearance. Second, each TWS certainly has various features. There are some TWS that have physical or capacitive buttons, voice assistant support, noise cancellation, large battery, and more.

Third, battery life is something that must be considered in choosing a TWS. TWS must also be safe when in use or when not in use and durable, therefore, it is better to choose a TWS that has both of these. And fourth, with the increase in TWS enthusiasts, there are also more TWS options available on the market, of course, with a relatively cheap TWS option, it doesn’t mean the quality you get is also cheap.

At the Shopee 7.7 Mega Elektronik Sale on June 20-July 7, Aukey offered a special discount of up to 96% to accompany gadget users in various daily activities. In addition to presenting a variety of TWS with unique designs, advanced technology, safe and durable and affordable prices.

“Seeing the trend of increasingly rapid technological developments, Shopee always presents the best range of gadget products to help and support users’ daily activities to make it easier and more productive. Together with quality gadget products and advanced technology from Aukey, we believe we can help users carry out activities more practically and simply, especially to meet the needs of wireless audio accessories. We hope that through collaboration with Aukey and the excitement of the Shopee 7.7 Mega Elektronik Sale, which provides various product variants and attractive offers, this can be the right moment to meet the needs of users’ electronic goods,” said Head of Brands Management & Digital Products Shopee Indonesia, Daniel Minardi. . (RO/A-1)

Looking for Halal Betutu Chicken in Bali? Just Come to Men Tempeh 1978


A vacation to Bali is incomplete if you don’t eat its special culinary. Chicken Betutu Men Tempeh 1978 is suitable to eat. Besides being delicious, this betutu chicken is also halal.

Chicken Betutu Men Tempeh 1978 is a legendary culinary from the Island of the Gods. The location is not far from Gilimanuk Harbor, precisely at Gilimanuk Old Terminal, Jembrana.

It’s not hard to find this restaurant. The place is so striking with the words Men Tempeh on the roof. Then what is also iconic from this restaurant is the statue of the owner of the legendary recipe, Men Tempeh itself.

Once entering the restaurant, the traveler will be presented with a spacious room. There are plenty of benches and tables so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

This restaurant is also equipped with clean toilets. Not to forget, there is also a prayer room there so that Muslim travelers can worship comfortably.

Men Tempeh 1978: Legendary Betutu Gilimanuk Chicken That Kicks SpicyChicken betutu Men Tempeh 1978. Photo: Grandyos Zafna/detikFOTO

Stomach is rumbling, it’s time to order the chicken betutu menu. There are two choices of betutu chicken here, namely the original chicken betutu and the fried chicken betutu.

For the choice of portions, a traveler can buy the size of 1/4 tail, 1/2 tail, and 1 tail. The type of chicken used is free-range chicken so the size is not too big.

If a traveler comes with a family or group, it is better to book a package. By paying Rp. 114 thousand, a traveler will get 1 betutu chicken, 1 portion of vegetables, chili sauce, tofu and tempeh, fried gizzard satay, and 1 basket of rice. This portion is enough for 4 people.

There is no doubt about the taste. Betutu chicken is cooked with Balinese spices which are rich in spices and the meat is also tender. For spicy lovers, you can add chili sauce because the taste of the betutu chicken itself is not too spicy.

Can’t wait to taste this culinary, travelers can come to Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh 1978 which is open every day from 07.00 – 21.30 WITA.

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Don’t Choose The Wrong, This Is The Best Laptop Screen Technology For Movie Lovers

Digital TRANSFORMATION has made entertainment now more accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. An example is watching movies.

Before the advent of various online streaming services, going to the cinema was the only way to enjoy the latest movies.

Through online streaming services, everyone can now enjoy various high-quality movies through digital devices such as laptops. Even today more and more laptops are used to enjoy digital entertainment such as watching movies online.

Modern laptops have the advantage of being used as a “portable cinema”. In addition to the average size and shape, which is very compact and easy to carry, modern laptops also have a larger screen size so that watching movies can be more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, not all laptops are equipped with screens that provide comfort when watching movies. This is because there are still many laptops that are designed only for work and these laptops will certainly not be able to display movie presentations optimally.

For those of you movie lovers who want or are choosing a laptop, here are five screen aspects that must be considered if you want to maximize your movie viewing experience:

The Screen Must Have a High Color Reproduction Rate

The level of color reproduction or color gamut on a laptop screen is the most important factor that must be considered for film lovers. The color gamut on a laptop screen can show how many colors can be displayed on the screen.

The more colors that can be displayed, the film will look clearer and immersive. Moreover, color is very influential with the mood and details in the film.

Currently, there are many types of color gamut, such as sRGB and DCI-P3 which are widely used in laptops. Especially for movie lovers, a laptop with a screen that has a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut is the most recommended.

In addition to having a higher color reproduction rate than sRGB (100% DCI-P3 is equivalent to 133% sRGB), DCI-P3 is the color gamut standard used by the film industry. Thus, the appearance of the film on the laptop screen with a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut will be as desired by the film director.

Colors must also be accurate

Not only capable of presenting rich colors, a laptop screen specifically for enjoying movies and videos must also be able to display colors accurately. Inaccurate color display can damage various visual details in a film. You also won’t be able to enjoy movies the way the makers wanted if you use a laptop with an inaccurate screen.

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One way to make sure a laptop uses a screen with the best color accuracy is to make sure the laptop you choose has PANTONE Validated Display certification. This certification ensures that the laptop screen has gone through the color calibration process at the factory accurately based on PANTONE standards that have been widely used in various industries.

HDR Features Must Have

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a feature that allows movies or videos to be displayed with high color contrast so that viewers can enjoy visual quality similar to that of the actual location. One of the advantages of HDR is that it displays perfect black and this cannot be presented on a regular laptop screen.

The use of OLED panels is one way to display perfect black. Unlike the IPS or TN panels that are widely used in laptops in general, OLED does not have a backlight layer.

Each pixel on the screen is a very small LED light that can be turned on and off as needed. This is what makes OLED able to display perfect blacks with high color contrast according to the specifications of the HDR feature.

Don’t forget to also make sure that the laptop screen you choose has the VESA DisplayHDR 500 True Black certification for the best cinematic experience.

The Faster the Better Response Time

One screen specification that is often overlooked is response time, which is how fast the screen can display the next frame of view. Faster response time allows visual displays with fast motion to be presented more sharply with high detail.

That way, you will no longer miss details from action films and no longer have trouble reading running text. You should also choose a laptop with a screen that has a response time of less than 1ms.

Also Choose a Laptop Screen That Can Maintain Health

Watching movies on a laptop screen with the best visual quality is fun, but it can have a negative impact on eye health. The screens of computing devices such as laptops emit blue light radiation which can have a negative impact on eye health.

However, currently there are screens that can reduce the level of blue light radiation, making it safer for eye health, especially in the long term. A laptop with this screen will make you free from worrying about eye health in the long term.

ASUS OLED has it all

If you are looking for a laptop screen that has all these qualifications, ASUS OLED is the answer. ASUS laptop screen technology has all the aspects that allow you movie lovers to enjoy the best visual quality while being safe for eye health.

Laptops that use ASUS OLED screens are guaranteed to have a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, PANTONE Validated Display certified, and support HDR features with VESA DisplayHDR 500 True Black certification.

Not only that, the ASUS OLED screen also has a response time of only 0.2ms which is much faster than normal laptop screens, and is equipped with the TÜV Rheinland certified EyeCare feature. All these qualifications come with one goal, which is to spoil your eyes.

ASUS is also the market leader for laptops with OLED screens and is recognized as the number one manufacturer of OLED laptops in Indonesia and in the world. ASUS is also the only laptop brand that presents laptop variants with the most OLED screens in Indonesia, as well as the only laptop brand in Indonesia that has an OLED screen laptop variant for under Rp. 10 million.

Now everyone can enjoy digital entertainment with the best visual quality through laptops with ASUS OLED screen technology.

ASUS OLED is part of ASUS Innovation, which is a collection of the latest, cutting-edge, and exclusive technological innovations for ASUS products. Present in the entire line of ASUS laptops, ASUS Innovation ensures the best user experience from all sides, from comfort, increased productivity, to maintaining eye health.

Click the following link to learn about ASUS OLED:


This is a Romantic Villa with Sea View in Jimbaran, Take Note!


Jimbaran does not only have culinary tours and sunsets. There are also romantic villas that can be rented for a staycation with a partner. Come on, let’s see!

Jimbaran is famous for various beaches with beautiful sunsets in Bali. There are too many to mention one by one. Starting from seeing the sunset from the top of the cliff to the beach.

Not only that, for seafood fans, Jimbaran is the right destination. The famous place to eat the best seafood is at Jimbaran Beach. Along Jimbaran Beach there are restaurants ready to serve the best seafood.

To add to an unforgettable experience, guests can buy fresh fish directly at Kedonganan Market which is not far from the row of restaurants. After choosing, guests can take the fish to the restaurant that has been selected.

There are many other destinations that are no less interesting, such as the tallest statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana, the Kecak show at Uluwatu Temple, and many more.

The Jimbaran Villa Photo: (doc. The Jimbaran Villa)

One of the villa recommendations for staying around Jimbaran is The Jimbaran Villa. The location is on Jl. Bukit Permai No. 88, Jimbaran.

It only takes 30 minutes from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport to arrive at this villa. Because it is located in Jimbaran, this villa is also close to several famous beaches and many other tourist destinations.

Recommended villas in JimbaranTourists at The Jimbaran Villa Photo: (doc. The Jimbaran Villa)

Here, Kecapi Villa has 6 units of One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bathub with an area of ​​120 m2. The added value of this villa is the rooftop which directly shows the beauty of the sea view.

This villa also has 4-star standard facilities. Not only facilities, the services provided by friendly staff to guests are also highly considered by The Jimbaran Villa so that guests feel comfortable.

“The Jimbaran Villa is deliberately designed for couples who are on their honeymoon or couples who just want to vacation in Bali. Therefore, the existing interior design really supports the establishment of a romantic atmosphere,” said Gratika, Marketing & Branding Manager of Ini Vie Hospitality.

To make the traveler even more interested, The Jimbaran Villa has special offers, namely the Celebration Package and Honeymoon Package on request.

Guests who want to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or honeymoons will be served by the friendly staff of Kecapi Villa who will be happy to help guests make it happen for an unforgettable vacation.

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A Combination of Strong Passwords and Changes Periodically Effectively Prevents Breakthroughs

The development of digital technology is increasingly massive. Currently, internet users in Indonesia have reached 204.7 million. Therefore, it is not impossible for one person to have two or more social media (social media) with various purposes.

Social media diversity is not accompanied by account differences. Users generally only use one email to enter all their social media. The password used is no different.

Strong password combinations do help social media hard to crack. However, users still have to take other precautions.
“A strong password is one that changes frequently. Any strong password can be penetrated. The key is to periodically change passwords,” said Lecturer and Practitioner M Adhi Prasnowo, during the 2022 Webinar More Digital Skills for Community Groups in the Madiun Regency, East Java, last weekend.

He added, there are several characteristics of social media that have been hacked. On Instagram, for example, users cannot log in, user accounts will post strange things, some data changes, and notifications from social media managers.

On the same occasion, a lecturer, trainer, and managing director of Kaizen Room, Aidil Wicaksono, said that social media users must understand all the features of the application they are using. By getting to know the application more closely, they can evaluate the application according to their needs. “After understanding all the features of the application, we can choose whether the application is useful for you or not. If you find it useful, go ahead and share it with friends. If it turns out you haven’t, that’s okay, please save it for your insight,” he said. (OL-12)